Monday, February 23, 2015

The deep sea bacteria dating back to 23 billion years reproves the non-existence of evolution

Modern and 2.3 – 1.8 billion years old sulfur-cycling microorganisms. Image credit: J. William Schopf et al.
Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 04th, 2015

- American scientists found a type of deep sea micro-organism which is 2.3 billion years old. They studied this creature with a laser scanning microscope and found that this is exactly the same as a micro-organism found on the shores of south America in 2007.  
Scientific websites announced the news as “Biologists find deep sea sulphur-bacteria, which did not evolve in 2.3 billion years”
So there is no such thing called evolution. According to what the evolutionists claim, those bacteria should have been a handsome boy by now ir it should have been an elephant or something. There is no change. It is  very strong evidence, which fundamentally destroys the theory of evolution . We should announce this news repeatedly on our broadcasts.
The number of wise people is rising day by day. In the past, the world was being run by weak-minded people. It’s not the case now. The emergence of the internet allowed people to reach all manner of information. It used to be easy to deceive people with the lies of Darwinists, which is not the case now.
Elementary school children, secondary school children carry out searches on the internet about evolution. Then they want to see if there is any publication criticising evolution. They only bring together two words; criticizing evolution, and that’s it: He hits a button and he finds Harun Yahya books in front of him.
As the internet, in other words Dabbat Al Ardh, spreads throughout the world, the system of the antichrist cannot be victorious again.
The Qur'an verse says in the End Times, at a time which is close to the Doomsday, when the faith of people is weaker, We bring out a Dabba made from soil. It talks to people –tukallimuhum [in Arabic]-. Look; such a creature, God only points out its talent of talking to people. He doesn’t say it walks, He doesn’t say it has hands and arms, He only says it talks –tukallimuhum-. It talks to them and invites them and explains the faith to them. This is happening now.
As far as I can see, the most effective works right now are Harun Yahya works. I haven’t seen anyone who reads them and does not believe. 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Adnan Oktar’s statement about Jordanian pilot’s execution

Adnan Oktar’s statement about Jordanian pilot’s execution

Factories in Jordan are producing hellfire missiles and using them on Muslims

- A relative of the Jordanian pilot issued a statement. He said that the killing of the pilot took place in a planned manner and that the images were equally good as Hollywood films. He added that the execution exceeded the organization’s means and there were obviously other groups involved. He said that the aim of the organization is to ‘blacken Islam’ (surely Islam is beyond that). 

Adnan Oktar: IS thinks it is serving Islam. The king of Jordan also thinks he is serving Islam by hanging members of ISIL. One kills by hanging and says, ‘I killed better.’ The other kills by burning and says, ‘I killed better.’ There is a contest of barbarity. There is nothing to be proud of in that. This scourge can only come to an end with the Mahdi. The Islamic scholars who pretend not to realize that will do so in the end. 

- King Abdullah of Jordan said, ‘The killing of our pilot was a vile terrorist action by a perverse group that has nothing to do with Islam.’ U.S. President Obama said, ‘If true, this incident is a sign of the vile nature and barbarity of the organization. King Abdullah of Jordan is also going to fly his own plane tomorrow and bomb targets with an F-16 warplane. 

Adnan Oktar: They will shoot his plane down and capture him, too. Terrible things are happening. The king of Jordan is flying off to bomb Muslims. They do not choose forgiveness, love and compassion. They say, ‘You burned by soldier, so I will bomb you.’ The king is planning to burn the people there to death. He will drop napalm or general purpose bombs on them. All the women and children in the place he bombs will die and be martyred. They regard that as heroic. The bomb does not differentiate. Cities are generally home to women and children. IS is not in the cities. Why should they wait for them in the towns? They are spread out in open territory.

Had there been anything of use to IS in Kobane they would have moved heaven and earth to get it. They would have carried everything off. All there is in Kobane now of concrete and stone. That is why they are not coming any more. Had there been things of use to them there like cars, or especially weapons, they would immediately come back for them. The PKK are trembling like dogs in the ruins there. They say they will turn those ruins into a museum. 

They are rejoicing because Jordan hanged a 44-year-old woman. The king of Jordan is saying he will now personally go and bomb women and children. They congratulate him because he will commit murder. Look at the scale of the horror! See what a wretched position Muslims are in. We think the king is a rational person. But he has entirely taken leave of his senses. 

Shiite militias in Iraq frequently burn Sunnis. They do not regard those deaths as important. They burn houses down with Muslims still in them. The other side then responds in like manner. They love all this slaughter. See, both sides are Muslims and say, ‘La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad an Rasulullah. [There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God]’ They are both radiant Muslims. What do you do? Pull yourselves together. What kind of conception of compassion and love is that? 

Shiite mullahs [clergy] came here. They are very devout people. They know the Qur’an off by heart. Most have memorized it. They are all people of the kiblah and love the Prophet. How can you seek to kill such people? That is terrible evil, a terrible sin. The punishment is a lifetime in hell. 

- IS tried to justify the killing of the Jordanian pilot by saying, ‘This is how we will punish those who rain bombs down on our towns.’ 

Adnan Oktar: That pilot may have caused the martyrdom of thousands of people. They send napalm bombs down from the air and burn thousands of people, children included. They load napalm bombs onto their jets, and they turn an area of at least 50-60 meters into hell on earth. The heat exceeds 3000 degrees and even melts metal. Now if anyone regards the burning of Muslims as sensible that is also oppression. The pilots are burning women and children to death with napalm. That is oppression. Then IS go and burn that pilot. That is also persecution. The Muslim world is being ruined. Both sides are wronging one another. 

May Almighty God speed up the coming of the Mahdi. May He produce the Mahdi. The Mahdi will appear when God tells him to. He can not appear if Almighty God does not tell him to do so. Of course, not in the manner we know. Almighty God will inspire the identity of the Mahdi in Muslims. And Muslims will then produce him. 

-Teacher, will the people who call for the Mahdi be scholars? They may be politicians, or scholars, or anyone. Anyone who finds no other solution. 

Adnan Oktar: Anyone who is wise. Anyone who is pained by the situation of Muslims. Everyone who cannot find salvation. Because we are told by our Prophet that all paths and systems and people will be tried first [without success]. He says that all political leaders and ideas will be tried, but that they will all be seen to fail, and people will realize there is no other salvation than the Mahdi. 

They are burning Muslims with missiles called ‘Hellfire missiles.’ These missiles are being used in attacks by Jordan. Hellfire – they turn wherever they hit into a hell on earth. They martyr Muslims by burning them to death. IS then says, ‘If you burn children and women, then we will burn you.’ Both sides are burning one another all the time. And unbelievers sit back and applaud. The Mahdi is the only salvation for the Islamic world. 

- IS militants put TVs and projectors out on the streets in Raqqa yesterday evening. They showed the people images of people bombed and burned to death by warplanes and of the burning to death of that Jordanian pilot.

Adnan Oktar: Those missiles are called ‘Hellfire.’ They fire napalm bombs. They make it from nitroglycerine. They mix that with other substances. The temperature reaches up to 3000 degrees. It makes a hell on earth. Children’s bodies are made unrecognizable. Factories in Jordan keep producing these weapons and using them. The king of Jordan is now saying, ‘I will now bomb and burn Muslims.’ You should be a rational person. You have been declared king. So you should come to your senses. What good is killing and burning? You must treat people with love, affection, friendship, brotherhood and compassion. You should stand up against Darwinism and approach people with the miracles of the Qur’an and the signs leading to faith. You also live in the Holy Land, where the Prophet Moses lived. The tomb of Moses is in Jordan. He wandered those mountains. His footprints are there. What are you playing at? Pull yourself together! Come to your senses! He says they have burned people, so he is going to burn also. Both sides are giving one another hellfire. Stop it! Embrace one another and be friends. Renounce this enmity. They all say, ‘La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammed an Rasulullah [There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God]’ This is all terrible corruption. 

Let us show a picture of a Hellfire missile. 

- King Abdullah of Jordan issued a statement about IS: ‘This terrorist organization is not only fighting us. It is fighting Islam and its tolerant values. We are waging this war to protect our faith, values and human principles. The war we wage will therefore be ruthless. We will be on our guard against the guilty. We will strike them in their own homes.’ 

Adnan Oktar: Let me tell the king of Jordan now that IS will defeat him. IS may also enter Jordan and devastate it. The king must pull himself together. He must not be a bully. He is easy to defeat. He should resolve the matter through peace, negotiation and love. That is my advice to him. Those words look like someone’s last words. He must come to his senses. Waging war against IS and Muslims does not bestow superiority. If people are ignorant and on the wrong path, you can educate them. You cannot resolve problems through bloodshed. Blood cannot wipe away blood. Both sides are hurting the other. The king of Jordan has sent his pilots and made them burn Muslims alive. You have burned thousands of young people, women and children with napalm at 3000 degrees. Then they went and burned that pilot in a cage. Then the king says, ‘I will go and kill them myself.’ He has become crazed by anger. You must be on the side of love, compassion, peace and friendship. Resolve the relations between you. If you want to put them right, do so with knowledge and virtue. By talking. Not by fighting. 

The Jordanian foreign minister announced they will send land forces against IS. They will kill them all. This is foolishness. It is a sin for Muslim to kill Muslim. If people are mistaken, you warn them. We are told to command what is good and eschew what is bad. Going there and killing people is no good.

Monday, February 16, 2015

What is the difference between Islam as advocated by ISIS and the Islam we preach?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated February 05th, 2015
There is the kind of Islam advocated by ISIS and the Islam as we preach it. All the world embraces the Islam that we preach but the world responds to the Islam preached by ISIS via airstrikes. This is not the kind of Islam that people can live by but the Islam as we preach will save the world. There is love, there is peace, there is brotherhood, there is goodness, beauty, arts, aesthetics. Women are made as pearls in men’s crowns, women are free, kids are free, young boys are free, there is joy everywhere. But in the traditionalist, ultra-orthodox conception of Islam, everything is grave, everywhere is a place of torment, having just enough to keep body and soul together, it is the other name of devastation; [According to this mindset] everyday one needs to go to suffering, through afflictions, in many cases filth is everywhere. Pain and agony have infiltrated all the grounds. Laughter is banned, being joyful is banned. Painting, music, TV, everything beautiful that comes to your mind are all banned. Hatred, rage, fury are free, beheading, butchering, cutting off a man’s head and showing it around are considered as 'normal'. Blood is everywhere; there is starvation, misery, cries everywhere. Hunger, misery, obnoxious, unaesthetic scenes, corruption; these are the horrible things peculiar to a great majority of traditionalist, ultra-orthodox Islam.
They present Islam as a religion of the grave. It is like the religion of terror. Once you are a Muslim, they think he will hang, beat, execute others and do nothing else. It is almost the hell of women. Women are devastated in the ultra-orthodox conception of Islam. They can neither sit, nor stand up, nor wear anything they want. Even eating is an offense. They say that if they make women eat too much, they will become depraved, they will be  trouble. If you make them put on beautiful clothes, they will go astray and attempt to go out. You should make them put on bad clothes so that they would feel embarrassed and not go out. If a window is looking out onto the street, then it must be covered with bricks. They say that is what the Companions of our Prophet (saas) did. Notice that they also include the Companions in this lie; [According to them] the Companions saw their ladies looking onto the street through the window. Notice that they also defame the Companions of our Prophet (saas), the ladies of that time, may God forbid, as if they were looking for men and the Companions prevented it. They also insult them. And these guys believe in it as a provision of God. Now they put people into cages and burn them. And they say this is based on the practice of Hazrat Ali, a hadith: That is what comes to their minds when Islam is mentioned. Chopping people up, beheading, beating people until blood is shed, reviling, yelling, an absence of arts, aesthetics, dreadfulness, threat, scourges, corruption, all forms of outrageous acts. These things come to mind. Indeed, on a wide basis this is the structure we see. 
HOST: On the NewsRescue website, there appeared the report about the English advertisements of your book “Bigotry” on London buses.
ADNAN OKTAR: That is fine. We are the only community who carries out such a reasonable work against bigotry. Many thanks to God. There are some who do, but they come up with  very perverted beliefs. They allege they advocate the Qur'an but what they preach is very deviant. This is unacceptable. They need to be loyal to the Qur'an; they should neither add nor delete anything. They need to convey whatever God says in the Qur'an.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Satan is setting Israel and Palestine against one another and who wants bloodshed. They need to stand up against that

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated dated January 28th, 2015
Last week Israel carried out a rocket attack against a convoy containing Syrian and Iranian commanders and killed 5 senior Hezbollah commanders. This week, Hezbollah carried out a missile attack against Israel. It targeted an Israeli convoy with an anti-tank missile. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and 7 injured. Israel then declared the area north of the Lebanese border a war zone.
Adnan Oktar: See, there is going to be bloodshed again. These people start spilling blood when satan provokes them. Satan says, ‘I want blood.’ People start shedding blood when they are mildly provoked. You live in a lovely land, so do not behave so extremely. Do not do it. What is the reason for all this excess? The land is empty. You go 50 km without seeing anyone. So why all this rage and rancor? The land is big enough for everyone. Being a Jew means being loyal to 3000 years of tradition since the Prophet Moses or 4000 since the Prophet Abraham. What more can one ask? Would it be better if they abandoned their faith? Do you want them to be irreligious? What more do you want? They are fine devout people. The land is big enough for them all. They could own even more land. Jordan has a very small population and is empty. The borders need to be done away with. They need to live in comfort.
Hatred of Israel is most unpleasant. This blood feud mentality is horrible. They need to make peace and live in friendship. What kind of rage is this? Now there will be bloodshed again. Both sides are stubbornly intent on war. There were wars of obstinacy 1500 years ago, too. Both sides insulted one another and armies of 100,000 people fought because of a single word. At the end of the day, both sides were ruined. This is insanity.

Monday, February 9, 2015

In the system of antichrist inciting to crime and then sentencing to death is oppression

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 11th, 2015

"Dear Mr. Adnan Oktar, I have read your articles that argue against the death penalty in the world. Some of my friends object to this. They claim that arguing against the death penalty is contrary to the teachings of Islam. They maintain that as per God’s commands death penalty can be practiced on those who commit inhuman crimes and they can be responded by retaliation. They suggest that God’s commands on this matter cannot be changed. I am waiting for your response on this subject."

Okay fine, Islam is not prevalent in the world. But in the system of antichrist if you practice death penalty, then you become the helper of antichrist. That is to say, you will get to help oppression. Since Islam is not ruling in the world right now. If Islam would be ruling in the world, no one would commit a crime that would necessitate the implementation of death penalty. There will be no such life. Darwinist and materialistic education will be not poisoning people’s minds. And some people will not be crazed. No depressed, suicidal types who lose their minds will form in that atmosphere. Therefore, what I say is right. The men of antichrist kill and butcher people. You are also saying “I will kill and butcher”. Is Islam dominant in the world right now? No. Is Islam ruling? No. When Islam rules, is there any death punishment in Islam? Yes. But let’s see what God says in the verse. They don’t read that part of the verse. Forgiving is more auspicious for you, the verse says. Why don’t you mention about this?

It says more auspicious. Why would you not want what is more auspicious for you? God says death penalty is auspicious, but forgiving is more auspicious, He says. Which one you would choose? You would choose what is more auspicious for you. You would not choose the other one while there is a better one for you. You choose what is more auspicious. You choose the one that makes you win God’s consent more. See, this part is kept hidden. Why don’t you tell about this part? You forgive the man, and then the matter is over. You say, “I forgive you on the condition that you pray five times a day and learn the verses of the Quran by heart. And you will pass this time in jail.” That is what his guardian may say in an Islamic society. But there is modern law in almost all the world. Then the antichrist kills a man and you kill a man. The system is founded as to abet him to commit the crime. Then you will ask the man why he killed a man, and you will hang that man. You are making him go crazy, you take his mind off. You show him films of murder day and night. You raise him with Darwinist, materialistic education. You tell him that people came into existence owing to a worm. [In other words,] you tell him that that person is not human. You incite him to madness, lunacy; then he becomes insane and you tell him come here I will hang you. What about your crime then? You are the one driving him mad. Yes, he is also committing a crime, but who drives him to that point? You. What is the penalty for the one that drives him mad? For this reason it will not happen. But in the system of Mahdi, the commandments of the Quran are so explicit and they will be put into practice. But there will be no murderers in the societies where the system of Mahdi prevails. What does the resources say? There will not be a drop of bloodshed. The sleeping person will not waked up from his sleep. Not even a nose bleeds. If there is not even a drop of bloodshed, how can there be death penalty? There will be no murders and not death penalty. May God spare, even if there is one murderer, then what does God say for those who are crazed? He says if you forgive that is better. So, Muharrem from Canada should tell my words to his friends.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hazrat Mahdi (as) will leave his homeland and family and communicate the morality of the Qur'an

In another hadīth, he said: “Glad tidings to you of the Mahdī from the progeny of Fātimah! He will appear in the west and fill the world with justice.” It was asked: “O Messenger of God! When will it (his appearance) be?” He said: “It will be at the time when judges would receive bribes while the people become debauchees.” It was asked: “What will be the characteristics of the Mahdī?” He said: “HE WILL BE SEPARATED FROM HIS FAMILY AND RELATIVES; HE WILL BE AWAY FROM HIS HOMELAND AND LIVE FAR FROM HOME.” (Iqāq al-aqq, vol. 19, p. 679.)
“O the Messenger of God! When will Mahdi appear?” As you see they [Companions of our Prophet] continuously ask [him]. He said : “It will be at the time when judges would receive bribes while the people become debauchees.” It was asked: “What will be the characteristics of the Mahdi?” He said, “He will be separated from his family and relatives.” He will be all alone. He will leave his homeland. He will come to Istanbul from a city and he will live far from his home. This is the hadith of our Prophet (saas) for Hazrat Mahdi (as). Iqāq al-aqq, volume 19, page 679. This is the reference. Our Prophet says, “When Hazrat Mahdi appears, a period will come to pass for my ummah in which nothing will be left of Islam but its name, and there will be no trace of the Qur’an but its form and outline. That is, the Qur'an will remain only as a Book. People will not practise it and apply it into their daily lives.
Muslims will be called Muslim in name. When asked what their religion is, they will say “Muslim”. But that is it.
“Of all the people they will be the most alien to Islam.” They will not know Islam at all; they are against Islam, distant to It but their names will be “Muslim”. Of course some people are referred here.

The name of the new danger in the Middle East : ISIL

 Both the blood and possessions of (Muslims) will be considered lawful as (loot).
It will shake the world like the waves in the sea.
No one will find any refuge.
(This sedition) will arise from Shaam and spread all over Iraq...

...If they stop the problem in one region, it will appear from another place. 

(Nuaym b. Hammad) 
Both the blood and possessions of (Muslims) will be considered lawful as (loot).…
Today in Syria and Iraq, ISIS murders Muslims of various Islamic schools and seizes their possessions. These incidents show that what our Prophet (saas) foretold 1,400 years ago come to pass exactly as  he foretold. ISIS  carries out its activities in Syria and Iraq and massacres  innocent people in the region because they are not Sunnis and ruthlessly seizes their possessions and houses.
God makes it unlawful to kill or seize people’s possessions.
It will shake the world like the waves in the sea.
No one will find any refuge.
In our day, the people of Syria and Iraq are experiencing this fear expressed in the hadith of  our Prophet (saas). Due to the terror spread by ISIS, these people are forced to leave their homes and even their homelands.
(This sedition) will arise from Shaam and spread all over Iraq...
This sedition will arise from Shaam...
and spread all over Iraq...
(TV speech) “The threat of ISIS in Iraq grows every other day. While the militants of ISIS proceed towards  Baghdad in the south, the Iraqi army tries to resist with the new volunteers it recruits. Due to ISIS’ attacks, hundreds of thousands of people flee to safe zones. The UN is concerned about the escalation of this humanitarian crisis...”
In his hadith, our Prophet (saas) speaks of a serious sedition that would start in Syria in the End Times and spread all the way to Iraq. Today ISIS is spreading terror in Syria and Iraq with practises that  have no place in Islam. Iraq has been divided into three parts and a great part of her lands has been seized by ISIS.
...If they stop the  problem in one region, it will appear from another place.
ISIS’ bloody progression into Iraq takes place before the eyes of the world. The countries of the world can not stop this progression; the organisation takes every city it enters under its control in the political and economic sense. Today the world watches these incidents foretold by our Prophet (saas) 1,400 years ago.
However a great majority of the Islamic scholars try to put Muslims to sleep with the lie that the portents of the End Times have not come into existence yet.
They distract the attention of Muslims saying that there is allegedly hundreds of years until the appearance of Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as), that Muslims can live at ease and they can worship wherever they wish, that they have a respectful place in the society.
Now we ask the following to the Islamic scholars who come up with these allegations:
· That all these incidents our Prophet (saas) foretold to be occurring at the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are occurring right now before your eyes does not impress you?
· In order to say, “These facts are the portents of the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as)”, how many more innocent people’s blood must be shed?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

France should act in a rational way and refrain from moves that may cause incidents like Paris attacks

Some actions are committed so that bomb attacks against Muslims can take place. The cartoonists are shot first, then the bombings start. But this will cost France dearly. It must pull itself together. The bloodshed will multiply ten-fold. They must abandon this lack of logic. They must approach people with love and reason and dialogue. They must stop this disgraceful behavior. Some evangelical members of the CFR are logically totally inconsistent and propose totally false ideas. While other members of the CFR are very rational. I have invited some of them here, and they will be arriving in the days ahead. But those who think that bloodshed can solve any problem are badly mistaken. The Gospel is all about love. It tells people to treat their neighbors well, and to turn the right cheek if one is struck on the left. These are the words of the Prophet Jesus. You must be full of love. How can problems be solved through violence and bloodshed?
- As you have said, their minds are in the past, and they imagine that the methods of the past can still work.
Adnan Oktar: They are still acting out of the bullying mentality of a hundred years ago. Their idea is one of, ‘Hit hard and get it over with.’ And because of that mentality they are always in trouble. They will turn Europe into a hell on earth. They are determined to do that.
- There are people who think that when the Prophet Jesus returns he will be very different in character and want to see bloodshed. Surely the Prophet Jesus is beyond that. He was always a man of peace, and that is how our Prophet will return.
Adnan Oktar: The Prophet Jesus will have exactly the same character.

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When their Messenger comes

  Adnan Oktar: Abjad calculation of the part of verse 47 of Surah Yunus "Every nation has a  Messenger, and when their Messenger comes...