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Remarks on verses from Surat al-Ma’ida

Remarks on verses from Surat al-Ma’ida (13.11.2013)

Remarks on verses from Surat al-Ma’ida 

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV 13 November 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Surat al-Ma’ida, verse 114; “‘Jesus son of Maryam said, ‘God, our Lord, send down a table to us out of heaven to be a feast for us, for the first and last of us, and as a Sign from You’.” Look, “for the first and last of us, and as a Sign from You.” As a miracle. “Provide for us! You are the Best of Providers!” All food is actually created as a miracle, but the need for free will is not done away with in the hereafter. And the need for free will is not done away with here, either. That table came down, and the believers ate at it. When they entered the room, they found a table all ready for them. They found a table sent down from the Presence of God. If a table comes down from the sky, so will angels and human beings. In other words, Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will also come down. That sign appears in order to show how reasonable the coming of Jesus the Messiah is. He says, “Send down a table.” If a table comes down, so can a person, insha’Allah. “God said, ‘I will send it down to you but if anyone among you is unbeliever after that, I will punish him with a punishment the like of which I will not inflict on anyone else in all the worlds’!”

 “I will send it down to you.” So the table has come down. The meaning of the verse is explicit. It came down as a miracle. “but if anyone among you is unbeliever after that, I will punish him with a punishment the like of which I will not inflict on anyone else in all the worlds’!” Who was unbeliever? Judas Iscariot. He betrayed Jesus the Messiah. So Almighty God will inflict a terrible punishment on him, as the verse says. “And when God says, ‘Jesus son of Maryam! Did you say to people, “Take me and my mother as gods besides God?”  In other words, did you tell people of belief in the Trinity? Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) says, “Glory be to You,” to Almighty God. “It is not for me to say what I have no right to say!” This is not something a Muslim could say, he means. He says he would never do that. “If I had said it, then You would have known it.” This would be known, it would be known in destiny. “You know what is in my self but I do not know what is in Your Self.”  In other words, he is saying, “O Lord, you are asking me even though You already know.” You are the Knower of all unseen things.” He is emphasizing the might and power of God. “You are the Knower of all unseen things,” says Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). “I said to them nothing but what You ordered me to say: ‘Worship God, my Lord and your Lord’.” The Gospel says the same thing. Look; “Worship God, my Lord and your Lord.” I was a witness against them as long as I remained among them, but when You took me back to You, You were the One watching over them. You are Witness of all things.” In other words, when you took me into Your Presence, You were the witness, the observer. “If You punish them, they are Your servants. If you forgive them, You are the Almighty, the All-Wise.” He is stressing the forgiving aspect of Almighty God. The verse is hinting that they will be forgiven, insha’Allah. When they see the truth and renounce their earlier ways they will be forgiven. “God will say, ‘This is the Day when the sincerity of the sincere will benefit them’.” What comes from their telling the truth? It benefits them. They attain God’s approval, a lightness descends on them and their paradise is broadened. “They will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, for ever and ever.” Look, were it not for the seas, the adornment of Istanbul, that adornment would largely vanish. Much of its natural beauty would be lost, in other words. That is why Almighty God says, “They will have Gardens with rivers flowing under them, remaining in them timelessly, for ever and ever.” What is it that Muslims strive for? For God’s approval. What does God say? “God is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him.” What does that mean? They are pleased with one another.  “The kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything in them belongs to God. He has power over all things.”

Nobody can stand up and say these things are his. According to the Qur’an, people can only be temporarily entrusted with things. “He has power over all things.” It is God Who grants the ability to speak and walk.

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Women Respect and Protection

(In response to a mail from a viewer asking, “Is it permissible for a woman to put make-up on and go out?”)
Depending on the situation and circumstances. If a woman is going to meet with high-quality people, with rational people, if she is going to be respected, then she should show her respect by going there looking nice and well. But if there are immoral, low-life types there, then she should dress in such a way as to protect herself. She should dress according to the situation. If cars are coming, you wait on the sidewalk. Then you cross when they have gone. If food is hot, you wait a bit. You have to use your head.

Explanations of hadiths related to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) by Mr. Adnan Oktar

Explanations of hadiths related to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) by Mr. Adnan Oktar  
It has been related by Mohammad b. Hanafi; “One day, when we were with Hazrat Ali (ra) someone asked him about Hazrat Mahdi. Ali said “Alas!” and made a sign of nine with his hand, and then he said “He will appear in the End Times, when people are told “Have fear of God, have fear of God!”   So what does this mean? It means that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear when there is no fear of God in the world, when there is no belief in God, at a time when Darwinism and materialism wreaked havoc on the world.(And he continued as follows):
Just like clouds accumulate in the skies, God will gather a community around him.  What do the clouds do? For instance, one comes and unite with the other cloud and becomes a giant cumulus cloud and then comes  Hazrat Ali (ra) who likens this to the system of the Mahdi, as per the information transferred to him by our Prophet (saas).   He reconciles their hearts.  So they love one another, they become friends. Normally, people cannot easily become friends anywhere in the world. Even in communities, in organizations, hearts do not reconcile that easily. They do not feel sorry for those who are martyred among them.  That means there will be those among them who will be martyred.  And they do not rejoice over those who join them.  That is because God is the One Who sends those people to them, so in that sense, they do not feel proud about their joining.
Naim bin Hammad related from Kab and ordained; as told in Katade, Mahdi will be the most auspicious one among the people in his time. “His helpers and those who pledge allegiance to him…” His students and those who support him; “… will be among the saints of Kufa, Yemen and Damascus.” What is meant by Damascus? Actually, Istanbul is the place meant here. In all the statements related to the End Times, the center of the Islamic world has been taken into consideration. These are all places that have been accepted as  capitals of the Islamic world; Kufa, Damascus, Medina. When we hear of these, we are to know that these are the centers of the Islamic world. With the use of the world “saints” the select people, people with the character of Saints are meant. 
“God dissolves blind dissensions by means of the Mahdi.” Hazrat Mahdi puts away the blind dissensions like Muslims falling out with each other, wars, conflicts, Muslims who set their hearts on the same cause picking on each other.  This is his characteristic. God makes him instrumental in that. “Everywhere becomes secure.” There will be no wars, no anarchy, and no terror anywhere in the world. Everywhere becomes secure. Being secure covers security in every aspect; safety of life, contentment of heart, everywhere being clean, well-kept and secure. For instance, if there is a building that is about to collapse, he will repair it and make it safe. Everywhere will be safe and sound; people will be safe and sound . For instance, there will not be a poisonous animal, a poisonous bug. All precautions are taken accordingly. That is what is meant by secure. For instance, now there are holes on the road children could fall in; the roads are not safe. Or there are wooden beams falling on people from the construction sites. These are not secure places. Why not? Because precautions are not taken, they don’t use their heads. At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) all sorts of precautions would be taken. All precautions will be taken in every matter.
In his commentary Ibn Meduyya related the hadith from Ibn Abbas. He said ; “People of the Cave will be helpers of the Mahdi.” What does this mean? The hadith explains that Surat al-Kahf refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). I have said this before as well; for instance, the hadiths state that the story of Solomon also refers to Hazrat Mahdi and that the story of Dhul’Qarnayn, the story of Talut and Goliath refers to Hazrat Mahdi. Our Prophet says that the state of the people of Al-Badr, the strategy of struggle in that war, the difficult conditions of that period refer to the system of the Mahdi. 
Ibn Hajari Mekki said: “There is no contrast in between the accounts that state the helpers of the Mahdi will come from the East and the accounts that state that they will come from Iraq, because it is clearly understood from many accounts that they will be from the people of Damascus.”  What is meant here with the people of “Damascus” are actually the people of Istanbul. We are to understand that Istanbul is meant every time Damascus is mentioned. Actually the general description here fits Istanbul better; the capital of the Islamic world is meant here. What he means by “Damascus.” When we hear Basra, Kufa, Medina, Damascus we understand that the capitals of Islamic world is meant. 
In his work named Favaid, Tamman and Ibn Asakir related from Abdullah b. Amr.  “He commanded, “One of the sons of Hasan (ra) Mohammad Mahdi will appear from the East even if mountains stand in front of him.” That means there will be tricks, conspiracies, opponents  that will stand in front of him like mountains; Darwinism, materialism being the leading ones. “He will crush them” with science and knowledge, “… and he will find a way in these mountains.” There is not one mountain, there are many mountains, and he finds his way among those mountains. He walks on them, walks around them. He plays with those mountains. Mountains lose their power. Mountains will remain weak and powerless in front of him.
Naim b. Hammad related from Hazrat Ali b. Abu Talib; He commanded; “Before the Mahdi, a person from the East from among the Ahl-al Bayt.”  So that means some individuals will appear before Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will pave the way for him. The sayyids, sharifs will serve. For instance, this hadith might refer to the community of Menzil, to Mohammad Rashid Erol; that is because he has been instrumental in the guidance of millions of people and he gave the glad tidings of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). 
“That scholar will aim for Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem) but he will die before he reaches there.”  He really could not go to Jerusalem.  He wanted to go to Jerusalem but died before he reached there. Indeed that blessed person had been martyred. 
Abu Davud related from Hazrat Ali (ra) and said that Our Prophet (saas) ordained; “A man will appear from the river. He will be called Harris. He will be a crusader.  Before him there will be a man who will be called Mansur and just like Qurayshis helping the Messenger of God (saas), he will help the family of Mohammad as well. It is a necessary act for every Muslim to help him.” That means there will be many scholars, many people, and many blessed people before the Mahdi that will pave the way for the system of the Mahdi.  For instance, his highness Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan, he is also a sayyid as you know. For instance, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi before everyone else. “A man appears from the river,” it says. “A man named Mansur.” May be Mansur, may be Harris, one of those is Bediuzzaman Said Nursi but a clear sign has not been given for either of them. Only for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) very clear, hundreds of details have been given. I mean it is almost impossible not to recognize him. And there is also a crippled man who will be the contrast of the Mahdi and he can also be recognized more or less. Other than those, none of the other helpers can be identified. Apart from them, the dajjal (antichrist) has been explained in great details; Jesus Messiah (pbuh) has been explained in great detail as well and the moves that Jesus Messiah will make, the coded moves have been explained so that Jesus Messiah will be recognized from those. 
Look, in many hadiths people are encouraged to look for the Mahdi “even in the snow”; that means the place Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is living will be a region in which there will be snow. It is not a warm climate location.  
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High-quality Muslims who value women will appear in the time of the system of the Mahdi

High-quality Muslims who value women will appear in the time of the system of the Mahdi (12.11.2013)

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High-quality Muslims who value women will appear in the time of the system of the Mahdi

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 12 November 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: All over the world a great many women are treated as if they were second-class citizens. What business is it of yours what they wear? What business is it of yours how they move around? It is unbelievable, this male dominance. I look at parliament and you can count the women on the fingers of one hand. I look at crowds of people and women are very rare. There are women with bare heads who go into parliament, masha’Allah, thanks be to God, but they are very rare and few in number. At least half of parliament should be women, so how has this come about? Do they pass laws about men? So how can you pass laws about women? Who are you to tell them to do this or do that? I am not talking about lawmakers, but people in general. Where do you get that right from? You must eat this and drink that, you must talk this way and sit that way, you can go here but not there… it is unbelievable. There is terrible oppression in the world. What business is it of yours? You cannot interfere. It is unbelievable that I should even have to tell you not to interfere. One of the major phenomena of the End Times will be that this oppression of women and injustice will completely disappear in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). This is made explicit in the hadiths. They explicitly state that women will enjoy full security. “They will be able to go as far as Sham on their own.” What does going to Sham mean? It means total security. But not at the moment. We look at Muslim accounts, and the more oppressive and twisted they are, the better. They think they are describing Islam. Like Hindus, they regard suffering, a filthy home, filthy clothes and even bad breaths as sacred things. There are even accounts that sanctify those. God has given you all the means with which to be clean, but you stink and your breath stinks. They make excuses for it all. Muslims should smell like flowers, so what are you doing? This is a characteristic of hell. The people of hell have stinking breath and stinking bodies, these things are inflicted on them as a torment. But the people of paradise have fresh-smelling breath and bodies. They do not want women to use deodorants or perfumes, most of those people, or let us just say some of them, stink to high heaven. They really stink. My dear friends, why do you not use deodorants? “We are not allowed,” they say, “It is a sin.” So it is lawful for women to stink, is that right? Is that not a disgrace? Look what they have come to. Why do you humiliate yourselves like this? Why have you ended up like this? Women should smell like flowers, should be spotlessly clean, should smell of soap. But they say, “Mind you never go out like that.”  Look at that mentality. The system of the Mahdi will do away with all these problems, insha’Allah.

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The Qur’an reveals that men and women can be present together in society

The Qur’an reveals that men and women can be present together in society (03.11.2013)

The Qur’an reveals that men and women can be present together in society
From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 3 November 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Women are given their rights. That was done for colored people at one time. We allow them to get on busses. We let them stand for election. That kind of thing. This should all have been resolved a long time ago. These disgraces should be quietly put right and closed. I am ashamed of this. It is so wrong. “We have done women a favor,” they say. “I am giving you permission to wear trousers.” Then she says, “Thank you so much. I am very happy.” Men say this, as if they are granting a favor. “We are giving you the right to stand for election,” they say, and women duly rejoice. This is very wrong. This should have been done away with long ago. The history of the world is filled with this error. There was an intensive struggle against it in the time of our Prophet (pbuh). Muslims were learning for the first time then that they could eat together. Jews used to have men’s and women’s sections. Polytheists had men’s and women’s sections and areas. They all ate separately. Christians kept men and women separate. Sabaeans kept men and women separated. God says in one verse that they can eat together. Muslim men and women then ate together for the first time. They went on the pilgrimage [hajj] together for the first time, in line with their natures. Men and women are together everywhere in the Qur’an. Angels came to the wife of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). But she did not realize they were angels and happily talked and laughed and joked with them. She even laughed out loud. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) spoke with women. Our Prophet (pbuh) looked at women and liked them. Had your model applied, my brother, the Prophet  could never have seen women and liked them. So they moved around in such a way as to be liked. And he looked at and liked them. As it says in one verse, “even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,..” (33/52). It is not talking about the color of their clothing here, is it? Our Prophet likes the women, not their clothing. There is nothing hard to understand about this. They have invented a religion of their own and are trying to live by that. They are pretending not to understand.
لَّا يَحِلُّ لَكَ النِّسَاءُ مِن بَعْدُ وَلَا أَن تَبَدَّلَ بِهِنَّ مِنْ أَزْوَاجٍ وَلَوْ أَعْجَبَكَ حُسْنُهُنَّ إِلَّا مَا مَلَكَتْ يَمِينُكَ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ رَّقِيبًا
Not lawful to you, [O Muhammad], are [any additional] women after [this], nor [is it] for you to exchange them for [other] wives, even if their beauty were to please you, except what your right hand possesses. And ever is Allah , over all things, an Observer. Surat Al-'Aĥzāb (The Combined Forces) - 52

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How will we recognize Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)?

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New Explanations by Mr. Adnan Oktar (28 January 2014)

“The Mahdi will conquer Constantinople.” “Jesus (pbuh) will descend from the skies and confess his (Mahdi’s) emirship.  Jesus will be asked to lead the prayer but he will respond saying; “The Emir is among you. This is a blessing of God to the community of Muhammad.”
Now how will we recognize Jesus (pbuh)?  We will recognize him from his words. That is because no one else can say this; it is not in their destiny. These are coded words; these are passwords in a sense. We will understand him from these code words.
When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing the morning prayer with the believers at the Bayt al-Maqdis [Jerusalem], he will introduce the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who has appeared, and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will place his hands on his shoulder and say, “The call to the prayer has been issued for you, so you must lead it,” and finally Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will lead the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and the believers in prayer.
For instance, another code here is that it will happen while Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing morning prayers with the Muslims in Bayt al-Maqdis; while performing the morning prayers in Jerusalem. Now morning time is a code, it has to happen in the morning . The place; Bayt al-Maqdis, Jerusalem. The place where Jesus (pbuh) will be recognized should be Jerusalem. Mahdi (pbuh) will introduce the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who will descend from the skies at that time. He will say; “He should be Jesus (pbuh).”  Jesus will not say “I am Jesus.” He will say “Insha’Allah.”  They will say; “God knows the truth, you are Jesus (pbuh).” And the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will place his hands on his (Mahdi’s) shoulders. He places his hands on his shoulders and that is a code as well, that is a coded behavior. He will say; “The call to the prayer has been issued for you, so you must lead it.”  When Mahdi (pbuh) insists that he should lead the prayer, Jesus will first say; “The call to the prayer has been issued for you, so you should lead the prayer.” Mahdi (pbuh) initially takes a step forward but then retreats. And then Jesus Messiah says; as a treat from Almighty God; “You are the imam of the whole world. And I am a subject to you. And that is why you have the superiority of imamate. So you should be the one to lead the prayer.” He can only then persuade the Mahdi (pbuh), or else we see that there is a struggle in between them to push the other to the front by pushing his from his shoulders, etc. So much so that the discussion has exceeded the verbal limits and he pushes the Mahdi from his shoulders and eventually Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will lead the Muslims in prayer as their imam. Now here, both Mahdi (pbuh)’s position as the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah’s position as  Jesus Messiah is understood by the dominant assumption. That is because this happens only  once in destiny. All the codes foretold to us by our Prophet (saas) would then be confirmed, so we would be right by the dominant assumption.  However Mahdi (pbuh) will not say “I am the Mahdi” after this incident either, he would not let anyone call him the Mahdi, people would only carry good assumptions about him.  Also for Jesus Messiah (pbuh), we will say; “God knows the truth this is Jesus Messiah.”
Our Prophet (saas) says; “The Prophet Jesus Messiah would appear while his hair looks like water is dropping from his hair.” Now that also is a coded reference; this is a material code. That is because normally a person’s hair would not look like it's wet if it is not actually wet; it would be very hard to find such hair, it is one in a billion. When you touch his hair, his hair would be dry but would still look like it is dripping wet, there is an exaggerated wetness. That is miraculously surprising. And that is the evidence of Jesus Messiah. 
People will rush there in groups and everyone going there would gain abundance from him. What does abundance mean? An abundance comes to his soul, his body, his business. For instance, he would get even younger and more alive, his face becomes even more beautiful, his skin gets even more beautiful, his speech becomes even more beautiful, all his business starts to go on the way, he starts to get pleasure from life and feels happy. He feels an extraordinariness upon himself. Look what does our Prophet (saas) says; “Anyone visiting him will gain abundance from him. “ So people gain abundance from that blessed person.  

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Who will Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) followers be?

Who will Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) followers be? (04.11.2013)

Who will Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) followers be?

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on A9 TV on 4 November 2013

DİDEM ÜRER: I would like to read a hadith about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), insha’Allah. “When the Qaim (the Mahdi) appears, those who imagine themselves to be the followers of the Mahdi will turn away from him. Those outside the faith, however, will believe in the Mahdi.”

ADNAN OKTAR: It is very strange. He will have no followers from among the radicals. Atheists will come and be followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Christians will come and be followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Or people ignorant of religion will come and be followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).  The majority will be people like that. They will be ordinary people, not radicals or people who are already religious. Of course there are truly devout people among the devout, and my apologies to them.

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Muslim Peace Force Needed

Muslim Peace Force Needed
With the 55,000 photographs that emerged prior to the Geneva talks , photos which clearly showed that the Assad regime  tortured people to death in its prisons, the idea that the regime and its human rights violations  have to be stopped has again become a matter of public discussion.
Of course these photographs are important evidence in proving the atrocities committed by the regime. However, we must not forget that the same regime oppressed the Syrian people long before there was a civil war in Syria and even before Bashar Assad himself came to power; it is not the first time that the Ba'athist ideology unleashed a bloodbath. According to the latest data from the International Rescue Committee, nine million people in Syria have had to abandon their homes since 2011: Six million of these are living as refugees inside and outside the country. Among the female refugees, 41,000 of the women who left Syria were pregnant. 30,000 doctors were forced to leave the country and approximately 500 healthcare professionals are in jail. The fact that Assad’s forces are constantly besieging villages and districts, using crude barrel bombs and engaging in a policy of mass slaughter making no allowances for women, children and the elderly has been demonstrated time and time again. Most recently, epidemics have begun appearing among innocent people deprived of medical aid.
Even though there is still a geographic location referred to as Syria, it is no longer possible to speak of a Syrian state; the Syria with thousands of years of history that once stood on trade routes no longer exists. It is impossible to speak of any healthy industry in a Syria in which its best known historical artifacts have been destroyed, buildings  have been ruined wholesale and the vast majority of the infrastructure and transport system has disappeared. An 80% decline in all industrial production across the state has been reported since 2011, but the true figure is said to be 90%. Assad, who is still trying to cling to his throne  under pressure from the Ba’ath regime, or perhaps from fear for his own life, is simply trying to keep breathing inside a single house on a steep hill. The people known as the Syrian people have become little more than a group of refugees trying to survive under terribly harsh conditions in tent cities in surrounding countries.
The idea of a “Western intervention against Syria,’’ which entered the agenda after Assad’s use of sarin gas, is clearly never going to achieve the desired result. The crude nature of the methods being proposed by the USA and other Western states, which generally harbor good intentions such as getting aid to the people in the region or finding a swift solution to the crisis, may lead to even greater losses among people already weakened and trapped in a tiny corner of Syria and inflict even worse conditions on them.
However, the human drama in Syria obviously needs a solution. That solution is for Muslim states to unite, irrespective of sect, and enter Syria from every point possible. If all the Muslim states, whether close to the region or not, establish a peace force by sending just one battalion each, that Muslim peace force will create a psychological climate in which Assad’s already demoralized units will be unable to resist. Peace- keeping forces armed for security reasons can enter Syria from 70 different points, take control of the state of emergency and bring stability to Syria, after which they can leave Syria again without having given anyone so much as a nosebleed. This force, the result of many states coming together, will not create any considerable economic problem for the countries involved. Supervision of the Muslim peace-keeoing force by the U.S. and EU forces will also have a calming effect on world public opinion.
Examples of this have been seen in the past. Following Milosevic’s attempted ethnic cleansing and massacre of the Muslim population of Kosovo  in 1998, NATO units entered Kosovo on June 12, 1999, in the largest ground operation undertaken in Europe since the Second World War; the U.N. placed the region under its control until Kosovo became independent. Milosevic knew he could not withstand all those NATO units and immediately withdrew from Kosovo without the loss of a single life in the ground operation.
Is this the only such instance in history? Of course not. God speaks of the armies of Solomon in the Koran. Solomon had the largest military force of the time, and since they knew they would be unable to defeat it, no other state went to war with it. Solomon’s possession of this military strength stemmed from his being on the side, not of war, but of peace; that army was a deterrent force founded, not to wage war or shed blood, but to build peace. Solomon knew that no wicked community could withstand that force and that there would be no need to fight, given that he was in possession of it. He was also a prophet who would, quite literally, not hurt an ant. God reveals this superior moral virtue by describing in the Koran how Solomon told his armies to step off the road in order to avoid crushing a female ant.
It is essential for Muslim states to come together and discharge the duty of establishing peace so the Syrian people do not suffer any further, and so this crisis that is troubling the conscience of the world can be resolved. Any other course of action may give rise to undesirable consequences, both for those states wishing to intervene and for the people of Syria. In order to put a swift end to the suffering of innocent people, Muslims must set aside their differences of opinion and prove themselves capable of acting together. 
Adnan Oktar's article on Kuwait Times:

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Islamic peace force can stop Syria killings

Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none

Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none
Arab News

Turkey: Playing dirty will serve none

Published — Saturday 8 February 2014

With the mention of terms like manipulated polls, one-party system, dictatorship and coups, the next thing that comes to one’s mind is the Middle East. This image has become so ingrained in the psyche of certain elements in various countries of this region that if a move is made to break the mold; those favoring status quo — obviously to pursue their selfish interests — try to push the country into chaos using all means possible.

A slight mishandling of an issue turns the government into a punching bag for people who like to construe an administration’s weakness or mistake as its failure. Instead of adopting a reconciliatory approach, efforts are made to overthrow the government.

That is exactly what is currently happening in Turkey. Despite a strong democratic past that saw Turkey emerging as a regional powerhouse, it continues to show those unpleasant traits perhaps unique to this region. The same old rotten mentality is evident since the anti-graft operation of Dec. 17, 2013. Instead of going to the polls with fresh ideas, this mindset stresses the need for getting results through the use of undemocratic methods. Such an attitude is indicative of a society wherein democracy has not taken roots and which does not know how to respect the aspirations of the masses. A similar debate is under way in Turkey. Another issue that has become a must during such debates is the presence of a parallel administrative structure in the form of Fetullah Gulen community.

Let us first discuss the much-trumpeted anti-graft operations that sent shockwaves around the world so much so that on the basis of this operation, political pundits are predicting the demise of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. Only time will tell how justified these claims are.

This writer does not wish to indulge into the details of those anti-graft operations that saw names of some ministers’ children and top officials coming to the fore and the questioning of the trade ties between Turkey and Iran. Despite Prime Minister Recep Teyyip Erdogan’s repeated assurances that these corruption charges would be thoroughly probed, the anti-government camp continues to raise a furor. In such a situation, it has become all the more important to analyze the situation carefully, as it is affecting Turkey.

An unbiased study of the post-Dec.17 events reveals that apart from the corruption allegations, many actions taken by certain quarters look rather conspiratorial. Interestingly, as many would assume only a single group could not be blamed for those.

Such a phenomenon is not new to Turkey, as it has endured years of a parallel state within a state. That deep state was unable to conceal its illegal activities in the past and everyone was aware of it apart from its name and knew that it manifested itself in targeted killings and other terror activities. However, this time around the situation is different.

Today the government is facing an alliance of elements of all hues. This “common opposition” is not acting as an organized entity with a well-defined hierarchy. It is more of a marriage of convenience between various anti-government forces against one common enemy. They appear to be following the principle: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is, unfortunately, always easy to establish such an alliance in the Middle East, where opponents always seek to bring down the government rather than bring in democracy. Such alliances easily gain support from natural opponents who do not know one another, from inside or outside the country.

The trend of opposition for the sake of opposition in the region and the Muslim world has been a major cause of our backwardness and social turmoil. Creative criticism helps a group or country grow. The right course is always to support the truth. Supporting the truth is possible by always concentrating on, and appreciating positive aspects while criticizing the negative ones. Under absolute opposition the ability to analyze a situation objectively is compromised and is replaced by an ultra-partisan spirit. The only outcome is conflict.

It is due to this ultra-partisan spirit; some people are unable to come up with an objective analysis of Turkey’s situation. The geographical location of Turkey is unique, as it is simultaneously part of the Middle East and Europe. It has stretched out to all countries, from Myanmar to Somalia. It is a devout, democratic, libertarian but also conservative country.

As a democratic Islamic country, it has to be a role model and it goes without saying that it is very difficult to be the premier of such a country. Establishing internal and external equilibrium when there is war and conflict all around, bringing in democratization while strengthening the economy, building bridges and dams while at the same time adjusting the country to EU criteria and putting an end to terror, the country’s greatest problem, is not easy.

Claims about the presence of a parallel structure in Turkey have caused considerable damage to the ties between the government and the Gulen community. It is true that some members of the community have joined in hands with other anti-government forces but one cannot blame the entire community for the actions of a few individuals. These individuals must not play into the hands of anti-Turkey forces whose primary aim is to bring down the government and to destabilize the country.

An unstable Turkey would spell disaster for the entire region, which is already up in flames. It is high time the media and the opposition forces acted wisely and adopted a reconciliatory approach, as it would benefit all. If we want peace and stability in the Middle East — and the world — we must use the language of love.

The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Prophet (saas) said a terrorist group coming from Iraq would make an attempt to assassinate Hazrat Mahdi (as)

Our Prophet (saas) said a terrorist group coming from Iraq would make an attempt to assasinate Hazrat Mahdi (as) (26.01.2014)

1,400 years ago, our Prophet (saas) said a terrorist group coming from Iraq would make an attempt to assasinate  Hazrat Mahdi (as) but that they would fail
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January  26th, 2014
Sufyan prepares an asssasination against the Mahdi. Our Prophet (saas) saw this in his dream 1,400 years ago and woke up suddenly while sleeping in Ummu Saleme’s house. It is said that our Prophet (saas) woke up when he saw this preparation of assasination. He says, “We are for God and we will return to God.” When Ummu Salama asks, “Why did you say so, o God’s Messenger?”, our Prophet (saas) said: “Because of a team that will come from Iraq to look for a person (Hazrat Mahdi) from Madina”, that is from the “city”. That means that a terrorist group goes into action to assassinate Hazrat Mahdi (as): Our Prophet (saas) sees this in his dream 1,400 years ago and wakes up because he loves Hazrat Mahdi (as) very much.
“Almighty God protects that person (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) from that team and ruins them when they arrive at Zulhulayf and Bayda…” In one way, the assasination team is rendered ineffective. An assasination team comes for Hazrat Mahdi (as). They are discovered by the intelligence service, the intelligence service of the state; they render them ineffective. Notice the love our Prophet (saas) has for Hazrat Mahdi (as); he wakes up all of a sudden as if waking up from a nightmare. Notice he says, “We are for God, and we will return to God.” When Ummu Saleme asks, “Why did you say so, o God’s Messenger?”, our Prophet (saas) says: “Because of a team that will come from Iraq to look for a person (Hazrat Mahdi) from Madina- which is Istanbul”. “Almighty God protects that person (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) from that team and ruins them when they arrive at Zulhulayf and Bayda…” That means that a terrorist group, a terrorist team will make preparations for an assassination against Hazrat Mahdi (as) and they will be arrested. “Ruining” them means “rendering them ineffective”. That is what ruining them is, insha’Allah.
Sometimes our Prophet (saas) says “a man”; for instance he says, “...until a man among you reigns the world.” He says, “A man of my lineage”. But this stems from the way the narrators narrated. Otherwise, our Prophet (saas) straightforwardly says, “ The Day of Judgment will not come until a man of my lineage reigns in the world.” While these words were told from one narrator to another, they can’t keep them in mind and the Companions simply said, “...a man”. “A man, a person”, they say, and that is how they are recorded. Otherwise our Prophet (saas) says “Hazrat Mahdi”, insha’Allah.

Our Prophet (saas) said that Syria would become Turkey’s foe in the End Times

Our Prophet (saas) said that Syria would become Turkey’s foe in the End Times

Our Prophet (saas) said that Syria would become Turkey’s foe in the End Times

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January  24th, 2014

Notice what is said in “The Portents of the Mahdi of the End Times” by Jalaladdin Suyuti and interpreted by Ali ibn Husamaddin Al-Muttaqi.

It is said, “Sufyan is ruined after he defeats Muslims twice.” “Sufyan is in Shaam.” He is in Syria. It is said, “He is the son of the liver-eater.” There is an explicit explanation of the current regime, but it is said that he defeats Muslims several times and only then he is ruined. That is in the hadith it is said that he will definitely be defeated yet not before defeating Muslims several times. In the hadith, it is said that ultimately Sufyan will be ruined. “After Sufyan wages a war against Turks, the task of eliminating him rests with the Mahdi.” Only Mahdi can stop the Sufyan. This means that the incidents in Shaam will proceed. This is what we understand from the hadith. Yet look at the Turks, how many nations are there in the world, right? It is said that Turks, Turkey, would be the enemy of Syria. This is very clear. The number of states surrounding [Syria] are countless. Our Prophet (saas) says that none of them is the enemy but Turks, Turkey. It is said that it is Turkey against which Syria turns. Notice that it is said, “Once Sufyan makes war against Turks, the task of eliminating him rests with the Mahdi.” This means that right now Sufyan is waging a struggle against Turks, Turkey. This is the truth.

“Mahdi sends its first community to Turk.” What does this mean? He makes his struggle in Turkey, right? That is very clear. “Mahdi sends its first community to Turk.” That is, he carries out its duty in Turkey. And he helps Turks; this means that he appears from Turkey and Syria will also  plague Turks. It is again explained that this struggle of Turkey will continue for a long time, that Muslims will be defeated but ultimately Sufyan will die in the hands of Hazrat Mahdi (as). This means that Mahdi will form a community of Muslims, he will gather Muslims and thus Sufyan will be defeated. That is the regime in Syria.

When their Messenger comes

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