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The Mahdi (pbuh) will pass away nine years after the reign of the morality of Islam

An excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on February 9th, 2015, on A9 TV

- (Viever’s question): “The Mahdi (as) is of my lineage, if his life were long or short, he would live [to rule] for seven, eight or nine years.” Mr. Adnan Oktar, is this hadith authentic?

Of course it is authentic, “seven or nine years.” How? Along with the reign of morality of Islam over the world. Once Islam reigns over the world, the meaning of the system of Mahdi and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be over because the purpose is already accomplished. See, there is a flood of blood all over, before Hazrat Mahdi’s appearance. Millions of people die before the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi. But when Hazrat Mahdi (as) comes, the purpose is accomplished. Then his life also reaches its purpose. Then it is time for him to meet his Lover. That is why God keeps the reign of Islam short, seven or nine years. Then the hadith narrates, “He passes away suddenly in his vehicle.” Possibly while he is going somewhere, “...he passes away suddenly.” That is all. Following his death, an enormous corruption starts. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) becomes the leader. Hazrat Mahdi (as) has a will. It is stated that he would tell the Prophet Jesus  when he is still alive, that “After me, [leadership] is Jesus Messiah’s”. Then when he also passes away, he has his place already reserved next to our Prophet (pbuh). The place next to the grave of our Prophet  is left vacant. Our Prophet has said, “Bury him next to me.” So it is left vacant on purpose. For instance, Hazrat Abu Baqr  had his grave, and so did Hazrat Omar, but there is a huge space there [near that of our Prophet] so that Prophet Jesus  can be buried there. It is made of concrete, but [at that time] it will be broken and opened up. Beneath it is earth. He will be buried there. Our Prophet (saas) said, “Bury him next to me. We will first rise together, Jesus Messiah and me.” This is when people will be revived. Two of them together. This is the manifestation of God’s attribute of al-Hayy [The Ever-Living]. There is also wisdom in this. As you know, the Prophet Jesus  revived the dead, that is how God grants him such a soul. He creates such a manifestation there. God makes him revive the dead with His attribute al-Hayy [The Ever-Living]. They rise together, hand in hand with our Prophet. They are the first ones who rise. And then the entire world revives. After Islam religion reigns over the world, there is no meaning in living [any more] because it is like being in misery. Bediuzzaman calls it, "Ahl al-Qubur", that is, “The ones who are the people of spirituality are aggrieved of your desire to live in this world.” He says, “It is no longer becoming to want to [live in this world]. He says, “You should call on God and ask Him, “My Lord! If my duty here is over, take me away [to Your Side].” That is to say he says, “Do not insist on staying in this world.” That is why it is seven or nine years, not to make the Islamic community feel concerned, it is, “...between seven and nine years.” Maybe he will die on the seventh year or the ninth year. The time is not exact. Some time in-between. For instance maybe he will pass away in his eighth year, but I believe he will die in his ninth year, God knows best, because it complies with narratives. “It is similar to the life of Hazrat Abraham.” ”His life is long. ” When we consider these two hadiths together, it becomes reasonable, insha’Allah.

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Thunder glorifies His praise

Published — Friday 10 April 2015

Three billion thunders a year… a source of energy that moves at a speed of 96,000 km per hour and releases 30,000 degrees of heat.

Have you ever thought how thunder, one of the most magnificent atmospheric incidents that Allah creates, is formed and how it is capable of releasing such a high amount of energy?

During rainfall, thunder and lightning that are made up of bright lights forming in the course of atmospheric discharge of electricity are in fact energy resources producing more electricity than thousands of power plants; besides being a climatic phenomenon. The answer to the questions of how these natural energy sources are formed and how powerful they give out light and heat is a wonder of creation revealing the Ever-Lasting Might and Glory of Our Lord.

A magnificence forming in a split second
  • The energy released by a single lightning bolt is greater than the energy produced in all power plants across the entire America.
  • One lightning can light a 100 watt bulb for more than 3 months.
  • At the contact point of a lightning to the ground, weather is warmed up to 25.000oC. The speed of a lightning bolt is 150.000 km per second and its average thickness is 2.5-5 cm.
  • An average lightning possesses 20.000 ampere of electric power. A welder uses only 250-400 ampere to weld steel.
  • Lightning moves at a speed of 150.000 km per second, that is almost at half of the speed of light and it is 100.000 times faster than sound.
Light released by one lightning is greater than that of 10 million 100-watt light bulbs. That is to say; if every house in Istanbul had a light a bulb on, illumination from a single lightning bolt would be greater. Allah announces this glamorous flash of lightning as: “…The brightness of His lightning almost blinds the sight.” (Qur’an, 24:43)

How is lightning formed? Air, warmed by the sunlight rises carrying along the water evaporating inside it. When this risen air reaches 2-3 km, it comes into contact with the layers of cold air.

Ice crystals that are formed inside the clouds at the time of air rising, release static electric energy formed due to friction. This electrical energy is loaded positive (+) on top layers of the clouds and negative (-) on low layers. When the cloud is loaded enough to ionize the air; lightning is formed.

Why does it thunder? Lightning heats the air nearby up to 30.000 degrees Celsius in one millionth of a second. The air warmed up dilates. And it propagates sound waves much faster than the speed of sound; with a pressure 100 times greater than the normal atmospheric pressure. Similar to the airplanes crossing the speed of sound, this causes an explosion sound in the air. And this is named as thunder.

Why doesn’t light and sound reach the earth simultaneously? This is because the sound of thunder reaches us at the speed of sound (340 m/seconds in air); whereas the visual aspect of the lightning reaches us at the speed of light (299.793 km/seconds). This causes a time difference between the two incidents and thus results in the bolt reaching the earth before the thunder.

Difference between lightning and thunderbolt

When the difference in electric charge becomes greater between the earth and the cloud, it becomes easier for air to be pierced and from earth to the cloud; electrical discharge starts through the conductor duct formed by the pierced air. The electrical discharge from the clouds is called lightning and the electrical discharge from the earth back to the cloud is called thunderbolt or return stroke.

Lightning facts in the Holy Qur’an

Surah Ar-Ra’d is one of the chapters in the Qur’an and it means “The Thunder.” Allah announces that the thunder formed by the lightning repeats His praises: “The thunder glorifies His praise, as do the angels, out of fear of Him. …” (Qur’an, 13:13)

Lightning reminds of death

Experiences of those who survived a strike of lightning that causes the death of hundreds of people every year, remind us of death as well as revealing the helplessness of man in the Presence of Allah.

The possibility of getting struck by lightning is one in 700,000; yet one should not underestimate this possibility as well as the effects of the lightning. According to the statements made by those who have been struck by lightning, the electrical current can explode the buttons and zippers on the clothes and people can faint and fall down. Due to brain damage, people who have been treated for 1-2 months at the intensive care divisions of hospitals are having to re-learning how to walk, how to swallow, or in other words how to live again. These people have described how they felt, and say it is as if they “lived death and then were resurrected.”

In the Holy Qur’an, a very similar incident occurred in a strike of lightning Allah showed to the people of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). With a disgraceful and false courage, the Israelites demanded that the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) enable them to see Allah with their own eyes and while demanding this, they were shown the similar effect of a lightning. The following statements in the verse “So the thunder-bolt struck you dead” and “Then We brought you back to life after your death,” may be a sign for the fact that they felt resurrected after their heart stop related to the shock as well as the loss of consciousness and loss of memory they experienced. (Allah knows the best).

Here are the related verses in the Qur’an: “And when you said, ‘Moses, we will not believe in you until we see Allah with our own eyes.’ So the thunderbolt struck you dead while you were looking. Then We brought you back to life after your death, so that perhaps you would show thanks.” (Qur’an, 55-56)

The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science.

Red Terror raising its head

Published — Saturday 11 April 2015

In countries that have to live with terrorism, suicide bombings, raids on government offices and ambushes of soldiers in rural areas are not uncommon sights. However, every time these things happen, society is shaken once again like the first time. Those countries that have to live with terrorism are more sensitive about their people, principles and values.

Turkey has had to live with terrorism for the past 40 years. There might be some who believe there was only the PKK. It wasn’t. Turkey has witnessed the cowardly attacks of other terrorist groups while the PKK continued its assault during the past four decades. One of those organizations is the DHKP-C (The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front), which was officially founded in 1994 even though it goes back to 1970s.

The DHKP-C was more active in the 90s, but lost its power and influence over time. Then last week we were suddenly reminded of their bloody nature when they attacked the Istanbul Courthouse. Mehmet Selim Kiraz, was the prosecutor in charge of the case of 15-year-old Berkin Elvan, who was hit by a teargas canister during the Gezi protests and who as a result, was in a coma for 269 days before he passed away. Last week, Kiraz was taken hostage in his own office in the courthouse and was later martyred by DHKP-C terrorists. The following day another terrorist attack on a police station culminated in the killing of the terrorist by the security forces. All these developments sparked heated debates and caused subsequent bans on social media.

The current situation that Turkey faces makes it very clear that there are some very important points that need to be considered carefully. One of these is the fact that the communist terrorism in Turkey has become stronger recently. The DKHP-C, just like the PKK, is a Marxist/Leninist organization and has cooperated with the PKK many times throughout its history. In its manifesto, it declares its goal as dividing Turkey through terrorism to build a communist order. Although it has been quiet since 2008, it suddenly became active — which might well be a part of the PKK’s effort to legitimize itself under the pretense of the peace process. Indeed, there are some journalists and politicians trying to take advantage of the situation to shamelessly portray the PKK “as a Kurdish movement fighting for identity.” On the contrary, it is a communist movement trying to oppress and tyrannize the Kurds.

The second important point Turkey should take into account is the fact that intellectual divide is getting deeper by the day. Surely it is very natural for societies to have people with different opinions and this is a beautiful aspect of democracy. However, when a society is deeply polarized in black-and-white terms, and when people support their side unconditionally and oppose others blindly, this can turn into a meaningless fight where the parties forget about the real problems of the country. Such a process would trigger a downward spiral toward catastrophe. It is this horrible divide that pushed Syria into a nightmare that has enveloped Yemen and turned the Middle East into a sea of blood.

The fact that some famous people defended the horrible terrorist attack on the Istanbul Court, and that they cannot even use the word “terrorism” while talking about the attack, also lead people into further separation. Only for the sake of not supporting the side that they previously opposed these people didn’t refrain from justifying a terrorist attack.

In such a situation, a society cannot fully grasp the problem it is faced with. As they are quarreling with each other, communist terrorism gets stronger and manages to reach even the public offices in Istanbul. Of course security measures are intensified in response, people are searched more often, X-ray devices are used everywhere and this turns society into a fearful one. Compromising with terrorism will always make terrorism stronger and simply push any society into the abyss.

Accept it or not, communist terrorism makes itself audible in Turkey; this is happening because people still cannot understand the underlying nature of the terrorist mentality. They thought that they could reason with them and convince them to be good people. However, communism never accepts democracy or conciliation. The only acceptable way for communists is terrorism. Communists inevitably resort to armed conflict in their bid to bring down governments and they will not accept any other model. For this reason, “negotiating” with communists cannot bring the expected peace; it will only give communists more time to invade the fortress from within.

Turkey should not commit this grave error. Negotiating with the PKK or DHKP-C will not eradicate the communist terror. Hence, negotiation with DHKP-C militants during the attack in the courthouse brought no result, since the two militants were determined to kill the prosecutor and were ready to die from the moment they entered; because this is the only method of communist terrorism.

Turkey should not waste too much time in talks. We should realize the weaknesses of the communists, especially when the communists perfectly know the weaknesses of the government. Their weakness is their ideology: Destroying their ideology would melt a communist away. It is not possible to convince a communist to choose peace before smashing his ideology. So, if there is going to be a negotiation, it definitely has to involve scientific evidence to destroy the communist ideology. It is imperative to target their ideology; the intellectual basis of communism has to be destroyed.

Such an educational movement will benefit the rest of society as well. In this way, people will understand the true nature of the danger they are facing while the hatred and anger spreading in society will come to a halt, having lost its intellectual basis. Such a move would mean dealing a blow to the underlying philosophy of materialism, the source of almost all problems.

The writer has authored more than 300 books translated into 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He tweets @harun_yahya

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Hirsi Ali and her errors

Harun Yahya, Istanbul, Turkey

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose book, "Heretic : Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now?", was recently published, rose to fame through her undiluted opposition to Islam. 

Born in Somalia, Hirsi lived a difficult childhood that included her being subjected to female circumcision and a forced marriage. 

Later, she filed for asylum with the Netherlands and was accepted in a record two weeks due to her difficult situation. 

It was then that her metamorphosis started. 

With her introduction to Western society, she changed her name, her appearance, her faith, and became a staunch anti-Islamic figure. She was a welcome addition to anti-Islamic circles that were using every opportunity to incite tensions against Muslims. 

So much so that she entered the Dutch parliament with an anti-immigration party, secured book deals, appeared on CNN, wrote for Time magazine and was named one of the top 100 influential people in 2005 by Time. 

She was following a known route sometimes seen among members from the less-privileged parts of the world. These people tend to blame their former lives, faith, and culture in a desperate attempt to fit into their new environment. 

They start emulating everything Western — good or bad — and denounce everything from their past. Most of the time, this behavior makes them famous, and incidentally makes them rich too; either in the form of book deals or a political career.

Ali met the expectations of the Islamophobic circles and hastily began telling horror stories about Islam. She blamed Islam for every fault she could find in today’s world including traditions and superstitions. 

She liked the attention too much to give thought to such things like fairness or justice.  

Her dislike of Islam was so strong, even though she was once a refugee in need, she didn’t hesitate to defend anti-immigration policies to restrict the entry of less-privileged and vulnerable people to Europe.  

Since she enjoys lots of coverage in the mainstream media, her errors and deceptions about Islam need to be clarified:

She claims that women are oppressed in Islam. It is true that in many Muslim countries women face lots of difficulties. 

However, the problem in the Muslim world stems from false hadiths and superstitions that emerged over centuries after the revelation of the Koran. 

Islam offers true respect and value to women. For instance, in the event of a divorce, God ensures that they are always taken care of and never left in a needy position. 

Or, in case of conflicting statements with the husband, the wife’s word supersedes the husband’s. 

In the Koran, Mary, mother of Jesus, is shown as a role model not just for women, but for all of humanity.   

The Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Khadija, was a woman of a strong character, running her own business and dealing with society at large. 

God gives equal responsibilities to men and women and promises the same reward to both of them.

Hırsi claims that violence is a part of Islam. Yet this problem stems from the superstitions that emerged after the revelation of the Koran. 

The false manufactured hadiths led to emergence of justifications for violence. In truth, God orders absolute peace and love for the entire humanity and strictly forbids violence and hostility. 

There is no room for violence in Islam and the actions of Islamic radicals do not change this fact.  

In a cliché approach, she uses the word “jihad” in an attempt to vilify Islam. Contrary to popular belief, the word jihad means “making an effort”. 

The physical fight is described by the word qital, and according to the Koran, is permissible only as a defensive move and as a last resort. 

The fact that radicals misuse the word neither makes it right nor does it make it a part of Islam. 

Islam champions true democracy, freedom of thought and secularism. Muslims are ordered to invite people to the right path in the kindest manner, but leave the choice to them.  

While the mainstream Western media hails her as a hero, Hirsi doesn’t hesitate to go against everything that the Western world claims to stand for, like freedom of faith, freedom of thought, the right to human dignity, respect and protection.  

She says the Western world needs to be in a military war with Islam. 

Furthermore, she claims to oppose violence allegedly resulting from Islam, but expresses sympathy with Anders Behring Breivik, the mass-murdering terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011: “That one man, who killed 77 people in Norway because he fears Europe will be overrun by Islam, may have cited the work of those who speak and write against political Islam in Europe and in America.” 

He says very clearly that it was the advocates of silence. Because all outlets to express his views were censored, he says, he had no other choice but to use violence. 

She even says that there should be such a thing as the “right to offend”, and encourages offending Muslims in every way possible. She is clearly the outcome of radicalism. 

But Muslims must not repeat her mistake and blame her while ignoring the real problem. We need to understand our duty and come together to put an intellectual end to this wrong perception of Islam in the Western world. 

It is crucial that Muslims abide by the Koran completely to show how Islam values women, art, democracy and freedom. 

We need to show to the whole world that the real Islam in the Koran is the epitome of love and beauty. 

There is no room for violence in Islam and the actions of Islamic radicals do not change this fact.  

The writer has authored books on politics, religion and science.

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Marriage should be made for God and should be based on love and compassion

Marriage should be made for God and should be based on love and compassion

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on March 14th, 2015

Some people are honest and some are not. You live for the consent of God, but some people only seek to strike it rich; some people hunt for husbands and marriage. They so hope to find a fool to saddle on. I’m saying this only for some people with that kind of rationale, seeking an opportunity to saddle on. This is very humiliating. Marriage should be for love, mercy, compassion and for God. It should not be with a mentality like, “Let me find a fool to saddle on.” And some want to saddle on as a family and that’s even worse. Some young men are also like that, seeking for a rich girl to become a son-in-law living in his wife's parents' house for free food and all. I’ve seen such men; they are very strange. You’d pity them. They are in their pyjamas and slippers going after his parents in-law, “My dear father, my dear mother.” People despise such people all the time. They humiliate themselves for a dish of food. Even if they were rich, one would never enter into such an insulting situation. But they are like this if there is a lot of money and other interests.

Some hearts are treacherous. Some hearts are holy. Some hearts are rebellious and some hearts are blessed. Women with blessed hearts, their hearts are very beautiful and open to love. Those who are treacherous always grovel. They grovel for no reason. They always hunt for husbands and such. This is very humiliating. You are a grown- up woman, but you want to take shelter somewhere to get yourself looked after, like a cat or any other animal. You don’t have any love or respect or fear of God. All right, marriage is something nice, but it is for the good will of God as an act of worship but you are looking for a fool. This is terrible. For example, there are also young men like this, looking for rich girls and if they are rich, they stick to them like a stamp. This is wrong.

Marriage is not about becoming a burden on or to rub someone. It is also not to steal from a man as a family or it is not to say that you love a girl just to steal her money.

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Adopt my faith, or die

Bigotry: The Dark Danger

“Adopt my faith, or die!” That is the slogan of the fanatics. There is no such concept as democracy, freedom of ideas, love, respect, affection, friendship or altruism in fanaticism. Some people imagine that fanaticism, and its offshoot radicalism, can settle inside a true faith. Yet fanaticism is itself a religion; there are representatives of the religion of fanaticism inside every idea. There are fanatics in Islam, in Judaism and in Christianity, just as there are in Marxism, fascism and atheism. They all espouse the same false faith; “I don't like your ideas! Either go along with my ideas, or die!”

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Using Incirlik airbase to target Muslims will be murder

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on March 15th, 2015

- Turkish and US military officials agreed to deploy armed drones to İncirlik Airbase to strike IS targets.

Adnan Oktar: - Don’t they dare. Don’t they even think about it. Even saying something like this is outrageous. That would be murder. A Muslim cannot kill a Muslim, and if he does, he’ll be a murderer. Instigating murder, being an accomplice to it, it is all murder. Don't they dare. This is completely unacceptable. IS is a Muslim community. They have faults, they make mistakes, but they are Muslim youngsters. Killing them, bombing them would be murder, whoever does it. And God says that the punishment for murder is eternal hell. You don't know if the person you are bombing actually committed a crime. There are children, women, innocent people on the ground. Who do you think you are bombing with those drones? Turkey cannot be an accomplice to such a murder. Don't they even dare try to test the waters with us. We will never accept it. Our government would never accept such a tyranny, Mr. Erdogan would never accept such a tyranny. Mr. Erdogan should make an announcement and show his clear stance against it. It is great tyranny, incredibly brutal and it is illegal according to Islam. Illegal. Murder is illegal according to Islam. Unmanned aerial vehicle, in other words, unconscious machines. It kills everyone down there, doesn't matter if there are children, or women. It is outrageous. Turkey would never, ever be an accomplice to such a horrible thing, to such a horrid murder. We will not allow anyone to use this country for such filthy things. Mr. Erdogan should make a statement and so should the Prime Minister. They should relieve us from the burden of being exposed to such horrible statements. This would make implicate the entire Turkey. Don't they dare. We don't care what others are doing, this has got nothing to do with us.

- Mr. Oktar, when this coalition was first set up months ago, you said that they were doing it to pit Muslims against each other. At the moment, US officials almost admit it with regards to the drones.

Adnan Oktar: - Yes. And they want to use hellfire with those drones. Hellfire. How can you do that to Muslims? It’s such a big sin, it is illegal. If they had done something wrong, warn them. Explain them their errors. Where is this bombing coming from? It is clearly murder. Don't they even think about it. They are doing this amongst themselves. But we want no part of it, and we are not interested. We are just warning them: ‘Don't do it, solve the problems with love, compassion. Be friends. Don't hurt each other’. But we cannot do anything other than that to them. But we will never allow something like this to happen in our own country. For example in Pakistan, more than 3500 people lost their lives in drone strikes since the beginning of 2014 and 550 of them are civilians and 175 are children. These are horrible murders. Horrific murders. In Yemen too. Everywhere they do this. They are trying to make Muslims kill other Muslims, trying to turn Muslims against each other. No one should fall in that trap.

- And when they’re asked about this, they reply ‘but no Americans die’.

Adnan Oktar: - Right, because Muslims are not humans according to them.

 - They admit that lots of Muslims die with the drones, but no Americans die.

Adnan Oktar: - This despicable approach is beyond words. Mr. Erdogan is a fearless man. He should give an answer this despicable approach deserves. The Prime Minister should also give the necessary answer that would be suitable. The Turkish name for these drones is ‘reaper’. It reaps everyone.  God forbid, if we allow this to be applied to Muslims, we would be committing a sin, and then God would punish us and then we would end up being the ones on the receiving end of these drone attacks. We cannot be a part of this disaster. They keep bombing the weddings and then they say ‘sorry, we didn't know.’ This is outrageous.

- In Pakistan people developed psychological problems now. Every time they hear a sound similar to that of the drones, they get panicked. They say their days turn into nightmares as a result.

Adnan Oktar: - Can’t they shoot down those drones?

 - Sometimes, they do. Iran did it a couple of times.

Adnan Oktar: - I think they could easily do it with machine guns. They should shoot them down. All of them. Iran must have an anti-drone system, they must have rockets to hit them easily. Pakistan as well. They should shoot the drones down. Then the US wouldn't be able to do anything about it, and the problem would be solved.

They say that the drone operators are operating these machines in airbases in the USA to hit targets 15.000 km away from them. The people on the ground don't feel that the drones are approaching. Poor Muslims. They are willingly allowing to be treated like this. Look at the shameless attitude of the Pakistani government just because they want to please the Americans. They should shoot the drones down immediately with machine guns. Every time you see it, just bring it down.

-  It’s the same in Yemen, you must already know. They had a deal with the government, just like in Pakistan. And they let their villages get bombed under the disguise of fight against terrorism.

Adnan Oktar: It is unbelievable. And it’s always the kids, the innocent that die. The women, the children.

- One American soldier leaked the images of such drone attacks. At the moment they are seeking a life sentence for him.

Adnan Oktar: It must be very easy to determine that. It is a huge machine, should be very easy to shoot it down with machine guns. With long-range guns. If 10-15 people start shooting with machine guns, they could easily do it. They should do it every time.

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Pakistan’s superstitions
Pakistani teachers are now armed and enter classes carrying weapons. Students are taught to use weapons and defuse bombs by the police
A 12-year-old student solves a mathematical equation on a blackboard in an ordinary school. The teacher looks on with a serious expression, while the other students silently take notes. A Kalashnikov rifle and spare cartridge clips lie on the teacher’s desk. This is not a scene from some dystopian fantasy film, just a snapshot from a day in the life of an ordinary educational institution in Pakistan. Pakistani teachers are now armed and enter classes carrying weapons. Students are taught to use weapons and defuse bombs by the police. This is the result of a bloody attack by the Taliban on a school in Peshawar in the last days of 2014.
Of the victims ruthlessly slaughtered in this attack by the Taliban, 132 were innocent schoolchildren. The scale of this particular atrocity led to it being described as Pakistan’s September 11th. It was said to be a reprisal for Operation Zarb-e-Azb, initiated by the Pakistan army against Taliban militants in North Waziristan during the summer of 2014. This once again shows that violence leads to worse violence and bloodshed to further bloodshed. Pakistan is a country where acts of terror are common. There is nothing odd about Pakistani students receiving anti-terror training. However, equipping educational institutions with weapons is certainly not going to deter the Taliban, put an end to acts of terror or reduce the bloodshed. The radical terrorists who perpetrate such slaughter already intend to die and will not therefore be put off by armed teachers confronting them.
People who believe in the same God and the same prophets are slaughtering one another. They seek solutions through guns and bombs rather than through love, brotherhood and friendship. They are possessed by a spirit of hate, conflict and wrongdoing, which basically causes these incidents. Immediately after the school massacre, the Pakistan government announced a programme aimed against radical organisations. It established a 20 point plan known as the National Action Plan. The plan was intended to combat terror through harsh measures, military operations and executions. However, there was a crucial flaw in it — the plan focused on killing the mosquito rather than drying up its breeding swamps.
The Pakistani Taliban and various other groups that have sworn loyalty to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), regard terror and violence as their only means of operation. They are far more radical in nature than the Afghan Taliban, which leans towards negotiations. They are capable of ruthlessly killing little children, innocent women, Shiite Muslims worshipping in mosques and health workers trying to vaccinate children. They are so filled with hatred that they attack and throw acid in the faces of innocent female students.

In order to dry up the breeding swamps, we need to grasp the true origin of this hatred and hostility. However, we must also not labour under the influence of prejudice, anger and emotionality. The Pakistani Taliban seek to overthrow the Pakistan government and impose their own radical model, and they recognise no right to life for any belief or way of thinking other than their own. They commit acts of violence and terror in the name of their ideology. It is this radical ideology that makes the Taliban dangerous, not their weapons. The Taliban ideology consists largely of superstitions, fabricated hadiths and assorted fanatical beliefs that have no place in the true Islam. The faith for which they kill and die is a mistaken one diametrically opposed to the Islam described in the Quran.

The source of the radical belief system that gives birth to and feeds the Taliban’s terror is not the American or Indian secret services or international forces. The root of the problem is not external, but rather it lies in the socio-political institutional structures in Pakistani society, especially the education system. Pakistani youngsters are generally educated either in madrassas or in public schools. There are estimated to be 30,000 madrassas in the country with about 1.5 million students. The madrassas provide free religious education and accommodation, particularly for poor families. However, a significant number of them provide religious training largely based on superstitions and are a far cry from the official curriculum. Some of them are active without the knowledge of the state and their sources of funding are unclear. Most importantly, students receive an education that is fanatical, loveless and filled with hatred in the name of Islam. When they graduate, they propagate these teachings to society at large as religious officials. Such a false education makes it infinitely easy for radicals acting in the name of Islam to gather followers.

Of course, supporters of violence and terror do not come from the madrassas alone. Public educational institutions also produce many young brains with a fanatical way of thinking. Ideas like “Islam and Pakistan are in danger” and “Pakistan is waging a kind of war against the west” are part of the official curriculum. The only way of ridding Pakistan of the breeding grounds of terror and radicalism is education based on the true Islam. No other mode of instruction or threat can produce a solution. Pakistani schools must put an immediate end to their hate-filled talk, and must teach the Islamic messages of love, friendship, affection and compassion. Pakistani madrassas must be places that teach an unadulterated form of Islam and Quranic moral values and they must create a people of love. With the recent school massacre, the people of Pakistan have truly seen how dangerous and horrifying radicalism can be. We sincerely hope that, unlike in the past, the measures adopted will be more than purely superficial ones; we hope that the emphasis this time will be on education, rather than on armed conflict.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Daily Times:

When their Messenger comes

  Adnan Oktar: Abjad calculation of the part of verse 47 of Surah Yunus "Every nation has a  Messenger, and when their Messenger comes...