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Adnan Oktar: Envying something means being pleased with what a brother/sister has and longing to have the same blessing. On the other hand being jealous means, wanting the other one to be devoid of that blessing so that one could have it instead. In that regard envying something is a nice feeling, a nice attitude.

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Time of the Companions

Adnan Oktar: God wants the final period to be like the time of the Companions of our Prophet (saas). God does not want a period of time in which women are oppressed, in which life lacks quality, arts, aesthetics and beauty.

(A9 TV; January 18th, 2014)

Trust in God

Adnan Oktar: We need to put our trusts in the mercy, compassion and Wisdom of God. That is because God is the One Who creates your mercy, your compassion and your logic.

(A9 TV; January 23rd, 2014)

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Islamic peace force can stop Syria killings

Islamic peace force can stop Syria killings

BLOODLESS OPTION: Troops from Islamic countries, including Malaysia, will establish order in the country

THE world has been discussing for days whether Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons. It is becoming increasingly clear that he did. More important, however, is the absolute destruction that has gone on for the last three years and, even more surprisingly, that much of the world has remained silent in the face of it.
This silent element is apparently not troubled by people being killed and is unconcerned by which weapons they are killed with. These are people who never turn to look at Syria even once, as almost nothing is left standing in the country, as millions of people are living as refugees in neighbouring countries, as murder and torture become an every day part of life and as, according to United Nations reports, more than 100,000 people have died.
We must not forget that a military intervention, especially a narrow and limited action, will not solve anything in Syria. What needs to be performed first is a rescue operation, and for the funds set aside for war to be directed to supporting the refugees.
Millions of dollars spent on ships, missiles, jets and bombs could be spent on rescuing the Syrian people and settling them in neighbouring countries. That rescue is essential to stop even one person from being harmed.
On the other hand, an American military intervention would probably cause even more pain. We need to see that the regime in Syria slaughters its own people without compunction, and that this regime has been bombing its own territory on an almost daily basis for the last three years. Now the United States coming in and raining bombs down on Syria will change nothing. The main aim in Syria, where hundreds of people are dying by the day, must be to stop the killing, not to punish Assad.
If the price of punishment is to be the deaths of civilians yet again, then nobody of good conscience and common sense can back it. Therefore, the wickedness in Syria must be stopped in such a way that not another single person is additionally harmed. There are two basic issues in Syria: the first is stopping the killings by the Ba'ath regime.
The second is the building of a Syria that supports peace and tranquillity in the wake of that evil. Both can only be realised through intervention by Islamic countries.
Although the US emphasises that it has no such intention, it will be perceived as an invading power by many groups in the region and will encounter some reaction. Moreover, the limited intervention it would make will not be enough to weaken Assad.
Scores of groups are active in Syria, with new ones springing up regularly, and it does not seem possible for the US to reconcile these and establish order.
However, if Islamic countries act together, this can all easily be established. A battalion of troops can be taken from a large numbers of countries -- such as Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and, most essentially from Iran -- and a kind of Islamic peace force can be set up very quickly.
It will be easy to put an end to the killing by entering Syria from 70 points. This force, supported by the US, the European Union and particularly Russia, can quickly ensure pacification in Syria.
This union made up of troops from Islamic countries will act as a peace force and enter Syria to protect the civilian population, not to wage war. The tanks will roll forward to establish peace, not to fire shells.
The Muslim population will feel secure since the advancing troops are themselves Muslims and will welcome those Muslim troops with joy. Since Iran will be part of this union, sectarian clashes can easily be prevented, and since Russia also supports it, the regime's forces will quickly surrender.
The order to be established once the bloodshed has been stopped must be a system equally represented by people of all sects, all faiths and all ideas.
All groups must abide by God's command in the Quran that "it is better for you to forgive" and contribute to the establishment of a democratic Syria.
No matter how accurate the bombs and missiles may be, it is inevitable that there will be civilian casualties. What is the logic behind preferring such a bloody solution when we have a decent, kind, and bloodless one available that is compatible with the Quran?
Adnan Oktar's article published on New Straits Time on September 12th, 2013: 
2014-01-17 13:04:41 

The UN must stop the deaths in Syria

© Migdad-Eldikhery for arabnews.com
The UN must stop the deaths in Syria
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January  08th, 2013

The United Nations has announced it will stop estimating the number of deaths in Syria. They said that they cannot monitor them as the borders are too long. Most recently, in June, they said that the number had exceeded 100,000. They said it is no longer possible to count them.

Right, instead of being that helpless, the UN should espouse the system of the Mahdi. If they support people who talk about Islam with the spirit of the Qur’an, that is based on love and brotherhood, and with the spirit of the Companions, they will quickly achieve results. Their eyes are closed to the truth at the moment. This is no solution or method. The UN says it can no longer count the dead. We are not telling them to count the dead. We are telling them to stop the dying. Stop the deaths. There is no need to learn how many people have died. The need is for an end to the dying. You cannot stop the dying by giving people lots of weapons. You can stop it with education and knowledge. Support whoever supports the Islam of the Companions. It is as simple as that. They could have achieved results if they had spent the money they did on guns on books instead. Books should be handed out, and programs should be produced on all channels. Results could have been achieved very quickly. They are silent in the face of extremism. Extremism has pervaded the entire world and is ruining it. It is no good to them to ignore the solution. There are huge educational possibilities, and they should make optimal use of these to describe the Islam of the Companions, moderate Islam.

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Adnan Oktar:"Let Us Convey Urgent Aid to Yarmouk"

Adnan Oktar:"Let Us Convey Urgent Aid to Yarmouk"
Mr. Adnan Oktar started the  hash tags #YermükeAcilYardım #UrgentAidToYarmouk  yesterday on Twitter to draw attention to the painful events taking place in Yarmouk which is a camp city a few kilometers away from Damascus, the capital of Syria.  
In the shelters in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp which was established as a regional Palestinian refugee center for those who took refuge in 1956-1957 following the Arab-Israeli war, about 200,000 Palestinians were residing prior to the civil war in Syria. Because of the conflicts during the civil war, Yarmouk was almost completely abandoned. In December 2012, 160,000  people left the region.  Only about 18,000 refugees who have no means or places to go remained in the camp. During the last six months Yarmouk was under a very tight blockade.  The Independent daily reported that the people in the region,  which is controlled by the Syrian army and which does not let any aid pass by due to  security measures,  live  on animal food, salty water and leaves. According to this report, women of Yarmouk Camp who go out to collect herbs to feed their children are being shot by snipers.  50 people have starved to death in this camp until now. Many people who try to eat herbs, cats and dogs have been poisoned. Aid trucks and health teams cannot enter Yarmouk in which about 15 to 20 people starve to death every week, because of attacks and safety worries.  
Mr. Adnan Oktar made a call to the whole world to take action by attracting attention to this humanitarian drama going on in Yarmouk and to transport urgent aid to Yarmouk.  The hash tags #YermükeAcilYardım  and #UrgentAidToYarmouk became the first trending topic on Twitter for both Turkey and the World.
The statements Mr. Adnan Oktar made regarding this matter were :  
“Yesterday, you've started hash tags [on Twitter]  #YermükeAcilYardım and #UrgentAidToYarmouk to transport aid to Yarmouk, and in a very short time both of these hash tags became number one trending topics  both in the world and in Turkey. Right after this call, Sibel Eraslan made a call for helping Yarmouk in her article published today in the Star Daily.  Again after this hashtag, Yeni Safak Daily also prepared a detailed report about Yarmouk and made a call for helping them. Time Turk news site reported about the impact of this hashtag started on social media and called everyone to help people in Yarmouk. 
ADNAN OKTAR: "Our hashtag became the number one trending topic, didn't it? Masha'Allah. Urgent Aid to Yarmouk. That is because our brothers and sisters are collecting herbs to boil and feed their children. How long could that go on? Think about it. There is  gruesome violence and on the other hand, there are some scholars who keep saying, "There is nothing wrong! Nothing is going on in the world, everything  in the world is rosy!" Look and see where these people are living, and where their world is.  And there are people who follow those scholars, who rely on their words. Those women there are boiling herbs they collect and feed their children with that and these scholars here are saying "Nothing is wrong." There is a bloodbath in Syria, children are starving to death, and they [the Syrian government] are burning  and destroying them with barrel bombs.  And these people here keep saying, "There is nothing wrong!" There is a bloodbath in Iraq, Afghanistan is being razed to the ground, and we cannot even begin to imagine the state of the Muslims living in Far East. We cannot even begin to think about the Muslims in East Turkestan.
Our brothers and sisters who want to help Yarmouk should again act with IHH, in my opinion. That is because IHH is a brave and strong organization. They succeed in doing what they set out to do and convey aid to their destination somehow. Look, for instance well done to MIT [the Turkish Intelligence Agency], may God be pleased with them; they've been piled into a truck and are trying to reach there. Well done to my dear ones: They are trying to enter the region with those trucks and that is a very dangerous thing to do. Who knows what troublesome regions they are passing through, who knows which dangerous districts they are passing through. Of course they might see people from Al-Qaida on their way and they pass by saying "As-Salamun Alaykom". Maybe they see some Shia militants and simply say "As-salamun Alaykom" as they pass by them. What else can they do? Are they to get in an armed conflict when they see them? Of course they have to get along with them all. They simply say, "Let us pass by; we are trying to convey humanitarian aid to the region."
My brother, people are dying there, children are dying, and women are dying. What should we do? How should we do it? If there are people starving to death, you should give them bread, give them food. How is it acceptable to say "Die"? That would be murder. If they are starving to death, you have to convey aid; you have to give them bread, you have to give them food." (January 19th, 2014: A9 TV)
2014-01-20 00:30:05 

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Explanations of hadiths regarding the End Times by Mr. Adnan Oktar

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (8 January 2014)
Explanations of hadiths regarding the End Times by Mr. Adnan Oktar
Our Prophet (saas) says; "A star that lights up the Moon will be born from the East." How can a star light up the moon? This means it will be a very bright and shiny star, or else a star cannot light up the Moon. This is something said to make it more understandable. It means to say that the star is so bright that it almost lights up the Moon. What was the basic characteristic of the comet Lulin? It is the brightest one of the comets that has ever come so far; it is very bright and radiant.  "That star will be bent after it is born," he says. None of the stars ever bend, all comets go straight forward.  They have a tail and they go straight forward. "So that both tails of the comet come closer." It takes the form of the crescent.  What is the characteristic of the comet Lulin? It has two tails and it is in the shape of a crescent. It is almost like a circle; that is what the comet Lulin looks like. Look at how perfectly our Prophet (saas) explained the brightness of the star. 
The hadiths also state that there will be lots of sink holes in the End Times. Yesterday I was looking at the television, and I saw that a whole neighborhood, all the houses were all sinking in an instant. In his hadiths, our Prophet (saas) says; "There will be an increase in the number of sink holes." That is also a portent of the appearance of Mahdi (pbuh). 
Our Prophet (saas) says ; "Wait until an individual who will be called the Mahdi (pbuh) appears from my Ahl Al-Bayt. If you live to see him, abide by him and be one of those who attain guidance." That means Mahdi (pbuh) is a person who will be instrumental in people's attaining guidance. What will he do then? How will a person attain guidance? With the facts leading to faith, with miracles of the Qur'an.  That means Mahdi (pbuh) will not be talking about the Islamic Laws. Maybe he also talks about the Islamic Laws as well, but how can one lead to guidance? It is by making one believe in God: So that means Mahdi (pbuh) will know the artistry of making people believe in God, he will know the art of making people love God. How is this done? He will be talking about the miracles of the Qur'an, he will be talking about the facts leading to faith, about the miracles of our Prophet (saas), about the wonders behind the matter and thus be instrumental in people's attaining faith. And the name Mahdi (pbuh) comes from this, Mahdi (pbuh) means the one who is instrumental in people's attaining faith. 
Our Prophet (saas) says; "His [Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh)] caliphate will be valid on humans and djinn." That means he will be the caliph of both djinn and humans, just like the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). 
As you know, the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) imprisoned thousands of djinn inside his ring. He had a red, ruby ring, a very fine beautiful ring on his finger and the Prophet Solomon's sign was embedded on that ring, that Star of David.  And there were thousands of djinn inside that ring; he makes them do whatever he likes. When they were done with their duties, the djinn used to get inside that ring and stay there, they were imprisoned there. In the verse, God says that they were chained to each other. He even had irreligious djinn under his command. The verse calls them "satans" and those are irreligious djinn. Through the djinn, he gives lightness to the matter. For instance let us assume that there is a stone weighing three tons or a giant piece of stone weighing two thousand tons. We do not know what kind of science this is, that is the Wisdom of God, we do not know how, but they make them weigh as if they are two hundred kilograms, their whole weight is lifted and that giant piece of stone becomes as light as a bird and people can easily lift them and carry them as if they are made  of cardboard. When they leave it on the ground, the stone compacts the soil because of their weight. As the Wisdom of God, they possess information which makes them lose the power of gravity on them.  For instance, they possess a knowledge which allows them to cut stones like a blade. Those stones are there in Israel now.  People say, "This cannot be done with any tool." It is not possible to carry it.  The stones of the foundation of the Prayer House of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) were brought from another place, they were brought there from 50-100 km away, these stones do not belong to that location and it is not possible to carry them. They are meters long, they have no end to it. They are meters long, they have no end. And the whole knowledge lies in that red ruby ring, that science is not known; I mean that is a science God conceals and may be it is knowledge inside the hidden knowledge. 
I am saying that the ruby ring that belongs to the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) will be found; that is one. The ark of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) -the Holy Ark- the ark that the Prophet Moses (pbuh) was put in, the wooden ark that he was placed in when he was a baby- as you know, his mother placed him in an ark and left him on the river and that ark was covered with gold and became the holy ark of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). That Holy Ark will be found. There will be Manna in a bottle in that ark. I am saying this now because when it is found you will all be amazed, so you cannot say you haven't said that to us, you said it later on. Look, I am saying this  ten years before it happens; you will see this. Manna, some belongings of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), a piece of his staff and some pieces of the broken tablets, the pieces of the tablets the Ten Commandments were engraved on and many other holy relics will be inside that ark, and that ark will be found. And all the Jews who see this will instantly come to believe him. 
2014-01-19 14:38:34 

Statistics 2014-01-19

Statistics 2014-01-19

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People encourage one another to fight, while we strive to calm them down


We always say that diverse minds will always clash so long as they do not gather round a single mind in the End Times. When minds clash, people clash. Then anarchy ensues. There is clear no other way out than the Mahdi, the teacher of love.

He says in the hadiths that “The Mahdi will rule from his house, from his chair.” What is the aim behind ruling from his chair? The Mahdi is not interested in politics, only in love, friendship and brotherhood. He could not make politics from his chair. One word from the Mahdi and strife will end and love will burst out. The Mahdi always concentrates on love and friendship. People are open to love, but also to violence. For example, a crowd of people come together and say let us attack this place, and they damage everywhere. People who would never behave in an anarchical manner on their own are capable of doing this. There are young girls among them. They are perfectly respectable on their own. There are young men, electronic engineers. They have never engaged in anarchy, but they throw stones and break windows.

When people are conditioned to love, love forms in their hearts. People are open to conditioning. The Mahdi will condition people to love. When a fight breaks out there are people who say, “Break it up, go home,” aren’t there? And both sides break it off. One person can stop a fight. But one person can also incite it. There are also people who say, “Hit him in the mouth, break his nose, shoot him!” They incite matters and make them worse. But the Mahdi is a pacifier and reconciler. At the moment, people are always looking for a fight.

For example, they are encouraging a fight between the government and the Fethullah Gülen community. And very successfully. They are encouraging fighting between groups in Syria and Iraq. We can achieve results when we stand up to calm things down.

We have worked hard to calm the tensions between that community and the government. We have largely calmed things down, if not entirely. But it carried on longer.

Didem Ürer: Many commentators issued calls for peace after what you said. They reminded Muslims that they are brothers.

Adnan Oktar: Yes. Almost nobody was trying to calm things down. Almost everyone had taken sides in the conflict. The great majority took sides. Their logic was one of harming one another. When I spoke of the need to calm things down, a wide-ranging campaign of reconciliation was set in motion. You have seen this in the press and everyone.

Explanations from the Torah regarding the End Times

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (29 December 2013)

Explanations from the Torah regarding the End Times 
There is information about the End Times in the Torah. In Isaiah 19/2, "The LORD says, "I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian…" The Egyptian people are all stirred up against each other right now. "…brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom."
In Isaiah 19/4, "I will hand the Egyptians over to the power of a cruel master…" This is a statement referring to [General] Sisi. "I will hand the Egyptians over to the power of a cruel master, and a fierce king will rule over them…" He really is very cruel. "… A fierce king will rule over them…" That is what happened right now.
In Isaiah 17/1, "See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins." These are the commands of the Torah referring to the times of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). "..The rule of Damascus will disappear. "
2014-01-18 01:11:12 

The Relativity of a Thousand Years in Qur'an

The Relativity of a Thousand Years in Qur'an:

In the Qur'an God has drawn attention to the relativity of a thousand years. Jesus Messiah has been raised to the Presence of God in a thousand years and came back from the Presence of God in another thousand years. But that is as long as a blink of an eye. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) closed his eyes, been raised to the Presence of God, opened his eyes and been sent back to the world. That is it.

(A9 TV; October 5th, 2013)

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Jokes and Funs by Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)

Jokes and Funs by Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a warmhearted and friendly person and occasionally, he loved joking with the people around him. Due to his fitrah (nature) he always acted in moderation. His gentleness is also referred in the Holy Quran as: “It is part of the mercy of God that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away about thee” (Al-i Imran, 3/159).

However when he would make jokes and plays, he always behaved moderately like he did in every aspect of his life. For example, as related by Abu Hurairah, when some of his companions said to Prophet Muhammad: “O Prophet Muhammad, yet, you also joke with us!” He replied: “Yes, I do. But I only tell the truth.” This case reveals that the most important thing about a joke is that it should tell the truth and not be offensive.

Prophet Muhammad’s Jokes and Plays with Children

The people he joked with the most were obviously the grandchildren of the Prophet, Hasan and Hussein. He would hold their hands, place them on his feet and then lift them to his bosom, hug and kiss them. Sometimes he would even carry them on his shoulders.

One day while Prophet Muhammad was going to a meeting, he ran into Hussein who was playing on the street. He stopped in front of him, opened his arms and called him. But Hussein did not want to come to him and he ran away playfully. Then the Prophet ran after Hussein laughing and caught him. Then he kissed and petted him and gave him his blessings.

In another rivayah (narration) by Jabir, the Prophet was pretending to be a camel and his grandsons were riding on his back. He was walking on his hands and feet and made a compliment to them:
“How wonderful is your camel and how wonderful riders you are!”

Enes b. Malik was a sahabi (companion) who had served the Prophet the age of ten. The Prophet sometimes joked with him by saying: “Ya Za’l-uzunayn (O you with two ears).” Then he would pull Malik’s locks lightly and pet him.

The Prophet’s Jokes with His Wives

According to a rivayah (transmission) Ibn Abbas, someone once asked him about the kinds of jokes Prophet Muhammad made and he replied:

Once Prophet Muhammad made one of his wives wear a very long dress and told her; “Wear this dress and be grateful to Allah and walk like a bride dragging her skirts.”

In a rivayah Aisha she narrates: Once the Prophet and I were on a journey. I was thin back then and I was not fat. The Prophet told the people around him:

“Go ahead. We will catch you.” When we were left behind far enough he told me:

“Let’s race!”

We raced and I won. He did not mention it again until I gained some weight. Meanwhile I completely forgot about this incident. During another journey he told the people around him to go ahead. When they went far away, he said to me, “Let’s race!” This time he won and started to laugh saying “we are even now.”

From Numan b. Besir: “Once Abu Bakr wanted to ask for permission to enter the presence of the Prophet. While he was waiting outside, he heard his daughter shouting at the Prophet. When he entered, he marched over to his daughter in anger.

Then he scolded his daughter saying: “I heard you shouting at the Prophet. What kind of a behavior is this!!?” Then Prophet Muhammad intervened and defended his wife. When Abu Bakr left he asked Aisha: “Did not I protect you your father?” Few days later Abu Bakr came to visit the Prophet again. When he entered the house, he saw that the Prophet and Aisha were getting along very well.” Then he said:

“Wonderful, let me share your peace as you made me share your fight.” Then the Prophet replied:

“That’s exactly what we are doing” (Abu Davud, Edeb, 92; Kandahlavi, IV, 1176-1177).

His Jokes with Other Female Sahabis

As related by Hasan; An old lady the Ansar (residents of Medina) came to the Prophet and told him:

“Please make a dua (supplication) for me that I go to heaven.”
The Prophet replied: “Did you not hear it? Old women cannot go to heaven.”

The old lady became upset upon this. Then the Prophet said smiling: “Did not you read the verse: “We have d their companions of special creation and made them virgin-pure and beloved, equal in age” (Al-Vakia, 56/35-37). Then in a pleasant manner he explained to the old lady that old women would go to heaven as young girls and thus he cheered her.

Once Prophet Muhammad told a lady that her husband has a white spot in his eyes. The woman came to the side of her husband being very sad and related what the Prophet had said. Her husband told her that the Prophet had joked with her and that he actually meant that everyone has a white spot in their eyes (En-Nuveyri, IV, 3; Ibn Kuteybe ,439; Krs. Koten, IV,466).

His Jokes with Male Sahabis

As related by Enes b. Malik: Once a man came to the Prophet and wanted to give him a ride on his camel. The Prophet replied: “We should give you a ride on a camel’s baby then.”

“But Prophet Muhammad, how can I ride on a camel’s baby?”
The Prophet replied:

“Are not all camels the babies of a mother camel?” (Abu Davud, Edeb, 92; Tirmizi, Birr, 57)

As related by Enes b. Malik: A sahabi named Anjeshe was leading the camels that were carrying the Prophet’s wives on the way back the last pilgrimage. He was making the camels run with the rhythmic songs he sang with his beautiful voice. The Prophet told him:

“O Anjeshe, ride slowly, do not break the crystals” (Darimi, Istizan, 65).

Here the Prophet used a very delicate and gentle term for women. He stressed that his wives are pure and precious like a crystal and at the same time they are very delicate. They can be easily broken.
Again related by Enes b. Malik: A bedouin named Zahir brought presents the desert to the Prophet. When he was leaving the Prophet also gave him presents and told him:

“Zahir represents us living in the desert and we represent him living in the city.” Although he was physically a very ugly man, the Prophet loved him dearly. While Zahir was shopping, the Prophet hid himself behind him and asked “Who am I?” Zahir recognized him.
Then the Prophet asked “Who is going to buy this slave?”
Zahir replied: “O Messenger of Allah, do you find me worthless then?”

The Prophet replied:
“Are not you a slave of Allah? You are very worthy in Allah’s presence (Ahmed b. Hanbal, Tirmizi, Kandahlavi, III, 1176).

As can be seen the above anecdotes, Prophet Muhammad used the art of simile and puns very often.

Sahabis’ Jokes with the Prophet

Once Prophet Muhammad was playing with his grandsons Hasan and Hussein. The kids were sitting on his shoulders. When Umar saw this he told the children:

“What a fine horse you are riding on!”

The Prophet replied:
“They are fine riders as well. But their father is even better than them” (Heysemi, ibid, IX, 181-182).

In another incident Hasan and Hussein got lost. The Prophet found them after a long search. The kids were very scared. The Prophet petted and kissed them. He placed both of them on his shoulders and was carrying them home. He ran into Salman who told the children:

“How lucky you are. You have a fine horse.” The Prophet replied:
“They are fine riders as well. But their father is even better than them” (Heysemi, ibid, 182; Koten, IV, 468).

Nuayman was one of the most humorous sahabis and he loved the Prophet dearly. Whenever a fine item came to Medina, he would buy it and then give it to the Prophet as a present. One day he saw that some fine quality honey had arrived to Medina. He bought some and brought it to the Prophet. However he had not paid the salesman. He brought the salesman to the Prophet and told him to take the money the Prophet. The Prophet asked:

“I thought you brought me the honey as a present!!??”

Nuayman replied: “Prophet Muhammad! I wanted you to taste this fine honey so much, but I did not have any money. So I did it this way.”

Then the Prophet laughed and paid the salesman (I. Abdilberr , el-Istiab, IV, 473).

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Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations of hadiths related with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 December, 2013)

Mr. Adnan Oktar's explanations of hadiths related with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) 
Ibn Hacer says; 
"First of all, the Messenger of God (saas) gave glad tidings to his ummah, especially Ahl-al Bayt, in many matters. He said that they will be saved from all sorts of persecution and torture." That means Ahl-al Bayt will suffer persecution and torture. But "...they will be saved," so it will not continue. "And that can only be connected to justice which will be ensured for a long time. A short time of seven or nine years will not be enough for that." You know that the global reign of the Mahdi (pbuh) is said to be seven or nine years. 
"Secondly, the system of the Mahdi will reign over the world just like Dhul'Qarnayn and Solomon. Mosques and buildings will be constructed in other countries." Meaning he will start a great architectural artistry initiative. "A short period of time like nine years will not be enough for the effort he will make and the other tasks he will perform." Meaning that showing efforts for nine years would not be enough. 
"Thirdly in his time there will be an increase in the life-spans." The increase in the life-spans would mean that Mahdi will have a long life as well.  Otherwise the increase in life spans will have no significant meaning. I mean the hadith would have no meaning if there is no increase in the life-span of the Mahdi. 
"Fourthly he will make a peace agreement with the Greeks for nine years." Meaning he will make a peace agreement with the non-Muslims."According to this, he will be living in Constantinople." Meaning he will be living in Rome, in Istanbul. "His going there and coming back would of course take years." Meaning Mahdi (pbuh) will stay in Rome for a long time. "He will struggle against the Sufyan. He will spiritually conquer India and other countries." And that would certainly take [several] years. All those tasks show that the reign would last more than nine years. That means the reason why it is written down as seven years is that it covers the time he will reign entirely over all countries. "The global reign of Islamic morality would last for seven years. And that would take place after he conquers the city of Rome. The restriction of nine years covers Constantinople (his spiritual conquest of Istanbul); it is limited with 19 years." Look, 19 comes up here as well, the number 19 is frequently referred to in the Qur'an. This is about him defeating the Sufyan - antichrist - and ruling over the other countries and all people pledging allegiance to him; all these matters cover those 19 years. Meaning the global reign of the Mahdi (pbuh) will not be only for nine years but 19 years, insha'Allah. 
2014-01-01 21:08:37 

Explanations from the Treatise of Light regarding Jesus's methods of activity

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 December 2013)

Explanations from the  Treatise of Light regarding Jesus's methods of activity
"There is a sign and a hint in the fact that the number of the spiritual community of strivers who recognize and abide by Jesus through the light of faith is very small when compared to the scholarly and material armies of the antichrist in a number of schools and soldiers.”
Bediuzzaman says that the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will come and that people will recognize him through the light of faith. I mean they will say, "This is Jesus (pbuh)". But he calls them "...a spiritual community of strivers." Who is this community, I wonder? That is a community of strivers, a spiritual community. " Bediuzzaman calls them a "community."  When compared to the “scholarly and material armies of the antichrist in a number of schools and soldiers…" Well that means Jesus and his disciples will found schools as well. That means they will be employing the method of Fethullah Hodja.  And "...in soldiers" Bediuzzaman says: That means, they will also have a place among soldiers. That means he will also send his students to the military units and they will set up their own cadres in military offices. Look, it says; "...when compared to the scholarly and material armies…" There will be many scholars among the students of Jesus; there will be associate professors, professors. So it is explicitly understood that they will have extensive activities in the universities. So they will be in military, armies in the classical sense of the word, so that means they will have rank and become Generals. So they will be officers; that means he will have a broad command over the army. And it says; "...there is a sign and a hint.." I mean, if they are in thousands, tens of thousands, the other will be hundreds maybe two hundreds maybe three hundreds. But despite that comparison they will be victorious, Bediuzzaman says.

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The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the incidents taking place in Syria

The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the incidents taking place in Syria 

الفضل، عن الحسن بن محبوب، عن عمرو بن أبي المقدام، عن جابر الجعفي، عن أبي جعفر عليه السلام قال: الزم الارض ولا تحرك يدا ولا رجلا حتى ترى علامات أذكرها لك وما أراك تدرك: إختلاف بني فلان، ومناد ينادي من السماء، ويجيئكم الصوت من ناحية دمشق بالفتح، وخسف قرية من قرى الشام تسمى الجابية. وستقبل إخوان الترك حتى ينزلوا الجزيرة، وستقبل مارقة الروم حتى ينزلوا الرملة، فتلك السنة فيها اختلاف كثير في كل أرض من ناحية المغرب. فأول أرض تخرب الشام، يختلفون عند ذلك على ثلاث رايات: راية الاصهب، وراية الابقع، وراية السفياني.

al-Fadl from al-Hasan b. Mahbub from `Amr b. Abi’l Miqdam from Jabir al-Ju`fi from Abu Ja`far عليه السلام.

He said: Remain on the ground and do not mobilize a hand or a leg until you see the signs that I mention to you. I do not perceive that you [O Jabir] will see them:  A schism between Banu fulan, a Caller who will call from the sky, a liberating sound that will come to you from the direction of Damascus, the swallowing-up of a village from the villages of Sham called aj-Jabiyya, the advance of the Turkish brothers until they descend to the peninsula (jazira), the advance of the rebels of Rome until they descend to ar-Ramla. In that year there will be many schisms in the whole Earth from the direction of the West (al-maghrib). The first land that will be destroyed is Sham, and they will schism at that point upon three banners: the red yellowish banner (PKK), the spotted banner (Abqa), and the banner of the Sufyani (Syria). (Tusi’s Ghayba)

حدثنا الوليد ورشدين عن ابن لهيعة عن أبي قبيل عن أبي رومان 
عن علي قال إذا إختلفت أصحاب الرايات السود يخسف بقرية من قرى إرم ويسقط جانب مسجدها الغربي ثم تخرج بالشام ثلاث رايات الأصهب والأبقع والسفياني فيخرج السفياني من الشام والأبقع من مصر فيظهر السفياني عليهم

Ali bin Abi Taleb (r.a.) said: "When the black banners differ among each other, a village from the villages of Iram and the western side of its Mosque collapses. Then, in AshSham, three banners (armies) come out for each of the As'Hab (reddish, yellow), Abqa' (spotted), and Sufyani (Syria). The Sufyani  comes from AshSham and the Abqa' from Egypt...." (Nuaim bin Hammad's Kitab Al-Fitan)
The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding the incidents taking place in Syria  
Adnan Oktar: Related from Jaber, Imam Jafari Sadiq "I will not be able to see those times but if you live in that time there will be a call from the skies …" meaning a call through radio and television "… Jabiyya region of Syria will be razed down." Actually Jabiyya has really been razed down in Syria. "… Turkish people will set foot to the peninsula," so Turkey must somehow set foot on that peninsula as our Prophet (saas) says so in his hadiths. "… at that time conflicts will take place all around the world. Damascus will be razed down. There will be three banners. The banner of the companions…" meaning the banner of the devout people. "Baka's banner,…" Baka appears to be the  PKK, etc. As far as I understand that is their banner, "… and the banner of the Sufyan."Meaning Al-Assad. Jabiyya is an important region of Syria. 
Related from Ismael bin Mahram, from İsmail bin Mahram, Ibn-i Amire and Harzami; I have asked from Imam Jafari Sadiq; "What should we do when Sufyan appears from Damascus?" So they asked "What should we do there?" "Imam Jafari Sadiq responded; "When five regions of Damascus- Syria- are occupied, you should go to the owner of the time, Sahib-ul Amr (Mahdi)."  Right now Syria has been divided into five. Exactly "5" says our Prophet (saas), Syria has been divided into five and this took place in the papers. Our Prophet (saas) said this word by word. 

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