Tuesday, August 30, 2016

There are no rules about how to read the Quran; the Quran is a completion of a Muslim's life

There are no rules about how to read the Quran; the Quran is a completion of a Muslim's life:

"One is not supposed to read the Quran wearing short pants, but your students do so," writes Sezer Gurbuz. One should not read the Quran without performing ablution. One should be sitting on their knees to read the Quran. There should not be any music when one reads it. No music should come from outside. So, as it is difficult to fulfill these obligations, what do you do?

Adnan Oktar: You put the Quran inside a cover it with a nice veil and put it on the wall. You dust it every two months. That's it. But when you can read the Quran wearing short-pants or without ablution, it will become your bosom friend. You will embrace it and it will become a part of you, your life. The Quran loves you with or without ablution, with or without shorts, as long as you always keep it by your side. Read it day and night. Put it under your pillow when you go to sleep. Do not leave it ever. For the sake of respecting the Quran, you alienate yourself from the Quran, let alone respecting it. Some people put it on the wall and some goes even further and say, "I do not sit in a room where there is Quran" or "I should not enter where there is Quran" they say. In that case, the only solution left is to get the Quran out of your house. Because when they take the Quran out of their house, they feel relieved. They say, "I do not lie down in a room where there is Quran.

The life is not lived where there is the Quran," they say. It can be lived. You can play music or stretch your legs and lie down around the Quran. You can read the Quran while you are lying down on your bed; there is nothing wrong with it. You can read it while wearing shorts or undershirt. This is the SCHEME OF SATAN TO ALIENATE PEOPLE FROM THE QURAN. The Quran is your life so you should keep it by your side in all parts of your life, be it in your car, under your pillow, or even when you visit the market. It should be with you wherever you go. Do not be afraid, there is nothing wrong with it. The Quran loves you. But by doing so, you will only distance yourself from the Quran. Do not fall in to this trap.

They play a similar game on women as well. They say, "Do not touch the Quran during your period. And do not go to the mosque. Do not perform prayers. Do not remember God." This way, you spend the majority of your life AWAY FROM THE QURAN. In other words, you take away the one third of your life. And with what is left of it you say, "Hell will swarm with women. The 99% of those in hell will be women." You say, "Satan is the companion of the women." What is your problem with women? You do everything you can to ALIENATE THEM FROM RELIGION. You call them "half-wits." You call them "inhuman." You call them "Semi-human." You say "Their words are invalid." You say ,"Do the opposite of what women tell you." What is this hatred? What kind of mentality is this? Even if you do not do this out of hatred, you are still on the wrong path. You are on a horrible path. They are oblivious of their actions or the damage their actions cause".

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 8th, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

At nights, the hypocrites go into a trance in order to communicate with satan

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites are not the kind of creatures every believer can cope with. These creatures are utterly diabolical and subtly evil. Even when they claim they give up their hypocritical ways, they do not. They might claim they are reformed, but they strike harder than before. They are quite treacherous, entirely dishonest and ignoble. They are like a tuberculosis virus amidst the Muslims.
Let’s listen to what you will say about the hypocrites. Oktar, you go first.
OKTAR BABUNA: The egoism of the hypocrites is similar to that of satan, it is like an affliction spreading to the whole body. And as in Pharaoh and Nimrod, when egoism has spread to their whole body, they become completely egocentric. This never regresses, but gradually progresses, and ultimately, leaving their bodies completely exposed to the influence of satan.
CAN DAĞTEKİN: As you have said before, hypocrites are like chameleons in their ability to adapt to every environment.
ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, they can adapt to every environment, every situation. For example, when they notice that hypocrites are in a tight situation, they immediately try to look like a Muslim. Hypocrites carry out their activities especially at night. They can get in touch with satan at night; night is when they go into trance and their evil is at its highest. They do not exercise their hypocrisy during daytime, they do so at night. Such is the wisdom of God; just like bats that go out to feed on blood, the hypocrites come out at night. Hypocrites are deviants in that regard. As they are alone at night, they immediately engage in perverted activities.
GÖKALP BARLAN: Hypocrites admire their own intelligence. God informs us about the attitude of the hypocrites in the Quran saying, "When they are told, Have faith in the way that the people have faith,they say, What! Are we to have faith in the way that fools have faith?"
ENDER DABAN: The true intention of the hypocrites is to harm the Muslims. They despise everything that is to the benefit of the Muslims. They only take pleasure in things that are to the detriment of the Muslims, thus, they constantly strive against Muslims.
ERDEM ERTUZUN: When they leave the believers, they never say, "We have no faith."On the contrary, they claim they are more pious than the believers. In the verse of the Quran, I seek refuge in God from satan, God informs "When they are told, ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth, they say, We are only putting things right.(Surah al-Baqara, 11)
ALİ YÜCEL: They loathe being in places where God's name is mentioned. A mention of the name of God discomforts them.
ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites despise mentioning God. They always seek the worldly life. Hypocrites long for their past lives among disbelievers the most. They constantly reminisce about and contemplate upon those times. 
GÖKALP BARLAN: They always secretly communicate with the disbelievers providing them with intelligence regarding the Muslims. "Among you there are some who would have listened to them." (Surah at-Tawba, 47) says Almighty God in the Quran. 
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, well done.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Satan has a homosexual and schizophrenic personality. He corrupted the tribe of Lot through homosexuality

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites want to be left alone within their dark worlds. Satan is similar to hypocrites in that regard; there are trillions of angels and he could have stayed among. However, as the devil wanted to be on his own, he rebelled against God. Look, just for the sake of his burning ambition for superiority, out of his egocentricity, he took the risk of eternal hell. His ambition to become superior to God drove him into madness and villainy. Satan generally suffers from schizophrenia and he exhibits schizophrenic and homosexual behavior in some aspects as we see from his tone in the Quran. For example, it was satan who visited the tribe of Lot. He appeared to them as a homosexual, and corrupted the tribe by spreading homosexuality among its members. There had been no signs of homosexuality in the history of the tribe of Lot among its members up until that time. They had no knowledge of homosexuality until satan introduced it to them. Satan appeared to them in human form, and manipulated them. In fact, as you know, when God sent two angels to Lot in form of young handsome men, the men of the tribe approached even the angles perversely. It was satan who incited the people against the angels. Their perverted approach towards the angels was the peak of their depravity. As you know, Almighty God ultimately destroyed the city as the people of the tribe perished. The sin that draws the wrath of God here is homosexuality. Homosexual perversion is the reason that brought about the destruction of the tribe of Lot. "Do you come with lust to men instead of women?" "Instead of women", right now, misogyny is quite widespread. A lot of men lust after other men instead of women.

Satan has a homosexual and schizophrenic personality. He corrupted the tribe of Lot through homosexuality

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 3rd, 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016

The verses of the Qur’an regarding the second coming of Jesus (pbuh)

ADNAN OKTAR: [Reading an audience message] Sinan Albayrakoglu... "Is there any proof in the Qur’an in this regard?" asks Sinan. Listen carefully please. Referring to Jesus Messiah (pbuh), God says in the Qur’an, "He is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it." (Surat az-Zukhruf, 61) What would you make of this? Look, God does not say the same about the Prophet Muhammad (saas), or the Prophets Abraham (pbuh), Isaac (pbuh), Jacob (pbuh), Noah (pbuh) or any other prophets. Only Jesus Messiah (pbuh). God says, "Jesus, son of Mary, is a sign of the Last Day." What do you infer from this? God says in the Qur’an, "... I will place the people who follow you above those who are unbelievers until the Day of Resurrection." (Surah Al' Imran, 55) What do you make of this? God does not say the same to our Prophet (saas). God does not promise him "I will establish on earth those who love you." Neither does He give such a promise to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), or the Prophet Noah (pbuh). Look, "I will place the people who follow you..." God says, "…above those who are unbelievers until the Day of Resurrection." And God does not say the same to our Prophet, Muhammad (saas). Or Noah (pbuh), Isaac (pbuh), or any other prophets. "There is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before he dies..." (Surat an-Nisa', 159) Is there a verse in the Qur’an like this about any other prophets? God does not say anything like this to any prophet including our Prophet (saas). God says,"the People of the Book", implying everyone on earth. Look, those in north pole, south pole; every single human being that is underground, or above the ground. "There is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before he dies..." In other words, God says, "I will make everyone believe in Jesus Messiah, without exception." No one will be able to say, "I do not believe in him." Everyone will believe in him. What do you infer from this? Yet you still wonder whether Jesus (pbuh) will come or not. Isn't the verse quite clear about it? There are three verses. God does not say anything like this for other prophets. What this means is undeniably obvious. This is mentioned in the hadiths to the extent of being commonly accepted. God says, "Jesus Messiah, the son of Mary, will come." Besides, there is nothing to be surprised about it. God says in the Qur’an, "What do you think about those who left their homes in thousands in fear of death? God said to them, Die!’ and then brought them back to life." (Surat al-Baqara, 243) This is a verse in the Qur’an. God says "Mawt". People ask, “How can one rise from dead?" God answers, "They can if I resurrect them." Again, in another case, God says, "We said, Hit him with part of it (the part of the cow you have sacrificed)!’ In that way God gives life to the dead..." (Surat al-Baqara, 73) And God says, "They hit the dead and he came back to life." No one can say it is impossible for the dead to come back to life. God says in the verse of the Qur’an "...and when you brought forth the dead by My permission..." (Surat al-Ma'ida, 110) This shouldn’t surprise you when you consider the fact that Jesus Messiah could bring forth the dead. "Jesus is dead, how can he come back to life?" people wonder. Nowhere in the Qur’an does God mention that Jesus Messiah is dead. God says in the Qur’an, "I will take you back and raise you up to Me." (Surah Al'Imran, 55) In the Qur’an, God uses the word “tawaffaa”, “I will raise you up to My Presence.” God says to Jesus Messiah, "I will make you pass away" as in the sleep. God took Jesus Messiah away while he was in deep sleep. Besides, he had to be asleep. Otherwise how can you go there? How can you traverse to another dimension? God had to take his soul away. So, along with his body, his soul was taken as well. Were the soul of Jesus Messiah supposed to remain in this world when his body was taken? This is what these people want. They want his soul to stay behind. As both his body and his soul were taken away, he passed away, “tawaffaa”. He was taken away. He was taken away by God. This does not mean he died. Besides you die everyday. God says in the Qur’an, "God takes back peoples selves when their death arrives and those who have not yet died, while they are asleep. He keeps hold of those whose death has been decreed and sends the others back for a specified term." (Surat az-Zumar, 42) Yes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jesus Messiah will not come with a prophethood duty, he will come as a subject of the Qur’an

ADNAN OKTAR: "When he bows his head, water drips, when he lifts it, beads like silver pearls roll down his hair." This is Jesus Messiah. "Water drips from his hair even though it does not come into contact with any water." Abu Dawood. I will talk about what the water on his head means later, insha'Allah. Look, "His hair is wet even though it did not come into contact with any water." We will talk about what that water means in another conversation. Our Prophet (saas) puts quite an emphasis on this subject. He deems it significant. This must mean it has a vital importance. Jesus Messiah has a thin waist, while Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has a bulky body overall. "His face is pure and bright," says Al-Nabawi Ibn-Hajar. "His face looks red as if he just got out of a bath house," says al-Bukhari. "He has a calm and lively expression. His mouth and nose have a perfect beauty." He has a small, nice, upturned nose. "His forehead is even and clean. He has a dense beard." Jesus (pbuh) has a clean-cut beard. He has an elegant beard, not a classic, full beard. "His eyes glow like fire. His face is white with a red tinge," writes Al-Tabarani in his book, al-Kabir. Our Prophet (saas) is describing what he has seen. What I am telling you are hadiths. And the rest are the verses of the Qur’an. "His eyes are greenish gray." Jesus (pbuh). "He has a sharp look and freckles on his face." He has freckles on his hands and feet too. "He has chestnut hair tinged with a touch of gold." His beard is the same color. It is light, meaning it is a mix of blond and chestnut. "It is as if water drips from his hair." There is an extraordinary situation here. It is not something ordinary. His hair looks wet, well-groomed and mildly wavy. So is his beard. Jesus' (pbuh) hair comes down to his shoulder bones. It is not short at all. His hair is straight down to his ears, and then the rest is wavy. I am describing him so that you won't be surprised when you see him. "He has a small and pleasant nose, his hands and feet are clean and radiant. He has a gentle and content demeanor, he is athletic. His fingers are delicate and long.” In other words, he has thin, delicate hands. "He has an agile, strong body. People wouldn't want to avert their gaze from him once they look at him," says our Prophet (saas), they can't take their eyes off him.
What is interesting is that Catholic and Orthodox Christians, all will acknowledge that he is Jesus Messiah. He is known as the prophet of Christians, as you know; Jews deny him. But what is interesting here is even the Jews will acknowledge him when he comes. "There is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him" says God in the Qur’an, that is a miracle. Jews absolutely deny him, they do not recognize him as a prophet. They claim "no such prophet existed." But they will acknowledge him once he comes.
OKTAR BABUNA: On the occasion of Moshiach?
ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. Our Prophet (saas) says, "Leave the right side of my grave empty." People can go and see that there is a considerable space left next to his grave. On his right lies Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra), and Hazrat Omar (ra) is buried further. Normally, he would be buried right next to our Prophet (saas), right? Why would such a considerable amount of space be left? They left a space next to the grave of our Prophet (saas). He says, “Bury my brother Jesus next to me so that we can rise together." "Qum" says God, meaning "rise". Upon hearing the word, Qum, they suddenly come to life. The spirit of God is prevalent in everything. Before you know it, they are alive. Our Prophet (saas) and Jesus Messiah are the first ones to rise. Others will follow them. Jesus Messiah is the manifestation of God's name, "Al-Hayy". The name "Al-Hayy [The Living]" manifests itself in him the most.
Ether encompasses the whole universe in the form of a sea. "The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters," says God [in the Torah]. In other words, "The spirit of God is everywhere." We see this frequently in the Qur’an. Otherwise there would be no motion, there would be nothing.
"Messianism is Judaism," writes The Great Eagle is not Dead, 3636; "Messianism is Judaism.” I am asking you, who will be considered the last prophet when the Messiah descends to earth again? Our Prophet (saas). The Messiah will come with the prophet title only, not with the prophethood duty. He has the title, but he will be subject to the Qur’an. Jesus Messiah will come as a Muhammadan. "Messianism is Judaism" it is stronger. If it exists in Judaism, in the pages of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), if the Mahdi was heralded by the Prophet Noah (pbuh), by the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), by the Prophet Moses (pbuh), if it is written in the Torah, than Mahdism is right, it’s true. It’s something you cannot deny. "It is written both in the Torah and the Psalms," says our Prophet (saas). "You can look there," he says.
BULENT SEZGIN: Mr. Oktar, there is a symbolic painting of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), can we show it?
ADNAN OKTAR: Let me see. Yes, it is about right. Imagine his nose a bit smaller, slightly smaller and it is about right.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

People are losing their ability to think and produce by getting addicted to smart phones and TV series

ADNAN OKTAR: Sometimes when I go out, I see young girls with a cigarette in one hand and a phone on the other. They are glued to their phones and they go on and on. What is this never ending phone talk? And when they are not talking on the phone, they are constantly surfing the internet; it’s like the phones are now their best friends; a handheld friend. It seems like their whole world are now their phones. And some telecommunication companies encourage this behavior with special offers like "it is free if you want to call your grandfather", "you will win a lottery if you call your aunt". People should use the phones when it is necessary. I rarely use my phone and when I do, I do it’s not a huge deal. I don't see why a phone conversation should drag on. If it is a person you love, then meet them and talk face to face. What is it that you talk about for hours on the phone? For instance they call their families and talk for hours. What is it that cannot be solved? You are a smart person, you should be able to solve it in a few minutes. But somehow they cannot solve it, they drag on and on, "should we do it or not?". Just cut to the chase. They see each other talking to long on the phone [and begin to think it’s normal] telecommunication companies further encourage it with slogans like: ‘talk as much as you want, don’t miss this opportunity etc.’ When you act this way, of course people will do it.
Some people have now become almost addicted to their phones. Just like smokers, alcoholics, phone mania has emerged. And then there is the TV series mania. They do not even eat so that they don't miss their favorite show.  They drop everything, hold their breaths, put their lives on hold. They cancel  even their business appointments, cancel everything. This is wrong. It shouldn't be like this. They render people almost incapable of thinking through football games, TV series and phones. It is not done deliberately but this is the result. Many people cannot think as a result. Their vocabulary consists of only two hundred words at most. They have narrow perspectives. They cannot think about things, research a subject; and eventually become shallow. You see how most people on internet are unable to even say what they want to say; and they are angry at everything and anything. For instance, when there is a match between Turkey and Greece, they jeer at the Greek team. What are you jeering at? We have lived together like brothers and sisters under the Ottoman rule for hundreds of years, this is a country that is our friend and neighbor, what are you jeering at?
Is this how a friendship supposed to be, how love supposed to be? Why do you jeer? For example, this also happens at houses, daughters, sons sitting with phones in their hands, only interested in their phones. They spend all their lives either playing games or texting all the time. You are tormenting yourselves. Just stand up and get moving, do something nice. Read, research, move.  Even [when they have to] go to a hospital and take selfies there and share even those photos as if there is something entertaining about it. They take photos of their broken legs, broken ribs in encasement and share them. It is not right that they focus so much on this, so absorbed with this. They should take it a little bit easy. For example, when people go somewhere and see a beautiful waterfall, a nice car or beautiful scenery, they are only interested in taking a photo of it. "How should I take the photo?" they think. They do not sit and enjoy the view and reflect on it. They just take the photo and leave. Just admire its beauty for a while, right? Look at it from a believers point of view, say that "How beautiful is God's creation". They run and jump on the streets getting their photos taken when the feet is off the floor, so they look as if they are flying.  Sure it is nice, they do it to show their joy, but one shouldn't spend their life in that state of mind. A constant commotion, noise, state of fuss, an artificial joy; they shout at each other, laugh at redundant stuff; it is as if they are drunk. It takes time for them to become normal and calm again. The other day, two ladies came here and they were exuberant. And they kept riling each other up, making a commotion, bursting with joy. They could hardly calm down. On their second visit, I saw that they were calmer, more poised, more mature. Another bad side effect of phone addiction is that it causes a state of timidity, nervousness, misanthropy and withdrawal in one's soul. It is as if their only friends are their phones, a virtual friend.

When their Messenger comes

  Adnan Oktar: Abjad calculation of the part of verse 47 of Surah Yunus "Every nation has a  Messenger, and when their Messenger comes...