Monday, September 23, 2019

Al-Sadiqin and Search Peace Foundation

Search Peace Foundation event at Portcullis House, Westminster (Parliament), UK


Al Sadiqin is an association of Muslim and Jewish scholars worldwide, engaging in research concerning the legal, judicial and historical connections between Islam and Judaism.

Search Peace Foundation:

Search Peace Foundation is an organization which conducts interfaith & intercultural workshops, Events, Seminars & Conferences to promote peace and harmony globally.

We support and promote human rights such as: Education and Women Empowerment.

Our slogan is "Cohesion Among Mankind". Embrace everyone no matter which religion, faith or community he/she belongs to. As everyone has the right to breathe. No matter Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Africa, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, we all share the same birth process and taste the harsh reality of death as no one is immortal.

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