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Believers' bonds of love are a shield that eliminates oppression

Believers' bonds of love are a shield that eliminates oppression

Why do Muslims love one another?
 What is the measure by which Muslims love one another?
 How does Mr. Adnan Oktar describe the conception of love that comes as a blessing from Allah?
One of the main characteristics of Muslims is that they have a great love of Allah, Allah's messengers and prophets and for all Muslims who seek Allah’s approval. This bond of love and friendship between believers is revealed as follows in the Qur’an:
Your friend is only Allah and His Messenger and those who have iman: those who establish  prayer and pay alms, and bow.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 55)
0033Muslims Love for One Another Is a Manifestation of the Profound Love and Passion for Allah
The true source of Muslims’ love for one another is their profound love of Allah. Believers whose aim in the life of this world is to earn the approval and mercy of Allah and paradise spend their whole lives for Allah. As revealed in the Qur’an in the verse "Say: ‘My prayer and my rites, my living and my dying, are for Allah alone, the Lord of all the worlds,” (Surat al-An’am, 162), they seek to earn Allah’s approval in all they do and in all their behavior. The love of believers who dedicate all they have to earning Allah’s approval is also for Allah alone.
The love of a believer who knows Allah, who witnesses His might and greatness at every moment and who feels His love, affection and mercy throughout his life, is incomparable stronger than any other love. His love for other believers will similarly be powerful and profound since it is based on love of Allah. The fact that he knows that the friendship he enjoys with other believers will last for all time in the hereafter is another reason for that being very strong and permanent. Allah cites the moral values of the Prophet John (pbuh) in the Qur’an as an example of the love of believers:
“[After the child had been born and grown We said], ‘John, take hold of the Book with vigor.’ We gave him judgment while still a child, and tenderness and purity from Us – he had piety –“ (Surah Maryam, 12-13)
Our Prophet (saas) also reveals in the hadiths that believers’ love for one another is for Allah’s approval:
Abu Zarr (pbuh) relates: "Rasulullah (saas) said: "The most virtuous of deeds is to love for Allah’s sake and to hate for Allah’s sake." (Kütüb-i Sitte, Vol. 10, p. 140; Abû Dâvud, Sünnet 3, 4599)
"The strongest bonds of faith are friendship for Allah, enmity for Allah and love for Allah." (Kütüb-i Sitte, Vol. 10, p. 141)
Believers with a great love and fear of Allah and who honestly strive for His approval of them, are auspicious people who bring beauty to the world. Because of these superior virtues they also love Allah’s creations, feel affection and compassion for them, and wish to protect them and do them good.
Allah has revealed that in return for this fine love and their sincere devotion to our Lord that stem from the faith in believers’ hearts and their fear of Him, they will be rewarded with paradise, the place of the best love and devotion.
30aThe Qur'an is the Basis of Love
Our Lord does not only command His servants to love in the Qur’an. He also describes in detail what form the foundation of love will take. For example, He reveals that at the basis of a person’s love for someone else will lie patience, loyalty, generosity, care, truthfulness, courage, protectiveness and loving other more than one loves oneself. Allah refers to this love as follows in the Qur’an:
Those who were already settled in the abode, and in faith, before they came, love those who have made pilrgrimage to them  and do not find in their hearts any need for what they have been given and prefer them to themselves even if they themselves are needy. It is the people who are safe-guarded from the avarice of their own selves who are successful.” (Surat al-Hashr, 9)
As revealed in this verse, characteristics such as consideration, loyalty and fortitude are the most significant indicators of love. People who are egotistical and selfish, and not patient and forgiving, are totally devoid of true love. Our Lord, who of course has a flawless knowledge of the behavior and attitudes of the servants He creates, their psychology in other words, describes the features of people who are loveless and do not behave in accordance with the moral values of the Qur’an in detail in that book, and thus makes it easier for Muslims to identify those characteristics.
Allah reveals in the Qur’an that hard work and care and attention are necessary for love. He notes that loves needs to be tended, just like a flower. Some people who do not know the true love that Allah describes in the Qur’an imagine that love is dependent on physical appearance and that people can only be loved if they are attractive. Yet people’s anatomical structures consist of flesh, fat, bone and blood; therefore, were it not for the skin, the work of Allah’s matchless creation, there would be very little about people to like. People who turn their love toward matter do not in fact love that appearance. It is at this point that the basis of the true love that believers feel for one another emerges. This is because believers love people, not just for their external appearance, but for the moral virtues they embody in their souls. And it is believers who live by the moral values of the Qur’an and seek the approval of Allah who possesses these moral qualities. For that reason, MUSLIMS LOVE OTHER MUSLIMS. AND AMONG MUSLIMS, THEY MOST LOVE THOSE THEY REGARD AS HAVING THE  MOST PIETY AND BEING THE MOST SINCERE BECAUSE ACCORDING TO THE QUR’AN, LOVE IS DEPENDENT ON PEITY, AND MUSLIMS MOST LOVE THE PERSON THEY REGARD AS HAVING MOST OF ALLAH’S APPROVAL. This is revealed as follows in a verse:
Some people set up equals to Allah, loving them as they should love Allah. But those who have faith have greater love for Allah. If only you could see those who do wrong at the time when they see the punishment, and that truly all strength belongs to Allah, and that Allah is severe in punishment.” (Surat al-Baqara, 165)
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Allah Has Created a Powerful Love among Muslims

Allah Has Created a Powerful Love among Muslims

138ii1%5B1%5DThe love among Muslims is a naturally occurring love resulting from a faith-based sincerity. Is not based on any self-interest; believers love one another solely for Allah’s approval. This sincere love also brings with it a lofty conception of humility. And when love and humility are combined together, the result is a powerful bond among Muslims.
The people to whom believers most direct their love as manifestations of Allah are their brothers in faith. As our Lord says in one verse, "The faithful are brothers..." (Surat al-Hujurat, 10), Muslims are one anothers brothers. Therefore, as with blood brothers, the relationship between Muslims is based on a profound love, and they watch over and protect one another.
Allah gives love to the heart of every Muslim who loves Him, fears Him and genuinely strives to seek His approval. Our Lord states that it is His Presence that creates love among believers:
As for those who have faith and do right actions, the All-Merciful will bestow His love on them.” (Surah Maryam, 96)
Since these people love Allah, they will also love His creations and feel affection and compassion for them. They will wish to protect them and seek the best for them. As Allah tells believers, whom He has made his best and most virtuous servants:
Say: ‘I do not ask you for any wage for this –except for you to love your near of kin. If anyone does a good action,We will increase the good of it for him. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful’.” (Surat ash-Shura, 23)
Muslims Loving One Another in This World Is a Moral Virtue of Paradise
It is incompatible with Qur’anic moral values for the bond of love that Muslims feel for one another to be limited to a small community. That bond of love must include all sects and communities and even the entire Islamic world. Allah disapproves of coldness, and even conflict, between sects and communities. All Muslims must hope to enter paradise and strive for that by doing good works. But in order to enter paradise they must love one another.  In paradise, all Muslims are a single community, and verses reveal that Muslims will recognize one another there, talk with one another, be friends and love one another:
17if5in Gardens of Delight. A large group of the earlier people but few of the later ones.
On sumptuous woven couches, reclining on them face to face.” (Surat al-Waki’ah, 12-16)
Another verse reveals that brotherhood, profound love and devotion among Muslims is one of the features of paradise as follows.
"We will strip away any rancor in their hearts – brothers, resting on couches face-to-face.” (Surat al-Hijr, 47)
Muslims are a single community in paradise, and there are no communities or groups that do not love another, and everyone is equal. There is also an obligation for his model in paradise as described in the verses to be adopted and implemented in this world, too.  Allah warns Muslims in another verse that they must be very considerate of one another and that there must be a bond of love between them, and He reveals that this will be pleasing to Him:
Allah loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls.” (Surat as-Saff, 4)
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The Darwinist deception is a disgrace against all mankind!

The Darwinist deception is a disgrace against all mankind!

For the last 150 years, people have been obliged to believe in Darwinism as an official ideology. 

THEY HAVE CONCEALED THE FACT THAT NOT EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN CAN COME INTO BEING BY CHANCE  and have made people believe the lie that “life emerged by chance.”
They have pointed to FALSE SKULLS as evidence for the supposed evolution of man. 
THE HAVE PERPETRATED FRAUDS. They have produced hoax fossils and shamelessly exhibited these for decades.
They have used the EQUINE EVOLUTION SERIES, WHICH IS KNOWN TO BE FALSE, as supposed proof for evolution in school textbooks.
They have tried use the SO-CALLED INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION MOTHS WHICH THEY FORMED BY STICKING THE MOTHS ONTO TREES and photographed as evidence for evolution by natural selection. 
THEY KEPT CAMBRIAN FOSSILS, which are definitive proof of creation, CONCEALED FOR 70 YEARS.
They have spread the lie that MUTATIONS AND NATURAL SELECTION GIVE RISE TO NEW LIFE FORMS, even though this is scientifically impossible.
Fossils, which people occasionally come across in their gardens, by the sea or down in mines and which can easily be found by anyone, have literally turned into a nightmare for Darwinists.
The teaching and propagation of evolution, a pagan idea that has come down to us from the Sumerians, is imposed by the Darwinist dictatorship, while all kinds of efforts are made to suppress the exhibition and discussion of fossils, concrete proof of creation.
The aim is to keep the scientific facts hidden under pressure from communists, atheists and materialists.  Darwinists’ great fear of science is proof of the wretched nature of their ideology.
If Darwinists were really confident of their theory there would be no need for them to panic in the face of the facts revealed by science. Instead of trying to muffle science with the fascistic methods of the last century, they could just produce their own evidence, if they had any. But that they can never do BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE SCIENTIFIC FINDING TO SUPPORT EVOLUTION. BECAUSE SCIENCE REFUTES EVOLUTION!
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Science and Arts

Adnan Oktar Says....

- Islam will prevail in the world once more with arts and science in the forefront. Only then Allah gives way to that, otherwise He does not.

- Some people do not think why Allah did not let Islam prevail the world until now. Why did Allah let Islam prevail the world in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)? Because the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was very cheerful, very extroverted and he attached great importance to arts and science. When there is a magnificent system, Allah lets Islam prevail the world. Allah does not let misery prevail the world.

- Why did Allah overthrow the Ottoman Empire? Allah overthrew the Empire because the majority of the public stood against arts, aesthetics and science. The state was not against it but the majority of the public was. The state had palaces constructed, they decorated fountains but the great majority of the public were against science and arts. Bigoted mindset infested all around. Allah overthrew the Ottomans for that reason.

- Some of our brothers imagine that Allah wants poverty and misery. Allah delays the global dominion of Islam because of that reason, because they do not give up this mindset.

(A9 TV; December 22nd, 2012)

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There is no Kurdish problem in Southeast Turkey, only a communist one

There is no Kurdish problem in Southeast Turkey, only a communist one

The term “the Kurdish problem” in Turkey has been turned into a propaganda tool by various people. For years now, our people have been made to believe in an artificial hostility between Turks and Kurds, as if our Kurdish brothers were not members of this country, not members of the Republic of Turkey. The alleged  Ergenekon organization ruthlessly and wickedly oppressed our Kurdish brothers for many years, but that does not change the fact that they are our brothers  and very dear to us.
The problem referred to as the “Kurdish problem” is in fact the preparation for communist, Stalinist and Leninist rule in the region.
In the event – may Allah forbid – that a communist, Stalinist, Leninist rule is established in the region, the first people to be oppressed and subjected to violence from the PKK will be our Kurdish brothers. The Turkish nation will never, of course, permit the country to be divided, or our Kurdish and Turkish brothers to suffer violence and persecution.
It is essential to be aware of the communist threat in the Southeast!
 Many people who have suggested that “the best solution to terror is autonomy” are unaware that the problem in the Southeast is one of communismThey ignore the fact that this is the greatest communist uprising in the region in the history of the republic.
We need to know the threat and its scale in order to take the right precautions.
1. The PKK is Darwinist
As with all communist organization, the PKK terror organization is entirely founded on Darwinist ideology. The notorious child-killer Abdullah Öcalan openly and frequently sets out his Darwinist views:
Communality is the precondition for human existence. It is the best-known fact of sociology that man’s splitting away from the PRIMATE species before him (the closest family to man) and becoming human went hand in hand with socialization. (From the chapter “Social Realism and the Individual.”) 
2. The PKK is irreligious
The PKK terror organization is not, as some circles have recently claimed, Zoroastrian. It is an irreligious organization as required by its Darwinist ideology. Indeed, PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan has no compunctions about frequently expressing his perverse views on Religion. These represent the basis of the organization’s system of ideas:
(Surely our Almighty Lord is beyond this) 
We have nothing to do with religion. Our people must break away from God and ideology. I strove hard and eventually broke away from GodI got over God. Thus I managed to become Abdullah Öcalan."
3. The PKK is against the state
The PKK wants to divide and tear apart the Republic of Turkey and then move across the border and reach out to and destroy other states. Therefore, when people talk about an autonomous Kurdish state, they are only referring to the first stage of the fragmentation of our country, but the aim is really a communist world state. The idea is the destruction of states and it will no doubt be bloody and  violent as required by Leninism.
4. The PKK is against the family
Since the PKK is a Marxist and communist organization, it absolutely rejects the concept of the family, again as required by communism. The family is regarded as part of a feudal system, and people are encouraged to sever family relations in order to concentrate on the communist struggle. The baby-killer Öcalan’s words on this subject are particularly striking:
The family is a concept we have the greatest problem with... We must see all aspects of the obstacle of the family during our national liberation. This is an obstacle they seek to raise up sharply before us, like Mount Ağrı.
The family is a devil’s triangle in which thought is buried, free will is turned into a jigsaw puzzle and our people are torn apart and scattered.
As can be seen, according to the communist thought system, the family is a supposedly dangerous devil’s triangle that needs to be abandoned. Therefore, calling on members of the terror organization to “return to your father’s warm home,” “drink your mother’s hot soup” or “come down from the mountains and start a family” are totally ineffective.
5. The PKK will never abandon terror
The PKK is a communist, Stalinist, Leninist terror organization. It follows in Lenin’s footsteps, and terror is therefore essential for this communist organization. For that reason, meeting various PKK demands will not put an end to terror in any way; on the contrary, terror will just continue and increase.
The baby-killer Öcalan has explicitly stated that the armed struggle is essential to survival:
The only solution is an intellectual struggle
Neither military measures, nor calling on terrorists to heed their consciences, nor condemnation, nor calling them back to hearth and home nor giving up land can by themselves put an end to terror.
The communist uprising is an ideological movement. The only struggle against the communist threat must be scientific and intellectual. The most important thing that needs to be done is to tell people of the invalidity of Darwinism, the basis of communism. When people see the invalidity of Darwinism, that will cause the logical framework of communism to collapse. An ideology that has lost its Darwinist infrastructure will disappear virtually overnight. For that reason, ideas must be opposed with ideas, and there must be an INTELLECTUAL fight against communism. The only way for the Turkish state to free itself from the scourge of terrorism is to start a rapid and effective campaign that eradicates Darwinism. Brochures, articles, lectures, conferences, TV and radio programs and civil society organization broadcasts disproving the theory of evolution must be made available to all. Otherwise there can be no definitive solution to terror. 
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The Muslims of Arakan will be saved by the Turkish-Islamic Union

The Muslims of Arakan will be saved by the Turkish-Islamic Union

Our Muslim brothers are being martyred, in very cruel ways, in Burma, 5% of whose population is made up of Arakanese Muslims.
Arakan first turned to Islam through Arab traders. The great move toward Islam ended with the foundation of an Islamic state in the region in 1430. That state survived for the next 350 years, at the end of which Arakan was invaded by Buddhists, who put an end to the state.
March 28th 1942; Rakhine people who attacked Muslims in the village of Chanbilli martyred men, women and children there using swords and spears. The Rakhines savagely murdered the women after raping them first. After the slaughter they pillaged all the Muslims’ belongings. These attacks spread over all of Arakan and lasted for the next 40 days or so, during which time around 150,000 of our Arakanese brothers were martyred. Villages were looted and destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured, and 500,000 forced to leave their lands.
In 1962, the communists seized power in Burma. The communist general Ne Win mobilized just about all the means available to the state in order to annihilate Muslims. An immigrant investigation known as the "King Dragon operation" was set in motion. People living in small hamlets were forced into wire-enclosed encampments. Villages, mosques and madrassas were destroyed. All Islamic education institutions, mosques and similar religious bodies were closed down. Mosques were turned into places of entertainment or Buddhist temples. Going on the hajj, sacrificing animals, mass worship and other religious practices were all banned. Murder, rape, detentions and torture were commonplace. Because of this persecution, more than a million Muslims were forced to abandon Arakan and flee to Bangladesh. Muslims lived in terrible poverty, facing hunger and epidemics, in the refugee camps.
Between 1942 and 1996, 15,000 settlement units in Burma were destroyed and 2 million people were forced to migrate. Another 300,000 people were martyred and 20,000 women raped. Five thousand mosques and madrassas were burned down.
January 1992; Seven hundred Arakanese Muslims were drowned near the border with Bangladesh.
In 1994, more than 1,000 Muslims were martyred in extrajudicial executions.
The attacks on Muslims flared up again as of June 2012. More than 330 Muslim villages have been burned, including their mosques and madrassas, with our Muslim brothers burning to death inside their homes. According to independent human rights organizations, 1,000 people were ruthlessly slaughtered in the region during June, while thousands of Muslims were forced out of their homes and villages and left to fend for themselves in the jungle. Some Muslims took to the ocean in order to seek refuge in Bangladesh but the Bangladeshi government refused to admit the refugees, and hundreds of Muslims drown in the rivers and ocean.
Allah reveals in the Qur’an that all Muslims are brothers and commands them to be united and unified and to support one another. Aware of this commandment of the Qur’an, during the Balkan wars in 1912 our Arakanese brothers sent aid they collected to Turkey through the consulate, the Ottoman Bank and European banks. Despite living under very difficult conditions and as a minority in their country, our Arakanese brothers sent whatever they had to the Ottomans, in compliance with the moral values of the Qur’an. That is because Allah commands Muslims to support one another in the Qur’an:
Allah loves those who fight in His way in rankslike well-built walls. (Surat as-Saff, 4)
The women, children, old and young people and all the Muslims savagely slaughtered in Burma are our brothers. The right to life of these brothers of ours was taken away, their mosques and madrassas were destroyed and they were forbidden to travel. They are only permitted to live in ramshackle wooden houses, and if that house should burn down by accident they would be sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment. They are not allowed to attend state hospitals, nor to work in state offices, nor to use the telephone or own motorized vehicles. They simply have no citizenship rights whatsoever.
Turkish-Islamic Union is the only way of ensuring that our Muslim brothers in Burma can live by Islam in safety, without endangering their lives. If the Islamic world of 1.5 billion people, with all its rich  resources and important geostrategic position, were to unite, there would be no question of a hair on the head of our Muslim brothers being harmed, let alone their being burned alive. Nobody would even think of perpetrating such persecution. If Muslims are being persecuted in Arakan today, the fundamental reason for this is that Muslims are fragmented and have no leader. The responsibility for all this suffering lies not only with those who inflict it, but also with everyone who fails to strive for the unity of the Islamic world. That is why we must seek and strive together for Turkish-Islamic Union, not solely for the sake of our Arakanese brothers, but for the salvation of the whole Islamic world and indeed, the whole planet.
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100 million year old fossil unearthed in Hukawng Valley of Burma is another evidence of Creation

100 million year old fossil unearthed in Hukawng Valley of Burma is another evidence of Creation

One hundred million years ago a drop of tree resin that engulfed a Cretaceous spider and a wasp eventually fossilized into amber was unearthed by scientists. This fossil find shows perfectly preserved legs and part of the body of an adult male spider and a wasp ensnared in its web.
This amber is adequate evidence displaying that the Cretaceous spider, or the wasp have never gone through any evolution through the 100 million years and both animals are exactly the same with their counterparts living in our day.
hukawng valley_burma
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Adnan Oktar Says...

Qur'an is the guide of a reasonable person. When one acts out of the Qur'an, he/ she would lose reason as well, may Allah forbid. Success is certain when one acts in line with the Qur'an. Allah explains this many times in the verses. Allah says "you would certainly be victorious." But one should patiently and resolutely abide by the Qur'an.

(A9 TV; December 17th, 2012)

The state of the world demonstrates the need for the system of the Mahdi. World will attain salvation with the system of the Mahdi.

Watch Online on HarunYahya.Tv A9 logo_m
ADNAN OKTAR: What did I say? I've said that the world will be stirred up in the month of Muharram. Have I said that or not?
DIDEM URER: You've said so Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: I've said that some incidents will take place. Did it prove to be right?
DIDEM URER: Yes, of course. Masha'Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: The End Times and the system of the Mahdi appeared to be something like a joke for the people. Now they come to see what I said is true, millimeter by millimeter. So that means in the end times, we are at the last stage. That means the system of the Mahdi is a necessity, the [appearance of] Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is a necessity. Everywhere is at a deadlock, look our Kurdish brothers having a war with our Arab brothers is the subject under discussion. A Shia and Sunni war is under discussion. An Israel-Palestine war is under discussion. The solution lies with the system of the Mahdi. Some say; "no, that is not is, why is there the need for the system of the Mahdi". Well then you would be crying, then Allah would burn you, then everywhere will be in flames, there will be smoke everywhere, there will be misery everywhere, there will be famine everywhere. When people invoke Mahdi, there will be a bed of roses, there will be a weather of spring. But if you say; "no, I do not have the intent to," Allah would do that anyway, your obstructing the way would not change anything. The system of the Mahdi will appear anyway. Some attempted to take the system of the Mahdi lightly and Allah said; "Are you the ones taking it lightly." Allah will force their hands until they take it seriously. Those who almost mockingly evaluate the appearance of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) are now coming to a state that they are obliged to accept the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). 
2012-12-23 04:09:53

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Islam is really not a complicated religion

Adnan Oktar Says...

  • What does the bigoted mindset do to make people alienate from religion? They complicate the religion. That is a very sly plot of the satan. When they complicate the religion even though it is really very easy, people start thinking that religion cannot be practiced and give up. Actually living by religion is really easy.
  • Religion is a magnificent structure in which welfare, love, beauty, peace, goodness, forgiveness, democracy, freedom of thought and the most sophisticated, most beautiful aspects of arts and science are displayed. Some people ensnarl religion and alienate people from religion unnecessarily. That is the way they serve the antichrist (dajjal).
  • Qur'an is a very plain and pure Book. The commands of Allah are very plain and quite simple. Complicating life is not religion. I mean propagating an environment in which people are in dirty clothes, eating filthy food, living in a filthy, listless environment with dirty looking women and men; no music, no paintings, no arts, no science, no aesthetics in an ugly rotten structure; with slanders and revilements constantly in their language and feeling hatred towards everyone. Such a religion is not acceptable. This has nothing to do with religion.
(A9 TV; December 17th, 2012)

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Adnan Oktar Says...

  • Religion is metaphysical. We are living side by side with the angels. Angels are here at the moment. There are angels on both our sides. There are djinns here at the moment. This world is a metaphysical place.
  • Muslim is a being whose metaphysical aspect is predominant. They are one within the other with metaphysics. They believe in angels, they believe in djinns, they believe in the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh), they believe in the appearance of the dajjal (antichrist), they believe in the appearance of the smoke, they believe in the appearance of the dabbat al-ardh, they believe in the appearance of yajuj and majuj.
A9 TV; December 15th, 2012

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We Must Build a New Middle East

''We Must Build a New Middle East''

In Cairo to attend a meeting of the “Quadripartite Meeting on Syria” involving Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu met with Egyptian President Muhammed Morsi at the Ittihadiye Palace.
Davutoğlu emphasized that Turkey had to date done all in its power to halt the bloodshed in Syria, and went on, ''We support President Morsi’s views regarding Syria which he expressed in Mecca and Tehran. Turkey and Syria share the same position and perspective regarding a solution in Syria.”
Following the meeting, Davutoğlu gave a statement to the press, saying that there was no limit to the cooperation between Turkey and Egypt and that Turkey was ready to share its experience with Egypt.
Davutoğlu said that relations with Egypt would be elevated to the highest level and continued, ''Together with Egypt and other states, we will build a new Middle East.”

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu: Turkey Is the Protector of the Innocent
Speaking at a conference on “The Arab Awakening and Peace in the Middle East; Muslim and Christian Perspectives,” Foreign Minister Davutoğlu noted Turkey’s role in the Middle East.
Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said, ''Turkey is the protector of the innocent in the Middle East. Whoever is innocent, it protects them alone.”
Davutoğlu held a dinner for participants at the conference on “The Arab Awakening and Peace in the Middle East; Muslim and Christian Perspectives” in the garden of  Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul.
Speaking there, Davutoğlu said, ''Christians, Muslims, Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Nushayris, Druze, Suryanis... This Middle East belongs to us all together.”
Davutoğlu went on to say, “The Republic of Turkey sees no sect, ethnicity or religion when it looks at the regional phenomenon known as the ‘Arab Awakening’.”  He then concluded by saying:
''We stand alongside Tahrir Square in Egypt, without looking to see whether the young people there are Christian or Muslim. We have stood alongside Tahrir Square, the philosophy of Tahrir Square, the spirit of Tahrir Square. When we look at Syria we do not see Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and Alawites. We stand by the entire Syrian people.''
Davutoğlu stressed that Turkey stood by those waging a struggle for “the honor of mankind” in the Middle East, and said, 'The Republic of Turkey took a strategic and moral decision when Buaddhidhi set himself on fire in Tunisia. We will stand by ordinary people of the Middle East in this war of honor. We will bring the common identity of this region to life against those who wish to divide the region and create new cold wars in it, an identity that represents our cities. We will oppose anyone who kills and oppresses.”
Davutoğlu recalled that the Middle East was where all the Abrahamic faiths had flourished and said that the following questions needed to be asked, ''Why has this wide territory, where all the Abrahamic faiths developed, a shelter for all mankind like a giant plane tree, become a place of war, ethnic and sectarian clashes and terrible slaughter? Why does the region sadly have no deep-rooted political culture? Why do violence and anger predominate in this land that gave birth to religions of mercy? Why does this region, on which our Lord had bestowed the greatest and wealthiest natural resources, have no great and developed economies that provide prosperity for their people?” Davutoğlu also stressed that these questions should not be asked from an external perspective, and continued, ''We must not ask as orientalists. We must ask by looking at matters from the inside, by looking in the mirror, asking our own selves. Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, Catholics, Armenians, Orthodox or whatever, we must all look in the mirror as we ask these things. But we must see only ourselves in the mirror. We must see representatives of this whole future, in the same way we are all here together today.”
-''What we want to do here is make a kind of covenant” -
Davutoğlu said the presence in Istanbul of representatives of the divine faiths was significant, and continued, ''What we want to do by means of this meeting in particular is to make a kind of covenant. Let me say this; we must work together with clergy, politicians and intellectuals for our common destiny. We will not let ourselves be divided. We must rebuild our region with a common vision.”
Davutoğlu referred to Istanbul as ''the last capital of the heritage of ancient civilization” and emphasized that it was a center where great civilizations had lived side by side for centuries and went on, ''Istanbul is open to all and the city of all the representatives of all ancient civilizations, not just to us Turks, citizens of the Republic of Turkey. ISTANBUL IS YOUR CITY AND WILL BE YOUR CITY, THE CITY OF ALL MANKIND, FOR ALL TIME.”
2012-12-21 14:45:04 

Iranian Media Propaganda

System Of Mahdi

System Of Mahdi

Adnan Oktar Says...

There is no one else in the world that talks about the system of the world as much as we do, that makes it an agenda in the extent that we do. There is no one else that explains the system of the Mahdi in such a rational way based on evidence, there is no one else that gives reasonable explanations with satisfactory evidence in the way that we do. There is no one else that draws attention to the system of the antichrist as much as we do. There is no one else that emphasizes the portents of the End Times as much as we do. We are the only ones in the world. There is nothing like this in the last 1300 years. There is nothing like this in the history of Islam.

(A9 TV; December 13th, 2012)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Miracles Of Our Prophet (saas)

The Miracles Of Our Prophet (saas)
A9 TV; December 13th, 2012
We have put forth the miracles of our Prophet (saas) with all their clarity, with all their beauty and glory. We have put forth hundreds of miracles in front of people's eyes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quality is very important in Islam. Our Prophet (saas) has lived a very high quality life.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 7th, 2012
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ADNAN OKTAR: The Islamic world is going very well, Islam is wide-spreading but quality is a very important matter. Without quality live will be all broken. I mean quality is a very important matter in Islam, it is an important aspect of life. If you do not attach importance to quality; without aesthetics and beauty, the world will appear to be like Hell. The Mosques should be high quality, the houses should be high quality, clothes should be high quality, the speeches should be high quality, perfumes worn should be high quality. I was watching a TV Channel [the other day], there were some people talking, they all lacked quality in their appearance. For instance there were some ladies, they all lacked quality. They were Muslims but their appearances lacked quality. Well, I looked at their way of speaking- I consider the religious matters clear from this- it was really lacking quality. Well, are you going to bring about such a system, is that what you think should be, is this the ideal life you have? I mean will the people be living like this?   For instance Europe attaches great importance to quality. The French, English people all attach great importance to quality. They make a point of attaining quality in their lives. It is apparent that it is crucial for Muslims' lives to attain high quality.
A book should be prepared about this point as well.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: A book that should be called "Islam and Quality". Let us a prepare that book.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah Master.
ADNAN OKTAR: Our master Mehmet Şevket Eygi always talks about quality in his writings. Yet that blessed person never could really make them understand I mean many people do not listen to our Masters that important warning. He explains the importance of quality in every aspect of life, he explains very comprehensively that quality is an essential attribute of life. However some of our brothers strive to recite a very low quality understanding of Islam. That is why they are getting harsh reactions from the world. However if a high quality understanding of Islam was to be preached, the whole world would turn to Islam in crowds. People adopt an attitude against Islam because they are describing an understanding of Islam that lacks quality.  That is the reason of the hatred people feel about Muslims. These people attempt to present a ragged, filthy, ugly, thoughtless absurd structure as Islam.  And that causes an immense discomfort and reaction in people. Some people come up and say that people react against Islam.  Actually these people are reacting against lack of quality. They are reacting against that horridness, that evil, that ugliness. And some people presume that those people are reacting against Islam. There is no such reaction against Islam, there is a reaction against lack of quality. Many of them are very determined about lack of quality. They are quite determined. They lack quality in eating, they lack quality in their clothes, they lack quality in their way of talking. I look at their ladies, they also lack quality. They only concentrate in cooking and giving birth. I mean they have houses lacking in quality, they are primitive. I mean that has nothing to do with money. It might be cheap but their appearance could be high quality. I mean a person might have only one dress but it can be really high quality. It is very important to be ambitious about quality, to advocate it determinedly. 
When quality is attained in arts, science and aesthetics, politics, when there is quality everywhere, such an understanding of Islam would be embraced by everyone. The only reason Islam is not spreading around is lack of quality. Even if you talk to an irreligious person and say; "Love, compassion, mercy, friendship, amicability, democracy, well intentions, a sociable environment, social justice, cutting edge progress in science, art and aesthetics; What do you say to that?" He would say; "I'd embrace it right away." That is what Islam actually is. But what you are presenting people is not a high quality understanding of Islam. You have turned religious services into a hardship. You have turned them into torture, some of them. A completely different frame of mind has overtaken the place of friendship and love. They cannot make friends, they cannot become amiable.  It is even difficult to form a connection in between religious communities. Yet it is very easy to form friendship and to make conversation with an irreligious person but it is quite hard to make friends with a religious person in some places. That is why the main problem in front of spreading of Islam, in people not accepting Islam is lack of quality. There is no other reason. If someone says; "I've been preaching but Islam is not spreading around," that person should look for the mistake in him. It means that his way lacks quality.
And some circles get people and give them food and drinks, let them stay in their houses and of course such people might show a tendency towards them because of this if they are in need. I mean such people might show a tendency towards Muslims and Islam. But a sound result cannot be attained from that. The style they are talking about, the method they are employing is very hard for someone in the middle. It is very difficult for them to accept. They misrepresent Islam as such an intricate, such a difficult and hard religion and they show the understanding of quality in Muslims' lives as such a sheepish, such a deficient life that it seems like –may Allah forbid- a living Hell to people.  Well my brother, what is the need for that? Why do you not present Islam like Paradise as it actually is, why do you not present an ambiance like that of Paradise, a manner that reminds Paradise?  Why would anyone deny something like that?  I mean they are presenting such a model for women that it is really hard to find anything to be called high quality. There is a severe lack of quality. They base themselves on ugliness, they base themselves on lack of quality. There is a model that intends to put away beauty completely. They present beauty as if it is something atrocious, as if it is unlawful for a woman. And they attempt to present "ugly" woman as devout and to present beautiful woman as if she has committed an unlawful act. For a well groomed, clean and class woman they say; "well, such a woman can have nothing to do with Islam. " Yet for an ugly and ill groomed woman they say; "well, such a woman is a devout woman." Or for an ugly and ill groomed man, with a bushy, ragged outlook they say; "Well, this must be a saint." He doesn't listen to music, he doesn't like paintings, he keeps away from people, he doesn't speak much, he doesn't  pay compliments, he leads a weird life yet they appraise such a person. They appraise him but nevertheless they keep away from him. They feel embarrassed about him, they feel discomfort but in secret, if they find someone to talk to, they say; "Well, it appears that he is such a devout person, but he should not come  to my house, he should not talk to my children." They find such a person dangerous in that respect and say; "such a person should keep away from us."  Yet towards the people they found to be high quality, even if they are irreligious, they show love. They admire such people but again they are hostile towards quality. They admire quality, for instance their children, their family, they all admire quality, but they themselves in practice present quality as if it is a wrong way to follow. For that reason we should explain this dilemma about quality by preparing a book.
DIDEM URER: Insha'Allah.
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, because we will be using a polite language it will not be in a destructive manner. Yes.. For instance our Prophet (saas) was very high quality person. He used to grow roses around his house. That was a desert environment and he was growing roses. Even under harshest conditions he took quality as a basis. His house was small yet very high quality and very clean, it was immaculately clean.  The means they have had was quite limited yet his hair was bright and clean. At that time there was a viscous, beautiful smelling oil and our Prophet (saas) used to use olive oil as well as that viscous oil. That was an oil mixed with a beautiful smelling rose extract. Our Prophet (saas) used to wear it on his hair as brilliantine, so his hair was shinning brightly, of course it showed his hair even darker and bright. It showed him even more youthful. He used to comb his hair everyday many times. His hair was very neatly parted in the middle and in plaits on both sides. In very nice and neat, beautiful plaits. So look how much importance he attached to grooming and beauty. His eyes were tinged with kohl. He used to ting his eyes with kohl. His attire was all white and immaculately clean. The frock he wore and the shirt he wore underneath were all white. His teeth were sparkling. That for instance is a sign of quality. When he smiled his teeth were sparkling like light. He smelled very beautiful. That for instance another sign of quality. The quality of his perfume.. He wore the highest quality perfume, he wore the highest quality clothes for that time. His addressing was high quality, the words he selected were all very high quality, very beautiful. His gait was high quality, the way he sat and the way he stood up were all very high quality, the way he ate was very high quality. Quality prevailed all around him. Quality unburdens one's heart, it would bring one delight. Quality is one of the most important ornaments of life. Once the quality is lost, a person would become introverted. For instance there are many people very weary of life with faces as long as a fiddle. They perform their prayers and fast yet many of the Muslims are weary of life. They are experiencing that depression of lack of quality. Their houses are miserable. They go out, everywhere is unkempt. That is the case in Afghanistan, in Iraq, that is the case in Syria, in Pakistan. Lack of quality is quite prevalent. People visiting there all say so. In pilgrimage, in Mecca and Medina in places pilgrims are very crowded, for instance in Arafat, in Jabal al-Nour a tragic neglect is prevalent.  People there, the administrators are saying; "do not go and say anything about this." That is why people do not say anything about this. That is the reason why it is not very well known among people.  They are saying; "That might cause bad assumptions so you should not say anything about this." Well my brother, instead of telling people not to speak, why do you not clean those places, why do you not make it well-kept? People have written their names all around, on the rocks, on the stones, these are the places our Prophet(saas) wandered around. In the entrance of the Cave of Hira, there are plastic bottles throw , rags and tissues, all on the ground. It is inconceivably dirty. Well my brother, you should be ashamed of that. First of all clean those paintings, why do you let people paint those rocks? Why do you keep that places all unprotected? Why do you let this happen? A grave lack of quality is prevalent. For instance during the pilgrimage they show many attitudes lacking quality. They pull and push each other, push women around, knock down people praying.. These never take place in the media and are never talked about. People going there only say that "it was very nice." They do not talk about these atrocious acts and repugnant behaviors. Actually these should be openly talked about. People seeing such behaviors take a dislike towards Islam, they are very negatively affected. 
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