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What will be the greatest blessing in paradise?

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on April 06th, 2015

Abu David narrates: ‘Because people of paradise go to paradise and the people of hell to hell, one caller will ask out: ‘Didn't God make our faces bright and clear? Didn't He make our scales heavy so that we wouldn't go to hell?’ At that moment, the curtain will be opened and they will look at God. I swear in the name of God, that God hasn't given anything to them that is more pleasing and delightful than looking at God.’ They will see God’s manifestation and that will be the thing they love the most.
One narrative from Abu Musa al-Ashari is as follows: ‘He, said during the Basra speech: ‘God had the residents of Paradise asked: ‘Did God keep His promises to you? They looked at their ornaments, ’ What are the ornaments? Necklaces, bracelets, everything. ‘clothes,’ Why aren’t they surprised about the clothes? They are surprised that there will be yachts, but not surprised at the clothes. Clothes are also produced in factories. The clothes in Paradise will be like the ones in the world. It will not be very different. But they will be similar. But the fabric quality will be different. It won’t crease; it will be very bright, very beautiful colored. But in general sense, it will be similar to the clothing items in this world. ‘Fruits, beautiful wives’, the ladies, ‘and the rivers’. But the rivers will not be little. We are sitting above a strait here, right. It is a sea, but [looks like] a river. Where are we now?  We are situated above. God explains that in Paradise ‘they will be in high mansions, with rivers flowing underneath them’. Big, sea like rivers. But calm, beautiful and pleasing. ‘Then they will say: God certainly kept His promise to us’. Angel will ask them three times, ‘Did God keep your promise to you?. And when they see that, the promise was fulfilled completely, they will say ‘yes’
Abdullah ibn Masud narrates: ‘We were with the Messenger of God (pbuh). During the Night of Qadr, he looked at the moon and said: ‘You will see your Lord clearly just like you see the moon now and you will have no doubts in seeing Him.’ He says ‘You will see God’. ‘You will not have to push each other to catch a glimpse, you will see Him very easily.’ You will see His manifestation very easily. “When Almighty God allows His manifestation to be visible by lifting the veil in front of His servants’ eyes, all the rivers will flow with more joy and zeal, the trees will sway and make sounds.’ The trees will dance with joy. All of them are conscious. “All the mansions will light up with flames.” Everything will light up, everything will sort of come to life, get excited. “The fountains will flow faster”, to emphasize the joy. “Sweet smells will be carried across the mansions and the courtyards”. When God’s manifestation is seen. “Sweet smelling misk and kafoor will be everywhere. Birds will chirp’, the birds of Heaven. ‘Houris will radiate with their beauty.’ When God’s manifestation is seen, in the Hereafter.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Almighty God says ‘In Paradise I will create everything your hearts desire.’

Pleasant Conversations with Mr. Adnan Oktar (April 6th, 2015; 24:00)
... And therein is whatever the souls desire and [what] delights the eyes, and you will abide therein eternally. [Surat Az-Zukhruf (The Ornaments of Gold) 43:71]
ADNAN OKTAR: God says ‘Anything you want’ and some people cannot understand it. Whatever your culture, your tastes, your knowledge would entail. For instance, some like car races, others yacht races, some like swimming, some like spending time with women, some painting. For example, if you want to paint pictures, you’ll be able to do it perfectly there, and very quickly. Some like to play instruments, and they’ll do it flawlessly. There will be no need for training or practicing.
Many people ask these questions one by one, for example ‘Are there computers in Paradise?’ If you like that [computers], based on your culture, your knowledge, it will be created there immediately, on the spot, and in the most perfect way. It’s only a matter of you wanting it or not. Whatever you want, it will be created in the most perfect manner. For instance, you might be liking little cars, and there it will be created like that. Or you might be favoring big muscle cars, and you will have that. God says that ‘It all depends on what you want’. ‘Depends on you thinking about it, your culture, your desires, whatever you like.’
BÜLENT SEZGİN: The degree of taking pleasure in Paradise, does it depend on the degree of faith, Mr. Adnan?
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. Everyone will enjoy depending on his or her degree of faith.
ADNAN OKTAR: Some people don't understand it, although we explain it. Almighty God says ‘I will create everything your hearts desire.’  They want me to list one by one. For example, we have air conditioners in this world. If you like it, it will be created in Paradise. It depends on your culture, on your wanting it. Whatever you like, it will be created. For example if you like double-breasted jackets, it will be created. If another person rather has another type of suit, he will be given that. They want all the gifts to be enumerated one by one. Musical instruments, whatever you want. They ask ‘Will there be guitars, too?’ Of course, and that’s the most primitive one (guitars in this world).  A clarinet, another very primitive instrument. God creates the most perfect one and God says ‘It depends on your wishes and liking’.
I seek refugee in God from the accursed Satan. “and they will have there all that their hearts desire and their eyes find delight in. You will remain in it timelessly, for ever.” (Surat at-Zukhruf, 71). Is there any restriction in this verse? Infinite. Very clear. What does “there is everything” mean? It means there is no limit to it. Anything you can picture and “you will remain in it timelessly, forever”, until forever. (Surat at-Zukhruf, 71)

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Ruby Cars of heaven which make you fly

Pleasant Conversations with Mr. Adnan Oktar (April 6th, 2015; 24:00)

يُطَافُ عَلَيْهِم بِصِحَافٍ مِّن ذَهَبٍ وَأَكْوَابٍ ۖ وَفِيهَا مَا تَشْتَهِيهِ الْأَنفُسُ وَتَلَذُّ الْأَعْيُنُ ۖ وَأَنتُمْ فِيهَا خَالِدُونَ

Circulated among them will be plates and vessels of gold. And therein is whatever the souls desire and [what] delights the eyes, and you will abide therein eternally. [Surat Az-Zukhruf (The Ornaments of Gold) 43:71]
ADNAN OKTAR: God says in the 71st verse of Surah az- Zukhruf, I seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan, ‘they will have there all that their hearts desire and their eyes find delight in.’ God doesn’t say that ‘there are only some things’. What does ‘all that their hearts desire’ mean? Everything that the human mind, the human brain can imagine. ‘You will remain there, timelessly, forever’. How long? Forever. The 31stverse of Surat Fussilat, I seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan,  “You will have there everything you demand.” Almighty God could have said ‘certain things will be yours’. But God says ‘all that your hearts desire’. It depends on one’s imagination, one's comprehension. Whatever you want. Some of the companions, who had similar thoughts as these people, they were curious. Buraidah narrates: ‘O Messenger of God, are there horses in Paradise?". What would today’s people ask? Are there yachts? Are there racing cars? But, back in those days, horses were interesting and they were asking about horses. What did Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) say as an answer? “If God admits you into Paradise, you will not wish to be carried, on a horse of rubies that will fly with you wherever you want in Paradise except that you will do so…’ see, it is made of ruby, not flesh and bones, ‘that will fly with you wherever you want in Paradise except that you will do so’. See, it is both very fast, and it is a vehicle made of ruby. Ruby. For example, many sports cars today are red, right? They shine like rubies. What does Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) say? ‘Made of ruby’. Shines almost like a ruby. How does a [red] sports car look like from afar? Doesn't it shine like a ruby? [He says it is] made of ruby. [He says] ‘it will fly you’. Meaning, you will travel with an incredible speed and fly, too, if you want. After him, the people there got curious and they started asking ‘'O Messenger of God, are there camels in Paradise?' Camels were very interesting to them. But what is interesting to young people today? It could be yachts, racing cars. They think that those things are wonderful. Back in those days, [camels and horses] were wonderful to them. They ask, ‘are there camels in Paradise?’. ‘So he (pbuh) did not say what he said to his companion, rather, he (pbuh) said: 'If God admits you into Paradise, you will have in it whatever is desired by your soul and pleasing to your eye’. It means that anything you can imagine, anything you can picture, anything you like, anything that you would enjoy ‘that your eyes would find delight in’ in line with your tastes, your style, your customs, your culture, your knowledge. This was said only to make him comprehend, because obviously otherwise these questions would continue. One would ask about the camel, another would ask about, what would be in that time [they would consider desirable]? Maybe horse-carts, as you know, there would be races of horse carts back in those days. Maybe they would ask if there would be any of those in paradise. Since [the questions] wouldn't end, Prophet Mohammed explains it with a general explanation referring to the Qur'an and says “whatever you wish, you desire, you can picture, imagine, whatever your knowledge, your culture entail, you will find it there’. [Some people] got surprised when I said that there would be yachts in  Paradise. They say ‘How  can there be a yacht?’ Yacht is nothing to God. Here, in this world, as a part of your test, God is giving you this knowledge, and shows you the yacht. You think that yacht is so great, it is beyond reach. But if you saw the yachts in Paradise, you wouldn't like the ones in here at all. You would think that they are like ox carts. You would find it very primitive. The yachts in Paradise fly in the skies, dive underwater, sail the seas. And it will talk to you and do everything you ask. For example, when you ask it to take you to an island, it will take you there very fast. It will be driven by one of the ghilmans if you like, or if you want it, it will go there by itself, without any operator. Because, in Paradise, everything acts with the wisdom of God. Everything will be intelligent.
Or yachts, they put it on such a high pedestal. A yacht is a very ordinary thing for God. Like a nutshell, very ordinary. You are overrating it. And the yachts here, their engines are so loud, disturbing. The smell of fuel, and you have to protect yourself from water droplets all the time. Very uncomfortable. In Paradise, it will be like a feather [the smoothness of its move]. It won’t make a sound, very nice and fluid. And it will be enormous, not cramped and compact. It can fly if you want or submerge. There will be all sorts of food in it. You will just tell the food ‘come’ and it will come. And the boats of this world will look very primitive to you after that.
Many people ask these questions one by one, for example ‘Are there computers in Paradise?’ If you like that [computers], based on your culture, your knowledge, it will be created there immediately, on the spot, and in the most perfect way. It’s only a matter of you wanting it or not. Whatever you want, it will be created in the most perfect manner. For instance, you might be liking little cars, and there it will be created like that. Or you might be favoring big muscle cars, and you will have that. God says that ‘It all depends on what you want’. ‘Depends on you thinking about it, your culture, your desires, whatever you like.’
See, “the residents of Paradise visit each other on white camels that resemble rubies.” Ruby, think about the red rubies. In other words, red cars. But white, looking white due to their lights. He says “slim”. There is a mention of horses with slim waists that run very fast in Paradise. And camels too. “When Almighty God admits you to Paradise, if you wish to ride a horse’ in other words, if you wish to ride a fast vehicle, He will make you ride a ruby horse’, the most popular color for luxury, sports car today is red right? Sports cars are usually red and it is said that they will be made of ‘red rubies’. Ruby shines so beautifully, it glows. This explains it perfectly right? Rubies are  oval shaped. And these cars have an oval shape. And when you look from afar, they shine. “And that horse will fly you in Paradise wherever you want.” In other words you’ll travel incredibly fast. This is a perfect description, isn’t it? “Those in paradise” he says, “visit each other on these horses.” They visit each other. They host each other in feasts. There are entertainment venues where ladies, houris sing. Not one, or two, or a hundred. Paradise malls, they are countless. “When the Paradise residents enter Paradise, horses with wings made of ruby will come’. Isn’t this clearly a description of planes? A description of state-of-the-art, luxurious planes. And no need to be trained as pilots. The plane will never crash. There is no need for engines. That’s how great they are.
He says, ‘there is a tree in  Paradise, and horses with pearl saddles and emerald bridles will come from above and underneath it.’ So think about something, like a garage full of cars. And cars keep coming out of it. It looks like a tree, as a decoration. He says it so that people can comprehend, people can understand, so that their horizons are broadened.
BÜLENT SEZGİN: Mr. Oktar, can I show photos of modern sports cars as an example? 
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, it really looks like red rubies.
BÜLENT SEZGİN: It goes very fast. 
ADNAN OKTAR: He says “it will make a man fly”. These cars are usually made up of very nice, sophisticated material. They have wooden trimmings, with nice materials in other details. This is actually a reference to the perfection of their material. They think that the reference to bridle is literal. It refers to its control panel. But if you’d like, it could be a bridle too.

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Believers do not experience any fear or difficulty after they die

Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview dated 21 June 2015
ADNAN OKTAR: There are people who buy graves. They say, “Let’s be together as a family. The view should be nice. He would get bored in the grave”. “It should be with sea view,” they say. That person becomes soil in the grave. There is nothing left. He will not be alive there. They don’t believe in it. They think the dead is still there. They think if the grave is ostentatious, he would be comfortable, a fancy place made of marble. Also they say “let’s be together as a family, let’s not be apart”. They think if they are together, they will rise comfortable in the Day of Judgment. They think if they are not together, they will not be able to find each other. The world will be destroyed in the Judgment Day. There won’t be any graves left. They don’t understand. It will be flat. The world will be destroyed and the moon and the sun will join. God states in the verse "the mountains become like shifting dunes". Would there be a grave there? The Qur’an says "the oceans surge into each other" Everything will be crashed, graveyards; everything will be in the air. Nothing will stay. Everyplace will melt down, soil and so. The ground will be flattened, just flat. So, there won’t be graves there, marble graves, nothing like that. They think their graves will stay and they will rise as a family. It will not be like that; they should understand it from the Qur’an.  
Our fellow brothers who are into this family grave concept get it wrong. If they feel good about it, okay it is something else. When the Judgment Day comes, the world will be demolished into the ground. Do they not understand it? It is stated in the verse “the mountains become like shifting dunes ". It is the Judgment Day. Everything will be flattened. There will not be trees, flowers, insects, nothing. Stones will melt. The world will be scattered like dust. The sun and the moon will join. And you are talking about marble graves “we will be there as a family”. It is not like that. God states He will raise people up from where they lay. We don’t know how this will happen. I mean probably all humanity will rise instantly. They will realize they had been lying after they rise, that they had been in lying position. He looks he is lying. He rises, straightens up, that is it. It is a vast land. The situation of believers is different. Believers will be in a vehicle. They will have light in front of them and beside them. They will have a host with them. He will be complimenting them, showing them love. The crowd will be running towards a certain point all together. They will see something like a pillar. They will hear a voice from it; a human voice. It is named “Summoner” in the verse. It is a human voice. It is like the summoner is telling “come here all”. Everybody is flooding towards it. How many are they? Let’s say ten billion. It is a very vast land, they are running on a vast land. God states “"like swarming locusts ". Hell will be cluttered up with these people. God makes them get down on their knees, taking them into hell. Believers will be separated. Believers will not be involved in such situations. They will not experience any terror unbelievers will experience. Yet, God informs unbelievers what will happen beforehand, so they would regret. Believers will be witnessing all these from afar. Believers will be experiencing all great things. There will not be any hardship, suffering or fear at all at any stage for them. Everything will run smoothly for them; when they die, when they arise from dead, when they are taken into paradise. In other words, they will not experience any uneasiness. "They will feel no fear and will know no sorrow" says God. God promises, it is clear.
ENDER DABAN: You had told us before teacher, believers are questioned in a very nice manner.
ADNAN OKTAR: It will be as a compliment, to please them. For example, God says “you communicated the message all through your life, is that true?” he answers “Yes, my God”. What is it for? God does it to please him. For example, God says “you spent all your possessions in the way of God, is that correct?” and he replies “yes”. The questioning will take only a short time anyway. Angels will be showing believers love incredibly. They will be taken with a joy, with a great delight. Once they enter the gates of paradise, that is it, it is then forever.
OKTAR BABUNA: You said “One who is questioned last thinks he is the first.”
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. All people in the world will be questioned. A believer, for example, let’s assume he will be questioned last, he thinks he has been questioned first. It is stated, “he will return to his family joyfully”. Then others ask him “what were you asked?” and he replies, “I was asked this and that”, all pleasant things, the questioning is for his pleasure. There will not be anything that would bother him. So a Muslim doesn’t need to brood over what will happen”. But he should fear hell, it is another matter, however, he doesn’t need to fear “what troubles am I going to get through as a Muslim?” It is not the case. If you think that way, you would commit a sin. For a Muslim, it is not possible whatsoever. He will be very comfortable everywhere, everything will flow very smoothly. It is nothing like that.
GÖKALP BARLAN: God states, “We will erase their bad actions from them, and recompense them for the best of what they did.”
ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, but one should concentrate on paradise very well. It should be comprehended very well. The faith needs to be strengthened. He needs to absorb it in his head. These are important. I mean, one should not think paradise as a blurred concept.  A Muslim needs to know everything that is told in the Qur’an about paradise.

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We Should Want the Unity of Islam As a Nation

We Should Want the Unity of Islam As a Nation

July 11 th 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: Egypt is paralyzed. There is no industry and tourism. Nothing is left. It is paralyzed. If there is no art or love but there is suffering, terror and hopelessness in a place, than there won’t be industry, wealth or happiness. Let me tell you, there is nothing left. Help as much as you want; that’s like giving blood to a dead person. Even if you give one thousand liters of  blood, he won’t rise from the dead. In order to rise from the dead, there must be the Mahdi(as), Jesus Christ(pbuh), Islamic Union. There isn’t any other way out of this.

July 13th 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: They should use a language that embraces all of the Islamic World. 
They must always speak of the Unity of Islam, the Islamic Union. “Let us free Egypt, let us free another country…” Rescuing only a region; God will create exiguousness, trouble and afflictions  with this. That is all that will happen. God knows better.

30 th April 2008: Al Baghdadi TV

Adnan Oktar:
 The solution is the unity of all the Islamic World, THE FORMATION OF A GREAT TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, FOR TURKEY TO MAKE ITS WEIGHT FELT AS A SUPERPOWER IN THE REGION and to protect and watch over the whole Islamic world as its blood brother, to enable them to grow stronger economically and politically in each and every way, to take the Turkish world, almost all of whom are Muslims anyway, under its protection and to put an immediate end to anarchy as a regional superpower. Taking a step toward a great civilization, we must strive to resemble the time of the Prophet Sulayman (as). That is the solution.

August 16th, 2008: Azerbaijan APA News Agency

Adnan Oktar:
 The period that lacks a Turkish Islamic Union will remain a painful one. There isn’t any way other than that. The only solution is the Turkish Islamic Union. Postponing this would put people under great difficulty. Today, the blood that is being shed in Georgia, or the troubles going on in Abkhazia or the pain felt by the Russians depends on the fact that there has not been a Turkish Islamic Union established. IF TURKEY OFFERS TO UNITE WITH AZERBAIJAN AS ONE NATION BUT TWO SEPARATE STATES, THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY AGREE WITH US IN 24 HOURS, INSHA’ALLAH: THIS IS THE SAME FOR SYRIA AND IRAQ. THERE IS NO ISLAMIC STATE, NO TURKISH STATE WHICH DOES NOT ACCEPT THIS.
July 27th 2013: Aksam
Those who wanted to protest the events in Egypt  gathered at the Fatih mosque. After performing the afternoon prayer, protestors walked to  Sarachane Park  with Islamic Union slogans.

When their Messenger comes

  Adnan Oktar: Abjad calculation of the part of verse 47 of Surah Yunus "Every nation has a  Messenger, and when their Messenger comes...