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Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam

Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam (12&15.04.2014)

Adnan Oktar describes the secret of the global reign of Islam
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April  11th &12nd &15th , 2014

I seek shelter in God from the accursed satan. “Those who believe and do good works.” Look, first they have faith and then they do good works. God says He will save His honest servants. Sincerity is a subject that gets overlooked. Yet God points to it as a means to salvation. In other words, God does not say worship. Because when people are sincere they also perform their religious obligations. They do the best of everything. 

“Those who believe and do right actions, happiness will be theirs and a wonderful Homecoming..”

A very brief time of testing is given in this world. The conditions of this world are really very difficult. It is hard to live. People look well groomed, but they work hard at it. They shower in the morning. They have to eat and drink. They have to take care over vitamins and not catch cold. They can fall sick and die if they catch cold. If they do not drink water their kidneys will become sick and they will die. A lung infection may kill them. A mole can be dangerous and turn into cancer. Human beings are weak entities. God created them so. God says that He created men as weak. Almighty God gives us a time to become acquainted, a time for love and friendship. He says I will cause you to know this for all time. Because there is a wonderful 3-D image. It is so perfect we really think that matter is there in front of us. Yet we see an image in our brains. Matter is there before us, but we cannot see it. We see what is in our brains. An amazing clarity. 

For example, you look at the fluid in the eye. It is a transparent gel. Imagine a light passing through that. Imagine we have turned the gel into a lens. If we look at something through that lens it will be all blurred. But here we have very sharp details. So the image that forms has nothing to do with that gel. It is obvious the image is created as a miracle. 

Take sound. Who hears sound? Someone hears it. There is a sound and a hearer. And sounds are actually heard without ears. The hearer has no ears. There is someone who tastes, but who does so without a tongue. There is also someone who smells, someone who has no nose. God has created most perfectly. He has also created all kinds of sickness and difficulty. In the morning one drinks coffee to pull oneself together. Then in the evening one is very tired. In the afternoon one says it is very hot. It is impossible for people to get things just right. They are very feeble entities. This world is obviously a specially created place of training. There is nothing worth becoming greedy for in this world. 

God helps believers in a wondrous way if people are not greedy. He creates a wonderful environment. For example, I left Ankara and came to the academy in Istanbul. I looked like an ordinary young man from Anatolia. Who would have guessed I would have penned works demolishing Darwinism? Who would have guessed I would have caused in people’s hearts by showing them the true Islam? Because the Islam we were taught was the Islam of the fanatic. Killing-beating-flogging-hanging. That is what was taught. “People who not pray must be killed,” “People who do that must be flogged,” “The penalty for this is that.” “Do you have time owing in prayer?” “I have 20 years of debt” people would say. “In that case you must pray day and night without eating or drinking” they would be told. Then they start showing the person who is learning about Islam a terrible way of life. A life nobody can live by. Blood, pain, suffering, lovelessness and women who are no longer women. Women are made to look like men, and men become like women. Because man’s love of woman has been taken away. Men are bound to find women cold and repellent. They regard them as a cause of guilt. They are portrayed as entities who make links with satan. These people already think that 99% of women will go to hell. They are portrayed as unlucky and semi-beings. Love of woman is taken away from people’s hearts. Sp perversion spreads. The current state of the world is obvious. Most of all in the Islamic world. 


(Viewer’s letter) Opening Turkish schools is a good thing for Turkey. Only in that way can Islamic Union be established.

True. Schools are opening up all over Greece. Christianity or Greek culture predominates. There is no end to American schools. There are colleges all over the place. Nothing happens. Everyone minds his own business. It cannot happen with schools. Only by the might of God, if God so chooses. Through sincerity. Through sincere hope in God. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says, “I swear in the name of God you will see the reign of Islam in this century.” 

Bediuzzaman says the Day of Reckoning will come around 1545 (Hijri). 

- The person that God creates in destiny will be Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). God reveals this to Moses in verses. “Then you arrived at the pre-ordained time, Moses!” He says. 

They do not believe the world is metaphysical. For example, when I came from Ankara I was all on my own. Who will heed a person who is all on his own? And I came to the academy. Everyone knows what kind of place the academy was (a left-wing educational institution). Nobody should have listened to me. I had no special training or learning. I was a normal high school student. But God created an effect. He caused me to write more than 300 books. He caused them to be translated into 75 languages. Hundreds of thousands of books and CDs were handed out. That was a huge impact. Almighty God causes us to move forward step by step. But the real weapon is love. Love is the believer’s true weapon. Love is the true weapon of the system of the Mahdi. 

- Shall I read a few hadiths? 


- The friends of the Mahdi (pbuh) will be young people. The position of the elderly in his army will be that of kohl on the eye or salt on food. Salt is what there is least of in food. 

The Mahdi will conquer the East and West and cause Islam to reign across the world. God will give people such power that everyone will hear the Mahdi from where they are, and the Mahdi will give life to Islam. 


The Mahdi’s greatest weapon is sincerity.

The system of the Mahdi is the teaching of love. It teaches friendship, brotherhood, beauty and sincerity. Let me tell you a secret. God does not say that people with guns, power, money or political power will rule the world. He does not say that people who fast and pray will rule the world. He says that people who are sincere will attain salvation and rule the world. Only sincere people. The Mahdi’s greatest weapon is sincerity. He is the Mahdi because he has a sincerity that nobody else can attain. That is why God grants him victory.  

For example, America has arms but no sincerity, so it cannot win. Russia has money and guns. But no sincerity, so it cannot win. The Islamic world, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, have enough money to buy and sell the world, but they have no sincerity. Saudi Arabia also has military might. So God does not grant them victory. Indeed, they are crushed down. Whoever is sincere will rule the world. Honesty and sincerity is the crux of the matter. God points to sincerity as the only way to salvation. God points to sincerity as the only path to the global reign, in verse 55 of Surat an-Nur.  

- The verse says, “God has promised those of you who believe and do righteous actions…” 

Sincere people, but truly sincere. 

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It is hard to deceive anyone who understands the truth about matter (28.03.2014)

It is hard to deceive anyone who understands the truth about matter

It is hard to deceive anyone who understands the truth about matter
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  28th, 2014

Ahmet Can Tekin, a viewer, he seems like a very pleasant chap, masha’Allah. He wants us to talk about the Matrix.

But in discussing it, a person starts to be drawn into that dimension. Not everyone can do it. Not everyone who understands it can describe it. It is very hard for people to understand it to describe it. A person is dragged into that mode. There are not many people who can bear that mode. In discussing the truth about matter, the truth about matter starts to appear in their souls. It is hard for people to bear that. Our Prophet (pbuh) says, 'Say: ‘My Lord, make my entry sincere and make my leaving sincere and grant me supporting authority direct from Your Presence.’’

Our Prophet ceased being material when the revelation came. He became light. It had a huge effect on his body. He grew pale as ashes. He began perspiring when the revelation came. But first, he ceased being material. Then he established contact with Gabriel. His soul remained, but his body became light. He passed into the dimension where contact was possible with the world of the angels. Otherwise he could not make contact with the world of the angels. Then they covered our Prophet’s face as he passed into that dimension. When the cloth was removed, our Prophet’s face was chalk white, one could see that after a difficult state he had passed from that dimension. The Companions relate how when revelation came down to our Prophet they all felt a huge pressure. Like being in a pressure chamber. They describe a huge weight. And they say the room they were in was filled with a buzzing, like the buzzing of bees. These are things that happened when the Prophet received revelation.

The reason why I describe this is that it is possible, by God’s will, to pass from matter to spirit. A person can cease being material and become light. But this causes a huge excitement. It really excites one. That is why, if you notice, I do not generally speak of the truth about matter. I take great care. The reason I do not talk about it is that a great many people cannot bear it. I know they cannot bear it. I prefer to talk about it partly and in theory. I advise people to read my books, but not to ask questions. I have not discussed this subject for a long time. Because a conscious person with a soul will cease being matter in talking about the truth of matter. The body cannot bear that. The body finds it really hard to cope with. Many people with souls see and know this, insha’Allah. That is why they said our prophet was sick, may God forbid. They said he was mentally ill, may God forbid. They interpreted it that was since they could not understand the coming of revelation. That was how unbelievers looked at it.

(Hadith): 'They asked how revelation came, and our Prophet said, “Sometimes it comes with a sound like a rattle. That was the hard one. Then the revelation ceases, and I have learned by heart exactly what I was told”.’

A long verse would be revealed, and our Prophet memorized it right off. That is a miracle. Our Prophet was in a state of semi-consciousness and moved his lips to memorize the verse. Almighty God said He would cause him to memorize the verses. " Do not move your tongue trying to hasten it. Its collection and recitation are Our affair. " He said. And then the verses of the Qur’an flowed wondrously from our Prophet. Then the Companions wrote them down on pieces of parchment. Then the verses were collected together and put into book form. But until then the Qur’an was in the memories of the Companions.

(Hadith) “One day I witnessed revelation come to our Prophet on a very cold day. It was very cold. When the revelation ceased, water was dripping from his temples.” He had perspired that much.

(Hadith) 'When revelation came to our Prophet this was very hard on him. His blessed face would become very pale.’

His face became white as snow. The Prophet’s face was normally red, or pinkish.

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God has adorned the whole universe

God has adorned the whole universe (28.03.2014)

God has adorned the whole universe
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  28th, 2014

God adorns flowers, and we like them. He adorns insects, and we like them. He adorns babies, and we like them. He adorns human beings, and we like them, masha’Allah. I looked at those thorns as I came in from the garden. They are getting ready to bloom. They have opened in the form of three buds. When fully open they are read and exquisite. Their leaves are bright. But toward the end of summer they fade of course. Almighty God creates them to be beautiful, but they are all mortal and finite.

Violets are also lovely when they first bloom. One cannot bear to cut them. But then they fade and die. However, there is no death in paradise. Neither flowers die in paradise, nor fruits, nor leaves. When fruits are plucked they still remain just where they were. You pick one and it is replaced right away in the same place. One cannot bear to pick them. For example there was a lemon tree in the garden, full of lemons. For a long time we never picked them. Lemon trees have their own life span, of course, and we wanted to pick them. Go and pick those lemons, I said. But of course that troubles the heart. One will not be able to see lemons on those branches for a long time. But that is not the case in paradise. You pick them and they regrow instantaneously, masha’Allah. All beauties belong to our Lord, praise be to God.

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Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness

Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness (05.04.2014)

Muslims prefer beauty, but also seek wisdom in ugliness
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  05th, 2014

(Viewer’s letter) I heard you say, "All beauty and blessings belong to God. All praise is for the name of God.” Do ugly things not belong to God, too? 

What right have we to call what God has created beautiful or ugly? Not at all. God teaches us the concepts of beauty and ugliness in the Qur’an. God tells us to avoid ugliness. He tells us to avoid filth. The concept of beauty is stressed in hundreds of places in the Qur’an. We cannot develop our own ideas against the Qur’an. But God’s beauty is also present in what is ugly. A hyena is ugly, but one feels sorry for it. Its ugliness is comical. Or there may be an ugly person, but you feel affection and compassion for them. You love that person many times more because of their moral virtues than you do someone with an attractive face but no moral values. There are many people who are ugly but morally beautiful. And there are people who are attractive but who are arrogant proud, difficult and morally impaired. People will not like that attractive person. They like people who are good natured despite being ugly. Our view is mistaken. 

Believers must see ugliness and beauty and prefer beauty, but look for the wisdom in ugliness. You can say a work of art is ugly when you examine it. Indeed, beauty emerges from the concepts of beauty and ugliness. Beauty emerges from that comparison. Beauty emerges when comparing someone we call beautiful to someone we call ugly. But there is no ugliness in paradise. Ugliness is created solely for the test in this world. Everything is beautiful in paradise. Tree, plants, children and foods are all lovely. But there are also ugly foods in this world, and ugly people. But human beings have the advantage of being able to convert ugliness into beauty through their moral values. They can become radiant and much-loved people. You see such people around you.

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The reason why we emphasize the system of the Mahdi is that it is the sole path to the salvation of the world

The reason why we emphasize the system of the Mahdi is that it is the sole path to the salvation of the world

The reason why we emphasize the system of the Mahdi is that it is the sole path to the salvation of the world
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April  08th, 2014

(Viewer’s letter): "You think of nothing but the system of the Mahdi. As if Islam was solely based on the system of the Mahdi.”

The most important subject is Islamic Unity. Wherever you look in the Qur’an, it always speaks of the spirit of the system of the Mahdi. Now, let me open a page at random. Surat al-Hijr.

Look, it says "He added, ‘What is your business, messengers’?”

"They said, ‘We have been sent to a people who are evildoers – with the exception of the family of Lot’,”

Look, these people have come like the followers of the Mahdi. They preach and have come to eliminate the system of the antichrist. Because the system of the antichrist reigned over the people of Lot. They came to eradicate the system of the antichrist.

"all of whom We will save, except for his wife. We have decreed her to be one of those who stay behind.’ When the Messengers came to the family of Lot, he said, ‘You are people we do not know’.”
The people of Hazrat Khidr and the angels. 

"They said, ‘We have come to you with what they had doubts about. We have brought you the truth and we are certainly truthful men’.”

These people are the followers of the mahdi of the time. The movement of the mahdi of the time. The people of Lot were eliminated through the movement of the Mahdi. Their harm was overcome. Since the system of the antichrist currently prevails in the world, the most important issue is the system of the Mahdi. 

For example, the PKK [terror organization] is a movement of the antichrist. The system of the antichrist is afflicting our mothers and sisters out in the Southeast. And the antichrist wants Muslims to be divided. He wants to take our brothers away from us. But there is the movement of the Mahdi against it. The system of the antichrist is trying to cover this up. The system of the Mahdi reveals all these truths and wants to neutralize the other and overcome it. 

There is a clash between the systems of the antichrist and the Mahdi in Egypt. And also in Iraq and Syria. What is the force that is destroying Syria? The system of the antichrist. And the movement that is trying to stop it and to bring Muslims together is the system of the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi is therefore the most important event since the creation of the world. Ever since Hazrat Adam (pbuh) the prophets have been referring to the Mahdi. The prophets Noah, Abraham and Moses all referred to the Mahdi. Our Prophet (pbuh) tells us we can find this in the books of the old prophets. God tells Muslims that they will reign again as the old ones did. He says that Islam will reign again, as in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn. 

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Remarks about verses metaphorically pointing to the system of the Mahdi

Remarks about verses metaphorically pointing to the system of the Mahdi

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  15th, 2014

“And Ayyub when he called out to his Lord, ‘Great harm has afflicted me and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful,’”. He catches a very serious illness, he becomes unable to repeat the name of God. His heart is troubled. He becomes unable to remember God. He beseeches God. God says that He has heeded his prayer, because it is God Who bestows sickness and Who takes it away.

“We responded to him and removed from him the harm which was afflicting him and restored his family to him, and the same again with them, as a mercy direct from Us and a Reminder to all worshippers.” God says He has provided a broad community, more support. Ishmael, Idris and Dhulk’ifl were all among the steadfast. Steadfastness is the greatest quality of a Muslim. Many people who pray and fast have no steadfastness. They attach no importance to steadfastness. Yet steadfastness is one of the main qualities of a Muslim. Without steadfastness there can be no love. “We made them leaders, guiding by our command and revealed to them how to do good actions|. Verse 73 of Surat al-Anbiya’. That also points to the system of the Mahdi. The leaders who guide are the Mahdi and his followers. “And revealed to them how to do good actions and perform the prayer and pay alms, and they worshiped us.” This points to the date 1984. It is clear. 1984. It might have been 3951 or 178 or 919. But it gives only one date, 1984. Human beings were created to be very hasty, that is their nature. For example, they have no patience when eating or something else. They want it right away.God is saying that He will reveal His verses so people are not hasty. They want the Mahdi to appear right away, for example, they want Jesus the Messiah to return from the sky right away, and they want global reign right away.Human beings were created to be hasty. Verse 37 of Surat al-Anbiya’. “Man was created hasty. I will show you My signs so do not try to hasten Me.” In other words, what I have promised is imminent. The system of the Mahdi and the coming of the Mahdi and the Messiah. Now do not be hasty. They were asking when the Mahdi would appear even in the time of the companions. When will the Mahdi appear, and Jesus the Messiah? But what does the verse say? Do not be hasty. We will not see them, but our descendants will see them. When will this promise come about, they ask. They will not it, we will see it, our generation will see them in other words.When will the Mahdi appear and when will Jesus the Messiah appear, when will the day of reckoning come and when will the Dabbatal’ardh come? They all foolishly try to back him into a corner. There have always been these debates about the End Times and the system of the Mahdi. Look, in the time of our Prophet (pbuh) even the people of the book objected against the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah, and against the events of the End Times and the Day of Reckoning.“No, it will come upon them suddenly, confounding them, taking them completely by surprise,”says Allah.“  and they will not be able to ward it off. They will be granted no reprieve.” This applies to the Mahdi and the Reckoning. Because they will be amazed at the coming of the Mahdi and the return of Jesus the Messiah and they will be amazed by the global reign. They will be unable to turn it back. That refers to the Reckoning. They are trying to turn it back it now. They keep on saying on their channels that it will not come, it will not happen. They think they can turn it back. Ismail Mutlu does not want it. He is trying to turn it back. Do we have that film of his?

D.Urer: We did have it.

And he smiles in a very puzzling way, a strange way. Look, verse 135 of surah Ta Ha says “everyone is waiting expectantly, so wait expectantly.” Who are we waiting for? For the coming of the Mahdi and the return of Jesus the Messiah and the global reign. Look, everyone is waiting. Evangelical Christians and all the Islamic world and other Christians are all waiting. You must wait expectantly, too. Who are “the companions of the right path”? The Mahdi and his followers. Look, the right path. Look, “the companions of the right path and who is guided.” Look, abjad[numerological] calculation gives just one date, the total value of all the letters is 2023. Tayyip Erdoğan says 2023 and the Qur’an says 2023. The reign of Islam.2023. Look, “everyone is waiting expectantly so you wait expectantly. You will soon know who are the companions of the right path and who is guided.” Therefore, since the abjad value is 2023, they will know soon, insha’Allah. Look what he says, let me read it to you first. May God forbid, “if the Mahdi were going to come,..”, “Why are we waiting?”Look, “I am a follower of the Light”, he says. He says he is a Sunni scholar. He makes a living selling the Treatise of Light. Bediuzzaman says the Mahdi will come. But he says “why are we still waiting?” “Now the world is rapidly turning to Islam and good things are happening.” The system of the Mahdi is instrumental in that, but he is unaware of that. He says that people are turning to Islam, Darwinism and materialism have collapsed. “The Mahdi has cleared the way, so people are now turning to Islam.” Excellent things are happening through the system of the Mahdi. “In my view the Mahdi has been delayed, or he came and we never saw him.” You did not see and cannot see him. Because the Mahdi will be seen through the light of faith. We did not see him, he says. Of course you cannot see him. “The reckoning should have happened, but it did not.” He ties the reckoning to the system of the Mahdi. Look at the mentality of that. But the Mahdi will come and the global reign will happen. God has confused him. He does not know what he is saying. “The reckoning should have come but it hasn’t.” He is trying to turn it back. Do you see?

D.Urer: that is really very interesting.

There is much to say to someone who thinks like that. This is the time of the coming of the system of the Mahdi. Now other addresses by him appear on the other film. What we have broadcast here is enough.

Another guide than me will now be coming. Verse 123 of surah Ta Ha. “but when guidance comes to you from Me, all those who follow My guidance will not go astray and will not be miserable.” Look, they will not go astray and will not be unhappy. What is the abjad value? 1982. Look, “all those who follow My guidance will not go astray and will not be miserable.” 1982. “But if anyone turns away from My guidance his life will be a narrow one and on the day of Rising We will gather him blind.” God is saying there will be an economic crisis. They believe in Darwinism and say that the eye came into being by chance. That is why God is saying He will gather such people blind on the day of Reckoning. They will crawl on the ground. Because they believe it came into being through evolution. And God will say, right, here is evolution for you!

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They have turned women into men

They have turned women into men (24.03.2014)

They have turned women into men

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 24 th, 2014

Our Prophet (saas) says, “In the End Times, women will resemble men, and men will resemble women.” They have made women resemble men in the traditionalist conception of Islam. They do not pluck their eyebrows, for instance. They have hairs on their faces. A model of woman in which men and women cannot be told apart, in which they act harshly with dour expressions and are exceedingly ill-groomed has spread. You see such people in many pictures. Like men with headscarves on. Their hands and faces and everything are like those of men. As a result they have done away with the concept of women entirely. Some fashion designers have imposed a model of women with broad shoulders and slim hips. And they have done away with the nature of a normal woman. There are athletic women who never leave the gym, with broad shoulders and muscles everywhere. There has been an increase in women whose bodies are just like men’s. They have also made men resemble women and changed their natures.

Traditionalist orthodox Muslims have literally turned women into men. Not content with making them look like men, they have also made them repulsive. Longing for women then disappeared, and perversion has spread like an avalanche. An unbelievable scale of perversion has spread in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. They have opened the way to such disaster.

You see Hazrat Lot in the Qur’an, saying, “These are my daughters.” You can lawfully engage in relations with them, but abandon this perversion, he says. But they refuse to listen to him.

That is how it is in our century, too. They have soiled women’s nature and beauty, and destroyed that desire for women. They have established an introverted, secret and closed world. They have even developed a spirit that detests women.

I see it in traffic, how some people have this huge loathing of women. When a car starts weaving in and out they say, “There must be a woman at the wheel.” When the traffic seized up, they say, “A woman must be responsible.” What mindset, hatred and lovelessness is this? A woman or a man may be inexperienced. Women are exceptionally clever and intelligent beings. They are scrupulous and experienced.

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It is polytheism to grieve for someone who enters paradise

It is polytheism to grieve for someone who enters paradise (05.04.2014)

It is polytheism to grieve for someone who enters paradise
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April  05th, 2014

(Response to a viewer) Serhat, you are looking at the matter wrongly right from the start. "In sending little Pamir off to paradise,” you say. If you are sending someone off to paradise, how can you grieve for them? Paradise is a place of joy and eternal happiness and delight. It is wrong to think of grief if you are sending a child off to a place where everything is as good as can be. That means ascribing equals to God. It means that one does not like what God has done. It means one thinks one knows better than Him. Hundreds of people die every day. Mourning people who die is challenging God. And that is polytheism. Mothers and fathers may weep out of emotion at what has happened, but not out of rebellion against God. That would mean abandoning the faith. Our Prophet (pbuh) wept when his son Abraham died. “You too, O the Messenger of God?” they said. “I am not weeping out of grief, but out of fervor,” he said. The fervor of faith. Because Abraham was very cute and sweet. He wept because of the love he felt for him, not out of grief.

People lose relatives every day. People close to us die, too. But if we were to declare a week’s mourning for all of them, the world would literally turn into hell. You would live and die in mourning. Not a day would pass without mourning someone. Go to the cemeteries and look. Hearses arrive every day. People are martyred in Syria and Afghanistan every day. Everyone thinks his own child is lovely. Everyone loves his own child. But to mourn them all would mean the whole world challenging God, may He forbid. That would be very ugly. A believer must always be full of joy, and content with whatever God commands.

Hazrat Mawlana told people to celebrate when he died. Seb-i Aruz, the Nuptial Night. That is why the dervishes whirl to the sound of flutes. (To the viewer) So you really must get rid of this polytheistic way of thinking. Mourning is a wrong way of thinking. I have now told you what would befit you. I hope you will now think right.

When Almighty God takes a child’s soul, He does it with goodness, for the best, and raises it into His Sight for the best. Where is the logic behind mourning? You do not weep when a child enters the world, so why weep when he leaves it? You did not end him into the world, and you did not take him from it. There is no point in weeping when he enters the world, or when he leaves it. He Who sent him will take him back into His Presence when He chooses. Since there is no question of Almighty God asking our opinion, or of us asking any questions, we must accept our Lord’s destiny and see the goodness in it.

Serhat asked, and I have replied. But people are often curious and ask about this. They generally believe they should mourn. Though they do so out of the best of intentions. Their uncle dies the following day and they believe they should mourn. Then a friend’s son dies and they think they should mourn for him. People are martyred in Afghanistan and they think they should mourn for them. Many people are confused about what to do. The idea of mourning is completely wrong. It is God Who sends us into this world, and God Who takes us into His Presence. We must surrender to destiny.

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The information about the system of the Mahdi in the hadiths is compatible with that in the Qur’an

The information about the system of the Mahdi in the hadiths is compatible with that in the Qur’an (29.01.2014)

The information about the system of the Mahdi in the hadiths is compatible with that in the Qur’an
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January  29th, 2014

In Ashab al-Khaf Ibn al-Mardua commentary, Ibn al-Abbas narrated as marfu hadith:  ‘’The Companions of the Cave will be the helpers  of the Mahdi.” What does that mean? The hadith is saying that Surat al-Kahf in the Qur’an also refers to the Mahdi. For example, he says in one hadith that the story of Solomon refers to the Mahdi. The story of Dhu’lQarnayn also refers to the Mahdi. The story of Saul and Goliath refers to the Mahdi. He says that the position of the people of Badr, their strategy of struggle, the difficulty of that struggle and the harsh conditions of the time also refer to the system of the Mahdi. Ibni Hajar Makki said: “There is no contradiction between the account that the helpers of the Mahdi will come from the East and the account referring to Iraq. Because as can be seen from several accounts, they will be from the people of Sham.” In other words, Sham, the people of Istanbul. Sham means Istanbul. Istanbul also fits the general description. It is not a place called Sham. It means the capital of the Islamic world. That is what Sham means. References to Basra, Kufa or Medina all mean the capital of the Islamic world. Ibn Majah and Tabarani related this from Abdullah ibn Halis ibn Juzzabi, saying that he said; “The Messenger of God (pbuh) said: A community will come out of Sham and assist the sultanate of the Mahdi.” In the Tamman fawait Ibn al-Shakir Abdullah ibn Amr relates that he said: “Muhammad Mahid, one of the sons of Hassan, will come from the east. Even if the mountains oppose him.” That means there will be mountains of tricks and plots and opposition against him, and particularly Darwinism and materialism. “He will crush them,” with knowledge and learning. “And he will make a path for himself in the mountains.” Look, not just one, but many mountains. He goes over and around them. He literally runs rings round the mountains. The mountains have lost their power. The mountains will be feeble and wretched in the face of him. 

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- Our Prophet’s hadiths concerning Mahdi

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Our Prophet’s hadiths concerning Mahdi

Our Prophet’s hadiths concerning Mahdi (16.03.2014)

Our Prophet’s hadiths concerning Mahdi
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March  16th, 2014

Our Prophet (pbuh) says that strife will enfold the world in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). He says that only believers inMedina, meaning Istanbul, will find true salvation. Because, he says, only they will be left as true Muslims, because they will have followed the Mahdi, the true caliph.

On page 257 of the work byMuhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul al-Barzanji, our Prophet  says that the followers of the Mahdi will have a deeper faith.

Our Prophet (pbuh)says that the death of someone who fails to recognize the Mahdi, even though he is present, or who recognizes him but does not follow him, will be like the death of the ignorant. Look, he describes the death of someone who fails to recognize the Mahdi, the true caliph, even though he is present, or who recognizes him but does not follow him.  Recognition. He always concentrates on recognition. Recognizing him through the light of faith, in other words. But the position of people who recognize him through the light of faith is different to that of those who do not recognize him. But our Prophet that the death of people who do not recognize the Mahdi, even though he is present, or who recognize him and do not devote themselves to him, will be like the death of the ignorant, like death in the society of ignorance. That is what he means by the faith returning to Medina. That is to say, he will withdraw from there, our Prophet (pbuh) says, and then come back. And the caliphate really did depart from Istanbul.

...The Islamic world is fragmented and has no leader...
...Our Prophet (pbuh) says that the Islamic world will again be in the same place, that it will flourish again.
...Look, the faith will first depart from Medina, and then a time will come when it returns. In other words, our Prophet (pbuh) is saying that the spirit that united the Islamic world will depart, but will later return to the same place. It will return to where it had been before.

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Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Faith retreats to Madenah like a snake returns to its hole.” The word “retreats to” means to return and settle in Madenah, just as a snake, when it goes out from its hole, returns to it

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