Saturday, July 21, 2018

Stop The Vilification Campaign Against Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar)


On 11th July, a wide-scale police operation against Turkish writer Harun Yahya and members of Science Research Foundation (SRF) was launched. A vilification campaign is being conducted against Harun Yahya with many imaginary claims in the press including mind control, fraud, violence and molesting etc. Two years ago, same vilification campaign was launched against Dr. Zakir Naik of India and his Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).

Cult-Like Organization / Mind Control

Harun Yahya educated his students that Romanticism is a weapon of satan, a kind of sentimentalism which is used to control minds. A true Muslim is open minded and intelligent not emotional. A person must act, not according to his emotions, but according to his reason, his free-will, and the commands of Allah. A true Muslim cannot think about controlling mind of another person.

Violating The Anti-Terrorism Law

Harun Yahya taught, Islam denounces terrorism and radicalism. Islam is a religion of love, brotherhood, affection, compassion, tolerance, peace, union and unity. He criticized all acts of violence and terror in the name of ideology. According to him all violent acts in name of Islam are based on superstitions present in the society not in the true Islamic teaching which is based on love, friendship, affection and compassion. Harun Yahya is one who talks about unity of all sects of Islam and all Abrahamic faiths.

Establishing A Criminal Organization

Whenever any crisis is occurred in any part of Islamic world, Harun Yahya and his team were ahead to give intellectual support to oppressed Muslims. They started campaigns to support Syrian refugees and innocent people of war affected areas of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Harun Yahya also wrote many columns against drone attacks by US Army in Pakistan and Yemen. He wrote “There is no good killing. Killing is bad. You must not use weapons. You must not accept bloodshed anywhere. You must not allow one drop of blood to be spilled”. In many articles Harun Yahya gave suggestions to Israelis and Palestinian brothers to resolve the conflicts and to end the suffering because we all are children of Prophet Abraham.

To resolve Syrian issue he said, “All the responsibility lays on the Muslim world. If Muslims unite and implement the command of Allah, if they establish the Unity of Islam, the issue of Syria will be solved that day, that hour”.

Molesting Women

According to Harun Yahya a woman is not an object but manifestation of Allah and the greatest blessing in the world. He said, “A woman must be like a flower, but chaste and intelligent and radiant”. “Devoted women are very blessed and pure beings”. He said, “God has made illicit relations between men and women unlawful”, and “Every Islamic country in which women are not free will collapse. I know what I am talking about. It is wrong to regard women as second class and people from hell”.

He said, “Women are beautiful beings created only as God’s servants”.

Women are soulful beings. Just like angels, they are specifically created by God and are specifically sent”.

Women must be beautiful, well-groomed and free. Everyone will learn to be respectful, gentle and protective towards women”.

A woman becomes beautiful when she is respected”.

There can be no love without respect. A woman can’t feel love and passion for someone if that person does not have characteristics to be respected”.

Holding women in high regard could be accomplished through education, and with a respectful spirit full of love for God”.

Molesting Women

Harun Yahya said, “Only the love of God can provide a solution to violence against women”, “Women suffer the worst violence in the world, followed by children. Because women and children cannot defend themselves. That is why some immoral types kill women or children. They inflict that evil on them because they are defenseless. That evil will cease in the time of the system of the Mahdi. Women will go around like flowers. And nobody will touch a hair on their heads”.

We will turn the world into Heaven on Earth for women, Insha'Allah”. 

“I would like to see a world where women are highly respected and do not hear even a single evil word, let alone being exposed to violence”.


A person who spent his whole life for a system in which nobody would dare to touch single hair of a woman, can molest any woman?

One who believes in freedom of expression, secularism and democracy, and who is against romanticism, can control mind of people?

One who criticizes all acts of violence, terror and killing, can use weapon to harm people?

These all allegations are baseless and part of a smear campaign and propaganda techniques to vilify Harun Yahya and his team, destroy their reputation, incite hatred and to direct people toward the desired goals. Propagandist are playing and using emotions of people like fear and anger for their objectives, but we student of Harun Yahya will continue our support to Harun Yahya because we all know that all accusations are ridiculous and nonsense. We pray that truth will be victorious, and falsehood will fall away, Insha'Allah.

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