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There is no reference in the Qur’an to state that Dabbat al-Ard is female or male. I mean God lays stress on it openly when there is such a thing to emphasize.  Commands cannot be derived from the Qur’an through such insinuations. What does Almighty God say?  “When the Word is justly carried out against them, We will produce a Dabbat from the earth which will speak to them. Truly mankind had no certainty about Our Signs.” When people forget about religion in the End Times, when Darwinism and materialism is widespread, when irreligiousness is widespread, when it is very difficult to persuade people, when religion is estranged, We will produce a creature originated from the earth.
A “Dabbat” is something that moves. For instance when an apple decays, that decay becoming moldy and decaying even further is called al-dabbat as well. The spreading of drinks in the human body is also called “al-dabbat”. I mean things that is hard to see with naked eye, things that make slow movements are called “al-dabbat”. For instance the slow movement of an ant or a machine, the slow movement of a car. Dabbaba, dabbat means something that flounders, something that moves, something that moves slowly. 
Our Prophet (saas) explains al-Dabbat al-Ard; “When the dabba speaks the whole world hears at the same time.” Only from this statement we understand that it is the internet, that it is a computer. That is because look; 
“He speaks at a place and the whole world hears,” our Prophet (saas) says. How could that happen? That is how it happens. 
Our Prophet (saas) says “its face is like the face of a human.” When you turn it on you see the face of a human there. Human face, probably the face of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be seen on Dabbat. That is because;
He says; “It is bearded.” I mean we will see the face of Mahdi (pbuh) in dabbat. He refers to that and says;   
"Al-Dabbat is on and under the ground. It has arms, brunches and tails ten thousands of kilometers long," our Prophet (saas) says. What is this? Internet cables. Right? It is said that Dabbat Al-Ard covers the whole world like a spider web. And look, pay attention;
“It enters every house.” There is internet in everyone’s house. Dabbat Al-Ard will enter the houses in the US, it will enter the houses in Istanbul.  Our Prophet (saas) says that “it will enter everyone’s house simultaneously.” Is it that difficult to understand this? 
“When Dabbat Al-Ardh speaks everyone listens,” says our Prophet (saas). Since this is the case, since it enters everywhere. 
“Its head touches the clouds.”  There is internet even in heights that planes reach 
“It goes down under the ground,” our Prophet (saas) says. There is internet under the ground as well. For instance there are military bases under the ground and there is internet access there as well.   
“There are all kinds of colors on it,” our Prophet (saas) says. When you turn on the computer, when you turn on the internet there are all kinds of colors on it. It is impossible to not to understand.
“It has a seal on its hand and it seals everyone. That seal appears everywhere,” our Prophet says. That seal is the seal of our Prophet (saas). The seal that writes Mohammad is the Messenger of God. 
“It marks Muslims,” our Prophet (saas) says. That seal would be seen in the houses of Muslims. The seal of our Prophet (saas) is indeed seen everywhere. 
“The face of infidels will turn all black,” says our Prophet (saas). I mean they would be suffocated, they would be disturbed. It means when they see that image, that writing, that speech they will be disturbed. 
“The faces of Muslims will shine brightly, they will be radiant,” it is said. When one reads it, Muslim’s heart will be gladdened. Consequently it has nothing to do with being “female” or “male.” We understand that it is a dabbat originated from the soil in the End Times.  
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Mr. Adnan Oktar describes the attempts on his life

Mr. Adnan Oktar describes the attempts on his life
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 15th, 2013

(Viewer’s letter) 'Dear Adnan Oktar, did you ever receive any threats in your struggle against communism? The first came at the academy (Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts). I had a friend from high school called Ibrahim. He was a communist. I used to protect him against any attack at high school. He arrived with three friends while I was passing in front of the academy. After saying hello, he said, “You had better not come to this school.” I asked why not. He said, “They will kill you.” I asked why. “This school belongs to revolutionaries. They will definitely kill you,” he said. I pinched his cheek and said, “Ibrahim, I am a servant of God, I can only live my destiny. What is more, nobody can kill me before I do my work, so do not be afraid.”

He shook his head, as if to say it’s your decision. That was how I heard the first threat. The second happened when I first came to Istanbul, it was as if saying ‘welcome [to Istanbul]’. Seven pistol shots were fired near the house I was in. They probably did that to frighten me. Because the bullets should normally have hit when fired from close up. But I took no notice. I was going along the dark streets for the morning prayer at the mosque in Ortaköy. I was deliberately walking, as if to say shoot me if you will. All the residents of Ortaköy will bear witness. I went to the mosque, head held high. We have no other guardians than God. One verse says, " Yet they try to scare you with others apart from Him. " I fear God alone.

They tried to take my life nine times. But they failed. Masha’Allah.
(In response to a viewer’s letter) You would lose your mind if you experienced a thousandth of the troubles I have had in my life. If you spent 10 minutes in the mental hospital I was in, you would lose your mind. You could not last 10 minutes. I stayed there for 10 months with mental patients who had killed people. They held me there deliberately. I was chained by the foot. Tell me if you think you could stay there. I was in in solitary confinement prison for 9 months. They can only stand solitary confinement for 2 weeks at most. Solitary is usually imposed by the courts. They held me for 9 months. Could you bear that?

I was defamed in all kinds of ways. I was even tried on charges of leading a criminal gang. They claimed I was a gang leader. About 20 proceedings were brought on charges I was the leader of bandits. I was acquitted from them all. My home was raided by the police many times. I never complained. I was tortured at the security department, but never complained. You could not stand the torture I suffered for 10 minutes, or even 10 seconds. You would black out.

They mixed cocaine with my food in the security department. I proved that through the court at the forensic medicine department. That sounds easy, because you never saw those days. The newspaper headlines were all about “Adnan Hodja is a cocaine addict.” But when I was acquitted, the papers said not a word. I could go on till morning.

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Adnan Oktar Says...

We will reunite with all the countries we’ve been recently separated; we will unite with all of them including Greece, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. (A9 TV; June 23rd, 2013)

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Due to Darwinist education, people do not value one another

Due to Darwinist education, people do not value one another

Due to Darwinist education, people do not value one another
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 08th, 2013

Turkey has done away with Darwin. Look, 95% of people in Turkey do not believe in Darwinism. What is the sense in driving people crazy with nonsense? What is the sense in damaging their mental health? What is the sense in damaging human nature? What are you saying? You say the whole world came into being by chance. That drives people crazy. No one can live in that kind of environment. You say there was a vast, uncontrolled sphere, and that there was an explosion one day, and everything came into being by chance. There is larva boiling away beneath the earth’s crust, meteors are flying all around the earth. There are tens, hundreds of thousands of them. Meteors keep flying by the Earth. Yet you still say, in such a world as that, “We came into being by chance.” If you tell people such a lie as if it were true, then you will drive people crazy. You will ruin mankind. You see, someone picks his children up and jumps off a bridge with them. Someone shoulder charges a police officer and knocks him off a bridge and martyrs him. Someone kicks a cat to death. He ties a rope around a dog’s neck and rags it through the streets. While he laughs and has great fun doing it. These things happen as a consequence of Darwinist education. People are made valueless. My apologies to the minority, but most people are like that. 

Other Formats

Laylat Al-Bara’ah

Laylat Al-Bara’ah

May God give a blessed Laylat Al-Bara’ah to the whole Islamic World. May God give all Muslims faith in the degree of Haqq al-yaqîn (the total reality of Certainty), may God give them all the faith of the Prophets. May the decision for the system of the Mahdi, for the Unity of Islam be given insha’Allah in this night. [Adnan Oktar]




Faith brings about sound mind; sound mind brings about compassion; sound mind brings about cleanliness, loyalty, kind thoughts; it brings about passion, not being bored of love and increasing love as time passes. It brings about enthusiasm and the details of compassion, it brings about the fine details of love and loyalty, it brings about the beauty of forgiving. When all these come together compassion and love is formed. Will that feeling have an end? It is nourished by Allah. It is open for all eternity and it does not have an end.

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Communism and Capitalism are two sons of Darwinism

Communism and Capitalism are two sons of Darwinism


Communism was applied in Russia. And China. People were not happy when communism was applied in Russia. They suffered terribly, unbearably. There killed en masse, exiled and ruined. Is that right? Yes. Communities ceased being human in China. People are still being treated worse than animals. They make married couples live in just 1.5-2 square meters. That misery and wretchedness has never been seen before.

- North Korea is currently the Asian country with the worst starvation.

- You see? Why do you think communism would be salvation? Salvation lies in Islamic Unity and the system of the Mahdi. Karl Marx was a Jew. He came from rabbinic families on his mother’s and father’s sides. He was a devout Jew. He was brought up to read the Torah all the time. The Messiah, Moshiach or Shiloh is praised and described at length in the Torah. The Torah describes how there will be peace at that time. It says there will be brotherhood, an end to wars and weapons, how goods will be divided equally, how wonderful social justice will be ushered in and how the world will be a happy. A happy world in which social justice reigns. And Almighty God tells the Mahdi in the Torah will do this through the might of God. The Jews have been awaiting the Mahdi for 4000 years. Muslims have been awaiting the Mahdi for 1400 years. Karl Marx saw how great the Mahdi described in the Torah is. He saw the glorious beauty of the system of the Mahdi. A heavenly system. He then decided to appear as a messiah himself. He decided to appear himself because he had lost hope in the coming of the Mahdi. Since he was a Darwinist and a materialist he could not appear as a religious figure. So he decided to establish an irreligious system of the Mahdi. And God turned that into the system of the antichrist. And that system ruined people. It inflicted irreparable pain and suffering.

So, my viewer brother, recommending disaster as a solution is no good.

Who praises savage capitalism? Capitalism is one of the two sons of Darwinism. One is savage capitalism and the other is communism. Therefore, in seeking to help people out of the frying pan they want to lead them into the fire instead. We want neither frying pan nor fire. We call people to Islam, to paradise, to Islamic Unity.
(to the viewer) Think about these words. They have never looked at matters from that perspective. They propose communism as an alternative to savage capitalism. They give the impression there is no alternative to these two paths. But there is a third way. You cannot see that there is a third way apart from the frying pan and the fire. The true path, the way of Allah. Islam, the system of the Mahdi. Anyone turning to that path will find ease and salvation. ‘Sırat al-Mustaqeem, the right path, the unseverable thread of Allah. When you come to the way of the system of the Mahdi, of the Qur’an, to the true path, you will live a paradise on earth. There will be abundance in the hereafter and this world. Insha’Allah.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 08th, 2013

In The Holy Qur'an Allah Draws Attention To Wild Capitalism

In The Holy Qur'an Allah Draws Attention To Wild Capitalism

إِنَّ هَٰذَا أَخِي لَهُ تِسْعٌ وَتِسْعُونَ نَعْجَةً وَلِيَ نَعْجَةٌ وَاحِدَةٌ فَقَالَ أَكْفِلْنِيهَا وَعَزَّنِي فِي الْخِطَابِ
Indeed this, my brother, has ninety-nine ewes, and I have one ewe; so he said, 'Entrust her to me,' and he overpowered me in speech."
Biri: "Iste bu benim kardesim. Onun doksan dokuz disi koyunu var, benim ise bir tek disi koyunum var. Böyle iken: Onu da bana ver, dedi ve tartismada beni yendi" diye anlatti.
(کیفیت یہ ہے کہ) یہ میرا بھائی ہے اس کے (ہاں) ننانوے دنبیاں ہیں اور میرے (پاس) ایک دُنبی ہے۔ یہ کہتا ہے کہ یہ بھی میرے حوالے کردے اور گفتگو میں مجھ پر زبردستی کرتا ہے

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (7 June 2013)

Surah Sad Verse 23 
[ I seek refuge with God from the satan] “This brother of mine has ninety-nine ewes and I have only one. He said, "Let me have charge of it," and got the better of me with his words.” 
Look, God tells us about wild capitalism here. One has 99 ewes and the other has only one and that one says “Let me have charge of it so that you will have nothing.” This verse of the Qur'an, verse 23 of Surah Sad,  is a perfect description of wild capitalism. 
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Daily Mail: Islam is the religion of the future

Daily Mail: Islam is the religion of the future
(Photo Credit:

Daily Mail: Islam is the religion of the future

Pay no attention to the 2011 Census that told us 33.2 million people in England and Wales describe themselves as Christians.

For if you want a more telling insight into religion in the United Kingdom today, just look at these photographs. The story they tell is more revealing than any survey.

The difference in numbers could hardly be more dramatic. At St. George’s, some 12 people have congregated to celebrate Holy Communion.

When the church was built in the early 18th Century, it was designed to seat 1,230.

Numbers are similar at St. Mary’s, opened in October 1849. Then, it could boast a congregation of 1,000. Today, as shown in the picture, the worshipers total just 20.

While the two churches are nearly empty, the Brune Street Estate mosque has a different problem — overcrowding.

The mosque itself is little more than a small room rented in a  community centre, and it can hold only 100.

However, on Fridays, those numbers swell to three to four times the room’s capacity, so the worshippers spill out onto the street, where they take up around the same amount of space as the size of the near-empty St. Mary’s down the road."


November 13th, 2008; Türk Time Interview

ADNAN OKTAR: Prophet Jesus (as) will come a little bit later than the Mahdi (as). Prophet Jesus (as) does not have a responsibilty of preaching in that sense. The duty of preaching belongs to Hazrat Mahdi (as). When Prophet Jesus (as) comes, his followers with deep faith will find him in the same place with the same clothes but they will find him as a person who does not know the past. In time, he will learn the Qur'an, the Gospel and the Torah, he will learn foreign languages and appear to assist Hazrat Mahdi (as). But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will eradicate all ideologies such as Darwinism, materialism. Indeed, Islam and Christianity will come to the point of merging. In other words, Christianity will register Islam. Christians will feel at ease since they will have their own prophets. Prophet Jesus (as) will say, “I follow the Qur'an. So you also follow me. Now I turn you to the Qur'an from the Gospel. This will be very comfortable. There will be things that will not be dealt with by Hazrat Mahdi (as) so Prophet Jesus (as) will be there to resolve those issues.

A9 TV; January 28th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR:  “The genuine Christianity which will be consisted of Prophet Jesus’ (as) spiritual existence will appear.” It will spread gradually. “That is, he [Prophet Jesus (as)] will descend from the heavens of Almighty Allah, the religion of Christianity  will be purged from superstitions and distortions.” That is, Christianity will be saved from misconceptions. This means that Christians will be, in one sense, like Muslims. It will merge with Islam, the truths of Islam. In the spiritual sense, Christianity will turn into a kind of Islam. In other words, Christianity will be like Islam in the spiritual sense; they will be praying and fasting. They believe in the Oneness of Allah and ultimately they will abide by the Qur'an. Christianity will be Christians following Muhammad. This is what Bediuzzaman says.  

Fanaticism and Lack of quality are grave dangers

Fanaticism and Lack of quality are grave dangers

(Photo Credit: Playing With God: Terry Jones, Christian Radicalism and 15 Minutes of Fame
December 8th, 2012; A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: Unless a quality society, a quality life exists, the world will not embrace Islam. In the absence of music, the arts, sculptures, quality people, quality life, compliments, gestures, a pleasing environment,  beautiful architecture, democracy, freedom of thought, people who have fun and joy, indeed we can go on citing these, the world will not embrace Islam. And in no way will the Unity of Islam  come into existence. This was the reason why Allah demolished the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire collapsed simply of this. All these [cited above] exist in the system of Mahdi. For this reason Islam will reign throughout the world. Otherwise it is in no way acceptable. That is, Europe will not accept it. The model of Afghanistan, the model of Iran are very irritating. People would feel annoyed with it. It has nothing to do with Islam and the Qur'an. This is a system of their own mindset.

A9 TV; December 9th,   2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Lack of quality is prevalent in all of Asia and the Middle East. It is very widespread and due to that lack of quality they are being oppressed. Indeed, they say they are Muslims but they don’t take pride in this. May Allah forbid, most of them feel ashamed of it. This stems from lack of quality. Quality must improve in all Islamic countries.

Fanaticism and lack of quality are great threats, lovelessness is a great threat. Music is an indispensable blessing in Europe. There is music in Europe. There is music in Asia but because some Muslim brothers consider it unlawful, it can not improve. Architecture did not prosper, because some were against them. High buildings, richly-decorated buildings were not acceptable. Painting was already not acceptable, and so was sculpture. They also do not want science. They don't want these. They also do not want love. And then of course defeat follows, because some people hate them. And in return poor, innocent Muslims are oppressed and a tremendous violence encloses the world. As you know, our beloved ones were martyred in Arakan but nobody cares about it. Even if all of them are killed, nobody cares about it because they consider them as people with no quality. That is why it is vital for Muslims to become very quality people in a very short time. They must consider quality as a priority. It is very important for them to attach importance to science, arts and love and be peaceful. 

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Allah likes love, not bloodshed

Allah likes love, not bloodshed

ADNAN OKTAR:  Actually peace, amenity, kindness and love are all very easy but some people present them as if they were very chaotic and complicated things. The bigot lot assumes that the religion will prevail by cursing, by attacking, by insulting, by persecuting women, by making people unhappy, by oppressing people and they assume that Allah would like those attitudes. Yet Allah does not want people to be oppressed; Almighty Allah says [I seek refuge with Allah from the satan] "What will Allah do with your torment?" And these idiots presume that the they oppress women, the more they torment them, the more restrictions they put on their freedom, the more they disturb people, the more they talk smut, the more they curse, the more blood they shed; the more Allah will like them. In fact Allah always demands peace, He always wants peace. Ever since the incident between Abel and Cane, people have the spirit of war, the spirit of shedding blood. Allah regards bloodshed to be satanic. Allah takes peace as a basis. Shedding blood with no right reason is a grave persecution, it is cruelty. Such people cannot get into the Paradise. Those who curse, those who talk smut, those who are aggressive, those who present hatred to people, those who do not love people should forget about the Paradise insha'Allah, by the Will of Allah. Paradise is the abode of love, it is the abode of affection, it is the abode of beauty. Allah creates us for love. Love is the thing Allah likes the most. It is love that stems from sincerity; that stems from reason and faith. The ultimate goal of faith is again love. Satan attempts to make people forget love and reinforce hatred among them and drives people into the most unfavorable feeling. For instance women start hating other women, youngsters start hating youngsters, or women start feeling hatred towards men, and men towards women mutually. That is a plot of the satan and no one should be deceived by this plot. Allah wants love in the Paradise. We will love the trees, plants, children, the youngsters of the Paradise, we will love the houris, right? We will love our spouses, we will love our spouses from this world. Everything that is good and beautiful will be there in Paradise. Fruits, trees, plants, furniture.. love is the real thing asked for in everything. When we look at them there will be love. That is what Allah likes, that is what Allah is pleased with. That is the reason why there is a saying that states; "let us love and be loved, this world will not be remain with anyone."  The original of everything is in the Paradise. This world is transient; it is the abode of trial. It is a place like a transient course. That is a course in which we learn about love. It is the school of love. Here we learn about the truth of love and after that Allah wants us to live that love for all eternity. Those who go there without learning about love, since they wouldn't be able to live love without understanding it in the first place, they should go through this trial in any case.     
It is war that is actually difficult. It is the fight that is difficult. We tell those people that the whole world will become brothers and they say; "could something like that happen?" Well, isn't fighting harder? Is chopping up people, slaughtering people, leaving them in a welter of blood, bombing them, ignominy, insulting and cursing easier, or is love, compassion, mercy, friendship and companionship easier? And these people say; "what a difficult thing you are asking for!" It is the satan that makes them see it difficult. In fact it is really easy, we are telling them the easiest thing.
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Darwinism is a State Policy for Communist Leaders

Darwinism is a State Policy for Communist Leaders
Communism, without doubt the most harmful ideology of the 20th century, was founded by two German philosophers, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Reaching its historic peak in the 19th century, it shed far more blood worldwide than the genocides of the Nazis and imperialist states. It massacred innocents, spreading violence, fear and despair. No matter if communism is regarded as having collapsed in 1991, it has left its wreckage behind. The darkness of communism and Marxism, and the materialist philosophy that averts people from religious moral values continue to influence those societies where communism once reigned supreme.

The Origin of Species
This ideology, which spread terror across the world in the 20th century, actually embodied an idea that's been around since ancient times—materialist philosophy, which regarded matter as the sole absolute. Communism, building on that philosophy, entered the world agenda in the 19th century. Marx and Engels, communism's intellectual fathers, sought to describe materialist philosophy by means of a new method known as "dialectics," the assumption that all progress in the universe was obtained as the result of conflict. Based on that hypothesis, Marx and Engels attempted to interpret all of world history. Marx claimed that the history of mankind was one of conflict, that the present conflict was that taking place between workers and capitalists, and that the workers would soon rise up and carry out a communist revolution.
The earliest founders of communism, like all materialists, harbored a deep hostility towards belief in God. Marx and Engels, both dyed-in-the-wool atheists, thought that for communism to succeed, it was essential for religious faith to be eradicated. However, Marx and Engels were lacking one element; they needed to give their ideology a scientific appearance in order to influence wide masses of people. At that point was born the deadly alliance that led to so much suffering, chaos, mass slaughter, and fighting and separatism that erupted in the 20th century. The main claims proposed by Darwin in his book The Origin of Species were just what Marx and Engels were looking for. Darwin maintained that living things emerged as the result of a "fight for life"— in other words, through a "dialectical conflict." Furthermore, he had rejected religious beliefs by rejecting creation. This was an opportunity that Marx and Engels couldn't miss.
So great was Darwinism's importance to communism that as soon as Darwin's book was first published, Engels wrote to Marx, "Darwin, whom I am just now reading, is splendid."23 In his reply on 19 December, 1860, Marx wrote, "This book contains the basis in nature for our view."24 On 16 January 1861, in a letter to another socialist, his friend Ferdinand Lassalle, Marx wrote, "Darwin's work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle"25 again emphasizing Darwinism's importance  for communism.
Marx demonstrated his admiration towards Darwin by dedicating his most important work, Das Kapital, to him. He penned these words in the German edition of the book: "To Charles Darwin, from Karl Marx, a true admirer."26
Engels expressed his admiration for Darwin elsewhere: "Nature operates not as metaphysics, but as dialectic. In that regard, the name of Charles Darwin must be remembered above all others."27
Engels praised Darwin in a manner comparable to Marx, saying, "In the same way that Darwin discovered the universal law in organic nature, so Marx discovered the universal law in the history of mankind."28 The connection between Darwinism and Marxism is a fact accepted by everyone today. Even in biographies of Marx, this connection is emphasized. One biography of him describes the link in these terms: "Darwinism presented a whole string of truths supporting Marxism and proving and developing the truth of it. The spread of Darwinist evolutionary ideas created a fertile ground for Marxist ideas as a whole to be taken on board by the working class… Marx, Engels, and Lenin attached great value to the ideas of Darwin and pointed to their scientific importance, and in this way the spread of these ideas was accelerated."29
Mao, one of the bloodiest murderers in history, was also a confirmed Darwinist. As a result of Mao's commands, some 10 million people were killed directly, while another 20 million who refused to obey him died in prisons. Mao describes the philosophical basis on which he built this order this way: "The foundation of Chinese socialism rests upon Darwin and the Theory of Evolution."30
Being a Marxist and an atheist and a firm believer in evolutionism himself, Mao mandated that the reading material used in this early day 'Great Leap Forward' in literacy would be the writings of Charles Darwin and other materials supportive of the evolution paradigm.31 When the Chinese communists seized power in the 1950s, they adopted the theory of evolution as the foundation of their ideology. But in fact, Chinese intellectuals had already adopted it long before that: "During the 19th century, the West regarded China as a sleeping giant, isolated and mired in ancient traditions. Few Europeans realized how avidly Chinese intellectuals seized on Darwinian evolutionary ideas and saw in them a hopeful impetus for progress and change. According to the Chinese writer Hu Shih, when Thomas Huxley's book Evolution and Ethics was published in 1898, it was immediately acclaimed and accepted by Chinese intellectuals. Rich men sponsored cheap Chinese editions so they could be widely distributed to the masses."32

Communist ideology, which caused so much bloodshed over the last century or so, was always closely linked to Darwinism. Even today, communists are among the main proponents of Darwinism. When one examines the most determined adherents of Darwinism in almost any nation, one inevitably sees Marxists at the forefront. That is because--as Karl Marx said--the theory of evolution represents the basis of communist ideology and provides significant, albeit false, "scientific" backing for communist atheism.
All these facts go to underscore the enormous error made by those who exhibit a passive and defeatist attitude in the face of Darwinism and either ignore or underestimate the intellectual struggle against this perverted theory. Those who imagine Darwinism as harmless must not forget that they are faced with a theory that all Marxist ideologists fiercely supported, the cornerstone of communist ideology. The easiest way for those who try to reconcile Islam with the theory of evolution, constantly espoused by Marxist, Leninist and Maoist publications and referred to by such leaders, to see how seriously they have been misled is to keep their eyes open to the true face of the theory.

Darwinist Communism's Cost in Human Suffering

Terrorists who adopted the Darwinist-materialist worldview sought shelter up in the mountains, like the animals they imagined their "primitive" forerunners to have been, and lived in caves under squalid conditions. They were quite capable of murdering babies, the elderly and the innocent without a moment's thought. Since they did not regard themselves or other humans as beings with a soul, mind, conscience and understanding created by God, they treated them—and one another—just like animals. The resulting cost in suffering is summarized as follows in The Black Book of Communism:
International Communist Movement and communist parties not in power: around 10,000 dead
The total of dead approaches 100 million.33
Latin America: 150,000 dead
Eastern Europe: 1 million dead
Vietnam:    1 million dead
Afghanistan: 1.5 million dead
Africa: 1.7 million dead
Cambodia: 2 million dead
North Korea: 2 million dead
USSR: 20 million dead
China: 65 million dead
Communism and materialism's hostility toward religion revealed itself in its full intensity during and after the Bolshevik Revolution. Stalin ordered dozens of churches and mosques torn down, a sign of communism's hatred of religion. Although the great majority of the Russian population was religious, they were prevented from fulfilling their observances. The tradition of a common holiday on Sundays, when Christians attend church, was abandoned. Everyone was to work for five days, resting on any of the other days of the week. By 1936, 65% of the mosques and 70% of the churches had been demolished. In 1967, Enver Hodja, the communist leader of Albania who was renowned for his atheism, declared Albania to be the world's first religion-free state.
Clergymen were arrested for no reason, and some were killed while in detention. In 1948 two bishops and 5,000 clergy were executed. Muslims were being murdered in the same way. The country's daily Nendori announced that a total of 2,169 mosques and churches, 327 of them Catholic places of worship, had been closed.
Today, dialectical materialism and communism may seem to have collapsed. Yet that is misleading, because in a cunning manner, the same ideology is continuing its activities under different names in a great many countries of the world, and is even organizing terrorist actions in Turkey. Materialism is active in secret, and rational people of good conscience must not relax their guard. The intellectual struggle against these dangerous ideologies and against their foundation, Darwinism, is essential.


The Intellectual Struggle Against Darwinism

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Adnan Oktar Says...

Muslim should be very humble, he should be like the soil. Harshness cannot be an attribute of a Muslim.

(A9 TV; June 4th, 2013)

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The minimum complexity essential for Life

The minimum complexity essential for Life

The minimum complexity essential for Life
Even bacteria, the so-called most basic organism according to evolutionists, is an extremely complex organism. This simply means that, as evolutionists suggest, non-living beings can not organize among themselves and generate life. In an effort to gain a better insight about the minimum complexity of life, biochemists analyzed the genome sequences that have been discovered so far. They concluded that the bacteria called Pelagibacter ubique is the organism that has the least complexity. This bacteria posessess 1,354 gene products; that is components such as proteins, ribosomals and transfer RNAs. Evolutionary theory can not explain away how even a single protein came into existence. While this is the case, evolution theory must also give an explanation as to how 1,354 proteins came together to generate the first living organism. Surely it is obvious to anyone that this is beyond impossible. In the chemical sense, the first living being that came into existence on Earth was extremely complex. Researchers discovered that even in the most minimal forms of life, there are astonishing number of proteins that have organized themselves within the cell. While the theory of evolution can not even explain how a single protein came into existence, it can DEFINITELY not explain how hundreds of proteins existing in an allegedly “primitive” first single-celled living being came into existence.

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